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Yusuke Kitagawa Basic Info, Usage Guide, and Skills

This is page is about Yusuke Kitagawa, a character from Persona 5 Strikers. Here you can find information on Yusuke Kitagawa', how to use them, and what skills they learn!

Yusuke Kitagawa Basic Information

Yusuke Kitagawa Profile

Yusuke Kitagawa Profile Icon
Name Yusuke Kitagawa
Codename Fox
Melee Weapon Katanas
Gun Assault Rifles
Persona Goemon
Voice Actor (Eng.) Matthew Mercer
Voice Actor (Jp.) Tomokazu Sugita

Yusuke Kitagawa Introduction

Although he's handsome at first glance, he's so devoted to his craft that he sometimes lacks common sense, baffling those around him. Fox wields a katana. He boasts high attack power and, thanks to his speed, can strike an enemy multiple times. He can unleash a flurry of attacks, and even counter as he sheathes his sword. His gun, a rifle, allows him to aim at enemies with ease and accuracy.

How to Play as Yusuke Kitagawa

P5S Yusuke Combat.png

Basic Combat Information

Yusuke's melee attacks require other party members to keep opponents distracted, as there is a short charge time needed to prepare his own rewarding strikes. As primarily a fighter, Yusuke posseses good ATK stats to go along with decent HP.

Persona Use and Skills

The skills that Goemon can learn are mostly Kaja-type buffs for a singular ally, boosts to Yusuke as well as Physical and Ice based affinity skills.

Best Skills
Mabufula Bufu Giant Slice Taunt
Speed Master Knockdown Style Masukukaja Dodge Fire

Best Character Pairing

Best Character Pairing
Makoto Ann

Skills Yusuke Kitagawa Learns

Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Gleaming Blade Perform a follow-up after □□△/YYX.
High Counter △/X counters or performing □□□□△/YYYYX temporarily increases the number of hits triggered when pressing △/X repeatedly.
Legendary Thief □△ summons Goemon and casts Sukukaja. Press △ repeatedly to cast Masukukaja instead.
Ice Counter △ special attacks inflict Freeze. Press △ repeatedly to increase the chance of Freeze.


Controls Effect
square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png
A chain of five sword slashes.
square.png triangle.png
Press repeatedly
Launching attack.
square.png square.png triangle.png
Press repeatedly
square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
Press repeatedly
After the flurry of slashes, Goemon uses an Ice skill once sword is sheathed.
square.png square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
After the counter period, unleash a wide-sweeping attack.
triangle.png Counter. Enter a stance with sword ready, then counterattack if attacked. An enemy can be further attacked repeatedly if successful.

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