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This is the story walkthrough for the Sendai Jail in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, maps of each featured location, boss strategies, and a list of items that can be found.

Sendai Jail Maps

List of Maps
Sendai Jail Sendai Station.pngEnlarge Sendai Station Sendai Jail Sendai World Center.pngEnlarge Sendai World Center
Sendai Jail West Garden.pngEnlarge West Garden Sendai Jail Aoba St. 1st Ward.pngEnlarge Aoba St. 1st Ward
Sendai Jail Hirose St..pngEnlarge Hirose St. Sendai Jail Dungeon.pngEnlarge Dungeon
Sendai Jail Entrance Hall.jpgEnlarge Entrance Hall Sendai Jail Hall of Trials.jpgEnlarge Hall of Trials
Sendai Jail Stairs of Glory and Despair.pngEnlarge Stairs of Glory and Despair Sendai Jail Aerial Corridor.jpgEnlarge Aerial Corridor

Sendai Jail Story Walkthrough


1 Go outside the cafe and talk to Sojiro.
2 Sendai Jail Leblanc Curry.jpgEnlarge
After a cutscene and several dialogues, you will be instructed to prepare a Leblanc Curry. Do so to proceed.


1 Head to the Masamune statue.
2 Back in control, go to Mt. Aoba Park and enter the RV to continue.
3 Sendai Jail Entranced Woman.jpg
A few more dialogues and you'll be back at the station to conduct another investigation. Talk to the Entranced Woman near Makoto, the Skeptical Woman near Ann, the General Store near Yusuke, and the Bibliophile near Futaba and Haru to complete the investigation.
4 Go back to your starting point and enter the Sendai Station bookstore. After the dialogues, go back to the RV and infiltrate Sendai Jail. You can also receive a 1:20 Candlecutter accessory from Ryuji by speaking with him outside.

Sendai Jail Part 1

Sendai Station

1 Sendai Jail Sendai Station Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
First, remain on the upper level and head north for a chest containing a Luck Incense.
2 Sendai Jail Sendai Station Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Another chest containing an Enduring Belt is located at the statue south of the map. This chest required Lv1 Safecracker to unlock.
3 Sendai Jail Sendai Station Chest 3.jpgEnlarge
East of the previous chest is another one with a Revival Bead.
4 Sendai Jail Doma.jpgEnlarge
Now go to the objective marker and defeat Doma.

Mt. Aoba

1 Sendai Jail Castle Front Area Checkpoint.jpgEnlarge
Follow the markers until it directs you back to Sendai World Center. You can also register the checkpoint on the east side of the map before proceeding.

Sendai World Center

1 Climb the stairs on your right and examine the door.
2 Sendai Jail Sendai World Center Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
The drawbridge is raised so head north and run along the ledges to get to the other side. Head south and find the chest containing a Vicious Strike.
3 Sendai Jail Sendai World Center Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Head further to the east down the stairs and jump onto the rocks until you reach another chest with a Chakra Choker.
4 Sendai Jail Sendai World Center Chest 3.jpgEnlarge
Go to the other side and check the area above the checkpoint for a chest containing an Enchanting Axe.
5 Activate the checkpoint if you like, lower the drawbridge by pulling the nearby lever, then examine the "sun" marked on your map. Defeat the Shadows that appear after.
6 Go to the new marker and defeat Doma (again).
7 Move to the West Garden.

West Garden

1 Sendai Jail Treasure Demon.jpgEnlarge
The marker will lead you to a Treasure Demon. Defeat it within the time limit to continue.
2 Sendai Jail Dire Shadow.jpgEnlarge
Ignore the Dire Shadow for now and examine the door nearby. Since the door is locked (how surprising), you'll have to find another way around.
3 Sendai Jail West Garden Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Upon reaching the next checkpoint, head east and grab onto the pole. This will lead you to a small area with a chest containing a Regenerate 1. Requires Lv1 Safecracker.
4 Head north and you will enter a side-scroller. Be careful not to get detected by the spotlights.
5 Enter Rain Shrine and grab the "rain". Defeat the Shadows that appear after.
6 Go back to the tower in Sendai World Center.

Sendai World Center

1 Sendai Jail Ante.jpgEnlarge
Unlock the door to the tower and proceed to defeat Ante.
2 Climb the tower to collect the "proof" then head to Aoba St. 1st Ward.

Aoba St. 1st Ward

1 Sendai Jail Hidden spotlights.jpgEnlarge
Go through the shopping arcade and approach the light. Use your Third Eye to reveal the spotlights and destroy them.
2 Proceed through the door marked on your map. Take out the Shadows on your way and register the checkpoint at the end.
3 You'll be surrounded by a group of Shadows as you approach the next orb. Defeat them and use the orb to open the blue door from earlier.
4 Sendai Jail Aoba St. 1st Ward Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Before you climb on top of the buildings, go further to the western end of this path for a chest containing Double Fangs.
5 Now run through the rooftops to reach the next orb. Wipe out the Shadows in the ambush.
6 Sendai Jail Aoba St. 1st Ward Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Open the next door with the orb then head to the objective marker. You will also pass by a chest containing 3 Soul Drops.
7 Another hacking battle will initiate upon examining the terminal at the end. Defend Futaba until she finishes hacking to continue.
8 Sendai Jail Kuga.jpgEnlarge
Proceed to the next area and defeat Kuga. Climb the tower after the battle for another "proof".
9 Make your way north to reach Hirose St.

Hirose St.

1 Sendai Jail Hidden spotlights 2.jpgEnlarge
Use your Third Eye to destroy the spotlights before you waltz through the arcade.
2 Defeat the Sentries north of the intersection then continue moving toward the objective marker. There's a checkpoint in the corner that you can activate.
3 Climb to the top of the building and wipe out the Shadows.
4 Sendai Jail Hirose St. Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Hop onto the floating gem and land on the platform on your left for a chest containing a Bufula.
5 Hop back to the gems and toward the next objective marker. Use your Third Eye to see the invisible platforms that you can use to jump to other rooftops.
6 Sendai Jail Hirose St. Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
After crossing the first set of invisible platforms, head to the north side of the map where you can spot a chest containing a Skin Ripper.
7 Go back and make your way to the rooftop with a floating ice crystal for another Shadow battle.
8 Sendai Jail Hirose St. Chest 3.jpgEnlarge
Drop down for more invisible platforms. You can also reach the chest ahead using the platforms. This chest requires Lv1 Safecracker and contains a Heavy Pound.
9 Sendai Jail Betero.jpgEnlarge
Now go back on your path and make your way to the Prison Keep and take out Betero. Climb the tower after the battle for the third "proof".


1 Go back to the RV to gain access to other city jails.
2 Check the RV again and accept the Request Take Back the Desire. Complete this Request to continue the story.
3 Infiltrate Sendai Jail once again and warp to the Mt. Aoba checkpoint.

Sendai Jail Part 2

Mt. Aoba

1 Infiltrate the castle and defeat the Shadows in the first area.
2 Sendai Jail Doramu the Loyal.jpgEnlarge
Head to the next area and take out Doramu the Loyal. Once he's out, enter the Dungeon.


1 Take a right on the fork then jump to reach a platform with a vent. Use your Third Eye to spot it easier. Enter through the vent and defeat the Shadows on the other end.
2 Sendai Jail Underground Prison Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Next to the vent where you popped out from is a platform with another vent. Enter through it to reach the chest you saw earlier. This chest contains an SP Incense.
3 Sendai Jail Air vent.jpgEnlarge
Find another vent in the corner that leads you to the other room with more Shadows to take care of.
4 Head to the upper floor.

Entrance Hall

1 Approach the marker and defeat the Shadows that appear. Enter the Hall of Trials after the battle.

Hall of Trials

1 Approach the door and you will be stopped by a group of mini-bosses. Proceed to the next area after the battle.

Stairs of Glory and Despair

1 Sendai Jail Corridor of Diligence Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
You will instantly enter a side-scroller. Move to the right until you see a set of poles. Use them to climb to the top for a chest with a Power Anklet.
2 Drop back down and enter the door to the next area.
3 Sendai Jail War-Hungry Horseman.jpgEnlarge
Make your way to the next marker and defeat the War-Hungry Horseman.
4 After the battle, jump above the door and proceed to next area.

Aerial Corridor

1 Approach the marker for a few dialogues and you will be back to the real world.


1 Sendai Jail Lock Keeper.jpgEnlarge
Head back to the RV and go to your next destination where you will face this jail's Lock Keeper.
2 After the battle, you can now send a calling card to Natsume to continue the story.
3 Sendai Jail Nightmare Dragon Ango.jpgEnlarge
Go back to Mt. Aoba in Sendai Jail then head straight to the top of the castle to fight the Monarch Nightmare Dragon Ango.


1 Once the Monarch is taken care of, go back to the RV and head to the next city.

Sendai Jail Boss Fights

Mini-Boss: Doma

Sendai Jail Doma weakness.jpg

Morgana can take him out real quick with Wind attacks. Be on the lookout for follow-up attacks to deplete the Down gauge and perform an All-Out attack, saving you some SP.

Mini-Boss: Ante

Sendai Jail Ante ice crystals.jpg

Use Ice attacks often to bring down her Down gauge and execute an All-Out attack. There are also ice crystals around the tower that you can use to your advantage.

Sendai Jail Ante Maragion.jpg

Prepare to jump when she casts Maragion as it will release a ring of fire upon impact. Utilize the Gargoyle Statues to dodge her attacks and follow it up with a Lunge.

Mini-Boss: Kuga

Sendai Jail Kuga weakness.jpg

Another mini-boss weak to Ice so exploit this weakness and use Soul Drops to replenish SP if you need to as there are no ice crystals in the field to help you. Stay away when he starts conjuring blue orbs as it can hurt you on contact.

Mini-Boss: Betero

Sendai Jail Betero.jpg

Betero is weak to Electric attacks so bombard him with Zio or stronger skills with Electric affinity until you can execute an All-Out attack. Watch out for his Lunge attack as each can deal heavy damage and there's a possibilty that he will use this attack thrice in a row.

Mini-Boss: Doramu the Loyal

Sendai Jail Doramu the Loyal weakness.jpg

This fight is easier than the previous Mini-Boss encounters. You can use your weakest Fire attack and keep using follow-up moves to whittle down his Down gauge. You can also use the sword monuments scattered in the field to dodge his attacks and find a proper position.

Once all his shields are down, execute an All-Out attack. Rinse and repeat.

Mini-Boss: War-Hungry Horseman

Sendai Jail War-Hungry Horseman.jpg

Just like Betero, this mini-boss is also weak to Electric attacks but this one's much more difficult. Spam Zio (or better) and make sure it also hits most of the enemies in the room to take them out quickly. Your goal is to execute an All-Out attack as soon as possible as he can take you out quickly if the battle takes too long.

Use the sword monuments in the room to dodge his attacks and wait for an opening before you charge in.

Mini-Boss: Lock Keeper

Sendai Jail Lock Keeper.jpg

Like every other strong enemy, your goal here is to deplete its Down Gauge as quickly as possible by exploiting its elemental weakness. Since it occasionally summons a horde of minions, make sure your skills also hit most of them so there are less distractions.

Boss: Nightmare Dragon Ango

Sendai Jail Nightmare Dragon Ango.jpg

It's recommended that you start this fight with all your party members having full Showtime Gauges. Do this by fighting lesser Shadows around the jail until their gauge is full. You can use this to interrupt any of the Monarch's attacks or to simply dodge a fatal blow.

Bring at least 2 members with strong Ice or Bless attacks to quickly deplete Ango's Down Gauge and execute an All-Out attack.

Sendai Jail Nightmare Inferno.jpg

Act fast when he starts casting Nightmare Inferno to avoid taking massive damage. Use the ice crystals in the room to interrupt this attack (make sure the blast hits Ango) or if you already used every crystal, use the sword monuments instead. If you do this correctly, Ango will drop down and be staggered for a while, letting you throw in a few hits.

Sendai Jail Items

Sendai Station

List of Items
Luck Incense Enduring Belt Revival Bead

Sendai World Center

List of Items
Vicious Strike Chakra Choker Enchanting Axe

West Garden

List of Items
Regenerate 1

Aoba St. 1st Ward

List of Items
Double Fangs Soul Drop x3

Hirose St.

List of Items
Bufula Skin Ripper Heavy Pound


List of Items
SP Incense

Stairs of Glory and Despair

List of Items
Power Anklet

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