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Makoto Niijima Basic Info, Usage Guide, and Skills

This is page is about Makoto Niijima, a character from Persona 5 Strikers. Here you can find information on Makoto Niijima', how to use them, and what skills they learn!

Makoto Niijima Basic Information

Makoto Niijima Profile

Makoto Niijima Profile Icon
Name Makoto Niijima
Codename Queen
Melee Weapon Knuckles
Gun Revolvers
Persona Johanna
Voice Actor (Eng.) Rina Satoh
Voice Actor (Jp.) Cherami Leigh

Makoto Niijima Introduction

Though not as strict and serious as she was as the student council president of Shujin Academy, she still acts as an older sister figure to the Phantom Thieves. Queen is a close-range fighter who uses her fists as her weapons. She can use various skills while riding on her bike-shaped Persona. In addition, her attacks have the Burst feature, giving them a nuclear element. Her gun is a revolver, which allows her to fire quickly.

How to Play as Makoto Niijima

P5S Makoto Combat.png

Basic Combat Information

Makoto can add Nuclear affinity to her melee attacks, making her a precious party member against enemies particularly weak to Nuclear. She is a Fighter/Light Support type of character capable of dealing quality hits and HP restoration skills, but isn't as able to tank hits like Ryuji.

Persona Use and Skills

Many of Johanna skills are based on kaja-type buffs, Nuclear and Physical affinity skills as well as boosts to defense and Nuclear strength.

Best Skills
Mafreidyne Flash Bomb Defense Boost Nuke Boost
Rakukaja Marakukaja Mediarahan Dekunda

Best Character Pairing

Best Character Pairing
Ryuji Yusuke

Skills Makoto Niijima Learns

Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Wheelie Rush Perform a follow-up after □□△/YYX.
Phantom Star Rider △ Burst strengthens Johanna's △ special attacks.
Fortified Moxy △ Burst strengthens melee △ special attacks.
Nuclear Reaction Trigerring a 1 More or follow-ups automatically activates Burst.


Controls Effect
square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png
A chain of six melee attacks.
square.png triangle.png
A full-body uppercut.
square.png square.png triangle.png
A front-wheelie slam.
square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
Summon Johanna to use a Nuclear skill.
square.png square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
Drive Johanna and run through enemies.
square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
An onslaught of punches.
triangle.png Burst. Standard and special attacks with Johanna will temporarily trigger Nuclear affinity explosions.

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