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Sophia Basic Info, Usage Guide, and Skills

This is page is about Sophia, a character from Persona 5 Strikers. Here you can find information on Sophia', how to use them, and what skills they learn!

Sophia Basic Information

Sophia Profile

Sophia Profile Icon
Name Sophia
Codename Sophie
Melee Weapon Yo-yos
Gun Blasters
Persona Pithos
Voice Actor (Eng.) Megan Harvey
Voice Actor (Jp.) Misaki Kuno

Sophia Introduction

A mysterious girl that the thieves meet in the Shibuya Metaverse. She seems to have lost her memories, and the only thing she can recall is her directive to become humanity's companion. Sophie uses a yo-yo to quickly attack a large number of enemies. She uses a blaster for her Gun attacks.

How to Play as Sophia

P5S Sophia Combat.png

Basic Combat Information

Sophie occupies the very integral role of being a Support character that can provide the team with plenty of boosts and healing. As a support type of character, she has low ATK, and only really valuable in higher levelled Jails that require a support that can keep the party alive.

Persona Use and Skills

Mush of the skills that Sophie can learn are based on the Bless affinity, adding to an already impressive set of boosts and healing skills that she can provide the team. Offensively however, unless your enemies are weak against Bless, its better to stick her with boosts and healing skills.

Best Skills
Makougaon Marakunda Angelic Grace Mediarahan
Samarecarm Rebel Soul Diarama Diarahan

Best Character Pairing

Best Character Pairing
Ryuji Ann

Skills Sophia Learns

Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Drive Spinner Perform a follow-up after □□□□△/YYYYX.
Data Sync Performing □ or midair □ attacks with good timing will increase attack power by one upgrade level.
Blast Processing △ special attack is enhanced after a Perfect Catch. While upgraded, press △ repeatedly after □△/□□△ for more hits.
Mega Blaster While aiming with L1, hold R1 to fire a gravity bullet. Successfully performing a Perfect Catch will replenish ammo.


Controls Effect
square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png
A chain of six yo-yo attacks.
square.png triangle.png
Yo-yo spin trick.
square.png square.png triangle.png
Double loop.
square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
Summon Persona to use a Bless skill.
square.png square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
Send out both yo-yos in a wide spin attack.
square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
Launch yo-yos down and ahead, then summon Persona for additional attack.
Upgrade. Temporarily increase the power and range of attacks. Perfect Catches will also trigger an upgrade.

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