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This page will cover the steps on clearing Tour Multiplayer Challenges (how to obtain badges) as well as dates of availability. Read on for a list of rewards, tips, and strategy for Tour Multiplayer Challenges.

What are Tour Multiplayer Challenges?

Tour Multiplayer Challenges - Mario Kart Tour.png
Tour Multiplayer Challenges are a set of challenges that were supposedly available only during the Summertime Celebration. It is now permanent and will reset every time a new tour comes in!

Same with Tour Challenges and Gold Challenges, Tour Multiplayer Challenges has a 2 week limit as well. The difference between those challenges is that you have to play in Multiplayer Mode to clear the missions. You will receive badges, grand stars, and rubies for completing them.

Tour Multiplayer Challenges: Rewards

Availability: 12/14 - 10:00 PM (PT) ~ 12/28 - 9:59 PM (PT)

Challenges Rewards
All Clear Rubies x5
Land 3 hits with Bananas in multiplayer Grand Stars x1
Do 10 Jump Boosts in multiplayer Grand Stars x1
Do 30 Mini-Turbo boosts in multiplayer Grand Stars x1
Join 3 Multiplayer races Grand Stars x2
Join 5 Multiplayer races Grand Stars x2
Join 10 Multiplayer races Grand Stars x2
Get 3rd place or higher in a multiplayer race Grand Stars x2
Get 3rd place or higher 3 times in a multiplayer race Grand Stars x2
Get 3rd place or higher 5 times in a multiplayer race Grand Stars x2

Tips for Clearing Tour Multiplayer Challenges

Land 3 hits with Bananas in multiplayer

Hit your opponents 3 times using Bananas in multiplayer to finish this challenge.

Use drivers with Giant Banana, Banana Barrels, and Triple Bananas to clear this faster. But if they are at the bottom-shelf in a course, don't use them and go for the mid to top-shelf drivers to get more items in the race. You can also use gliders with Banana Plus skill to increase your chances of getting Bananas while racing.

Do 10 Jump Boosts in multiplayer

Do 10 Jump Boosts.jpg
Go in multiplayer and perform a total of 10 Jump Boosts to clear this challenge.

You can focus on completing more difficult challenges rather than focusing on this one. You can finish this challenge as long as you keep participating in multiplayer. Participating in multiplayer without paying attention to this challenge is the best course of action. You can't pick the cups or courses you will go through anyway, so clearing this challenge faster can be a factor of luck.
How to do a Jump Boost

Cause opponents to crash 5 times in multiplayer

You can complete this challenge faster if you participate in the multiplayer with default items as its rule. That way, you can get more items if you are using a top-shelf driver and a chance to get into Frenzy mode. Getting into Frenzy mode will help you clear this challenge even faster, as it will let you shoot items continuously in a short time.

Join Multiplayer races

Participate in multiplayer races daily to progress through this challenge and finish it. Try to win the races as well to complete other challenge in the Tour Multiplayer Challenges and save some time!
Multiplayer Mode News & How to Play

Get 3rd place or higher in multiplayer races

This challenge is a lot easier to clear compared to winning first places in multiplayer. Perform every action you can to get a better place in the race. You should also hit your opponents to knock them out of the lead, or prevent them from getting closer to your position.
How to Get First Place on Multiplayer Mode

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