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Protagonist Basic Info, Usage Guide, and Skills

This is page is about Protagonist, a character from Persona 5 Strikers. Here you can find information on Protagonist', how to use them, and what skills they learn!

Protagonist Basic Information

Protagonist Profile

Protagonist Profile Icon
Name Protagonist
Codename Joker
Melee Weapon Knives
Gun Pistols
Persona Arsene
Voice Actor (Eng.) Xander Mobus
Voice Actor (Jp.) Jun Fukuyama

Protagonist Introduction

His Persona awakened in the midst of a series of psychotic-breakdown incidents. This lead to the creation of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, dedicated to changing the hearts of rotten adults and responsible for foiling a menacing conspiracy. Joker has high attack power and mobility, darting in with his dagger for quick close-range attacks.

How to Play as Protagonist

P5S Joker Combat.png

Basic Combat Information

Joker boasts a very fast melee attack speed, to couple with high ATK and DEF stats which makes it entirely possible for you to use Joker throughout the entire game owing to his ability to mix and match skills based on the members in the party.

Persona Use and Skills

Depending on you play style and who your party members are, there is no definite best skills to use for Joker and his innumerable number of Personas. It is best to consider the Jail you will be entering, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your party members, which allows you plug holes where there might be.

Best Character Pairing

Best Character Pairing
Ryuji Sophia

Skills Protagonist Learns

Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Marking Shot Perform a follow-up after a ground or midair gun attack.
Wild Rush Perform an additional Persona attack with X/△ after □□□□□△/YYYYYX.
Phantom Barrage △/X attacks won't consume ammo. Press △/X after certain attacks to perform an additional three-shot attack.
Dead Shot While aiming with L1/L, holding R1/R will gradually consume ammo to perform an increasingly powerful shot.


Controls Effect
square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png
A chain of six knife attacks.
square.png triangle.png
An upward leap combined with an upward slash. Can be comboed into air attacks.
square.png square.png triangle.png
A sharp stab attack. Press again for an additional Persona attack.
square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
Summon Persona for a combo finisher.
square.png square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
A sweeping slash that may flinch enemies.
square.png square.png square.png square.png square.png triangle.png
A massive spinning slash.
triangle.png or midair triangle.png Gunshot.

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