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Version 2.8.0 Update Information - Mario Kart Tour.png
This page will guide you through the new features and changes in Version 2.8.0 of the Mario Kart Tour. Read on to know more about the information on the latest version of the game.

Kart Pro Event

Kart Pro - Mario Kart Tour.png
Kart Pro is an upcoming event that challenges racers to get three consecutive wins in Standard Races or Gold Races in exchange for Rubies and an exclusive Badge. But don't worry, there are still ways to get the rewards without winning three consecutive races.

Kart Pro Badge - Mario Kart Tour.png
The reward you will get for completing all Kart Pro challenges depends on your grade in Multiplayer Races at the start of the next tour. F grade players get fewer rubies compared to the S+ grade players. It is best to grind up some experience now and level up to the next grade before the next tour!

Auto Mode Filters

Auto Mode Filter - Mario Kart Tour.png
There is a new feature for the Auto Mode! You can now apply photo filters before taking a picture of the drivers in the race. There are a total of 7 filters you can use, which gives a different vibe to each one you take!
How to use Auto Mode

Available Filters
Filter 1 - Blur
Filter 2 - Blur x 2
Filter 3 - Sepia
Filter 4 - Black & White
Filter 5 - Fish-Eye Lens
Filter 6 - Smear
Filter 7 - Cartoon

New Settings For Multiplayer

New Settings for Multiplayer - Mario Kart Tour.png
There are new settings for playing With Friends or Others Nearby in multiplayer. You can now choose the number of races and enable Friendly-Fire Mode in team games. Enabling Friendly-Fire mode will let you hit your teammates with your items.
Multiplayer Mode News & How to Play

Level Cap Increased!

Level 7 Normal Driver Skill - Mario Kart Tour.png
When the next tour (Snow Tour) comes out, the max level of drivers, karts, and gliders will increase to level 7. Additionally, all Normal Drivers will get an improved special skill after they reached level 7.

Take note that these changes will only apply next tour, and any duplicates you get for maxed-out drivers, karts, or gliders will still be converted to coins.

Other Changes

In-Game Notes

  • A player's Highest Score on their profile will now remain on the profile across sucessive tours.
  • Special Log-In Bonuses will be available for newer players as well as for players returning to the game after some time. These will be available to players who start playing or are returning to Mario Kart Tour after the start of the next tour.
  • New Bonus Challenge: Snap a Photo. (It will be added across upcoming tours.)
  • Challenges based on the total of the highest scores earned in a tour. (It will be added across upcoming tours.)
  • Challenge cards that can be purchased. (It will be added across upcoming tours.)

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