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This page will cover the steps on clearing Autumn Challenges 1 (how to obtain badges) as well as dates of availability. Read on for a list of rewards, tips, and strategy for Autumn Challenges 1.

What is the Autumn Challenges 1?

Autumn Challenges 1.png
Autumn Challenges 1 is a set of challenges that is a part of the Autumn Celebration. It will be available throughout consecutive tours, starting with the Autumn Tour and will end after the Halloween Tour 2021!

You will receive Rubies as rewards for completing each mission. You can get Waluigi (Bus Driver) as well when you clear all of them.

Autumn Challenges 1: Rewards

Availability 10/06 (Wed) 14:00 ~ 11/03 (Wed) 13:59

Challenges Rewards
All Clear Rubies x5
Participate in a race Rubies x1
Do 5 Rocket Starts Rubies x1
Take out 30 Jack-o'-lanterns Rubies x1
Get 1st place in a race 10 times Rubies x2
Get 1st place in a race 15 times Rubies x2
Take out 100 Jack-o'-lanterns Rubies x2
Get 1st place in a race 30 times Rubies x3
Get 1st place in a race 50 times Rubies x4
Take out 200 Jack-o'-lanterns Rubies x5

Tips for Clearing Autumn Challenges 1

Participate in a race

Participate in a race.jpg
You can clear this challenge by going in any race, be it multiplayer or by going on a course in the Cups. Doing the Today's Challenge will also count as participating in the race, so if you haven't done it yet, this is the best time to do so!

Do 5 Rocket Starts

Do 5 Rocket Starts.jpg
Performing 5 Rocket Starts will complete this challenge.

You can complete this challenge as long as you perform a Rocket Start on the courses you'll take on. Just be sure to do it properly, as it may lead to engine stall, and it will also place you in a worse spot in the race!

Take out Jack-o-lanterns

Jack-o-lanterns spawn randomly in a course. Use items with a wide area-of-effect, such as Super Horn and Bob-ombs, to take out multiple Jack-o-lanterns at once. You can also use your kart and bump into them to take them out if you don't have any items yet.

Get 1st place in races

First Place - Mario Kart Tour.jpg
Complete these challenges by winning the races. You can easily win in a race if you use a course you're very familiar with, using a driver that is favors that course. You should also take the shortcuts as much as you can (if you're desired course have) to get in the lead fast!

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