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Mario Kart Tour - TToad Vs. Toadette Team Selection Guide: Which Team Should You Choose?.png
This page will help you decide which team you should choose in the Toad Vs. Toadette Tour in Mario Kart Tour. Read on to learn how to select a team and the list of the available drivers for each team.

How to Choose a Team

Choose a team - Mario Kart Tour.png
You will have to choose a team after downloading the update for the tour. Carefully select which one you want, as it would be impossible to change it once you have picked one.

Note: Toad Vs. Toadette Tour will start after the Halloween Tour 2021.

Which Team Should You Choose?

Your driver collection matters

Driver Collection Matters - Mario Kart Tour.png
It might be a good idea to select the team that has the most drivers in your inventory. You will need them to get Team Tokens while racing on the course. Check the list of members for each team first to know which one is most beneficial to you.

Mario Kart Tour - Toad Vs. Toadette Team Selection Guide - Team Toad.pngTeam Toad Mario Kart Tour - Toad Vs. Toadette Team Selection Guide - Team Toadette.pngTeam Toadette

Team Toadette has more drivers

Mario Kart Tour - Toad Vs. Toadette Team Selection Guide - Toadette has more drivers.png
Team Toadette has more drivers compared to Team Toad. Consider choosing Team Toadette if you have drivers on her team to have more choices when you race in a course.

Team up with Friends

You can team up with your friends when the Vs Tour starts. It is always better to be on the same team as your friends to avoid unncessary competition and you can also grind together to earn Team Tokens! You can also invite other players by messaging in our Discussion Board or Friend Request Message Board. Make sure to get along and be nice to everyone!

Discussion BoardDiscussion Board Friend Request BoardFriend Request Board

Available Teams & List of Drivers

Team Toad

Team Toad - Mario Kart Tour.png
ToadToad Toad (Pit Crew)Toad (Pit Crew) Toad (Party Time)Toad (Party Time) Builder ToadBuilder Toad
Captain ToadCaptain Toad Cat ToadCat Toad Penguin ToadPenguin Toad BowserBowser
Dry Bowser (Gold)Dry Bowser (Gold) Bowser (Santa)Bowser (Santa) Baby LuigiBaby Luigi LuigiLuigi
WaluigiWaluigi Waluigi (Bus Driver)Waluigi (Bus Driver) Penguin LuigiPenguin Luigi Luigi (Classic)Luigi (Classic)
Builder LuigiBuilder Luigi Luigi (Lederhosen)Luigi (Lederhosen) Luigi (Painter)Luigi (Painter) Waluigi (Vampire)Waluigi (Vampire)
Mario (Musician)Mario (Musician) Mario (Hakama)Mario (Hakama) MarioMario Mario (Santa)Mario (Santa)
Baby MarioBaby Mario Ice MarioIce Mario Mario (Classic)Mario (Classic) Shy Guy (Gold)Shy Guy (Gold)
Captain ToadCaptain Toad Mario (Baseball)Mario (Baseball) Mario (Happi)Mario (Happi) Builder MarioBuilder Mario
Mario (Chef)Mario (Chef) Mario (Swimwear)Mario (Swimwear) Mario (SNES)Mario (SNES) Mario (Sunshine)Mario (Sunshine)
Mario (Halloween)Mario (Halloween) Mario (Racing)Mario (Racing) Baby Mario (Koala)Baby Mario (Koala) Mario (Tuxedo)Mario (Tuxedo)
Mario (Baseball)Mario (Baseball) Penguin MarioPenguin Mario Tanooki MarioTanooki Mario Koopa TroopaKoopa Troopa
Red Koopa (Freerunning)Red Koopa (Freerunning) Gold Koopa (Freerunning)Gold Koopa (Freerunning) Blue Koopa (Freerunning)Blue Koopa (Freerunning) PaulinePauline
Pauline (Party Time)Pauline (Party Time) Pauline (Rose)Pauline (Rose) King Bob-ombKing Bob-omb King Bob-omb (Gold)King Bob-omb (Gold)
Donkey KongDonkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES)Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES) Funky KongFunky Kong Dixie KongDixie Kong

Team Toadette

Team Toadette - Mario Kart Tour.png
ToadetteToadette Toadette (Explorer)Toadette (Explorer) Builder ToadetteBuilder Toadette PeachettePeachette
PeachPeach Baby PeachBaby Peach Peach (Kimono)Peach (Kimono) Peach (Vacation)Peach (Vacation)
Pink Gold PeachPink Gold Peach Peach (Wintertime)Peach (Wintertime) Baby Peach (Cherub)Baby Peach (Cherub) Peach (Wedding)Peach (Wedding)
Peach (Halloween)Peach (Halloween) Peach (Explorer)Peach (Explorer) Cat PeachCat Peach Peach (Happi)Peach (Happi)
YoshiYoshi Yoshi (Reindeer)Yoshi (Reindeer) Red YoshiRed Yoshi Black YoshiBlack Yoshi
Yoshi (Egg Hunt)Yoshi (Egg Hunt) Blue YoshiBlue Yoshi White YoshiWhite Yoshi Yoshi (Kangaroo)Yoshi (Kangaroo)
Pink YoshiPink Yoshi Shy GuyShy Guy Shy Guy (Pastry Chef)Shy Guy (Pastry Chef) Pink Shy GuyPink Shy Guy
Shy Guy (Gold)Shy Guy (Gold) Shy Guy (Ninja)Shy Guy (Ninja) Green Shy GuyGreen Shy Guy DaisyDaisy
Baby DaisyBaby Daisy Daisy (Holiday Cheer)Daisy (Holiday Cheer) Daisy (Yukata)Daisy (Yukata) Daisy (Swimwear)Daisy (Swimwear)
Dry BonesDry Bones Dry Bones (Gold)Dry Bones (Gold) WarioWario Wario (Hiker)Wario (Hiker)
Wario (Cowboy)Wario (Cowboy) Bowser Jr.Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. (Pirate)Bowser Jr. (Pirate) DaisyDaisy
RosalinaRosalina Baby RosalinaBaby Rosalina Rosalina (Halloween)Rosalina (Halloween) Baby Rosalina (Detective)Baby Rosalina (Detective)
Rosalina (Aurora)Rosalina (Aurora) Rosalina (Swimwear)Rosalina (Swimwear) Fire RosalinaFire Rosalina Tanooki RosalinaTanooki Rosalina
IggyIggy LarryLarry LemmyLemmy LudwigLudwig
MortonMorton RoyRoy WendyWendy Tanooki RosalinaTanooki Rosalina
BirdoBirdo Birdo (Light Blue)Birdo (Light Blue) Birdo (Yellow)Birdo (Yellow) Birdo (Black)Birdo (Black)
Birdo (Blue)Birdo (Blue) Hammer BroHammer Bro Boomerang BroBoomerang Bro Ice BroIce Bro
Fire BroFire Bro Monty MoleMonty Mole

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