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This page is about the driver Peach (Halloween) from the game Mario Kart Tour, as well as their skills and favored courses. Information about Peach (Halloween)'s special skill, skill levels, recommended courses, and more can be found here.

Peach (Halloween): Basic Information

Peach (Halloween)Peach (Halloween)
Rarity High-End

Peach (Halloween): Special Skill

Peach (Halloween) Skill: Base Effect

Fire Flower
Fire FlowerFire Flower Lets you throw three fireballs. Spin out your opponents while you burn up the track!

Peach (Halloween) Skill: Upgrade Effect

Fire Flower+
Fire FlowerFire Flower+ Adds another fireball, allowing you to throw four total.

Peach (Halloween): Favored Courses

Get three items per Item Box

SNES Rainbow Road R/TSNES Rainbow Road R/T Neo Bowser City R/TNeo Bowser City R/T
Royal RacewayRoyal Raceway Royal Raceway TRoyal Raceway T
RosalinaRosalina's Ice World R Berlin Byways 2Berlin Byways 2
Merry MountainMerry Mountain Maple Treeway TMaple Treeway T
LuigiLuigi's Mansion T Frappe SnowlandFrappe Snowland
Airship FortressAirship Fortress RMX Rainbow Road 2RMX Rainbow Road 2
Mario Circuit 2TMario Circuit 2T 3DS Rainbow Road R/T3DS Rainbow Road R/T (Lvl 3)
Maple Treeway RMaple Treeway R (Lvl 3) LuigiLuigi's Mansion R (Lvl 6)
Frappe Snowland RFrappe Snowland R (Lvl 6)

Get two items per Item Box

Sunset Wilds R/TSunset Wilds R/T RMX Rainbow Road 1R/TRMX Rainbow Road 1R/T
Waluigi Pinball R/TWaluigi Pinball R/T Royal Raceway RRoyal Raceway R
Sunset Wilds TSunset Wilds T Sunset Wilds RSunset Wilds R
RosalinaRosalina's Ice World Berlin Byways 2RBerlin Byways 2R
Merry Mountain RMerry Mountain R 3DS Rainbow Road R3DS Rainbow Road R
Maple TreewayMaple Treeway LuigiLuigi's Mansion R
Frappe Snowland RFrappe Snowland R 3DS Rainbow Road R/T3DS Rainbow Road R/T
Maple Treeway RMaple Treeway R Airship Fortress RAirship Fortress R
Mario Circuit 2RMario Circuit 2R Mario Circuit 2Mario Circuit 2

Peach (Halloween): Skill Levels

Skill Level Effect
LV 1 +2% chance of starting a Frenzy.
LV 2 +4% chance of starting a Frenzy.
x1 bonus-points boost.
LV 3 +4% chance of starting a Frenzy.
x2 bonus-points boost.
+2 favorite courses
LV 4 +7% chance of starting a Frenzy.
x3 bonus-points boost.
LV 5 +7% chance of starting a Frenzy.
x4 bonus-points boost.
LV 6 +10% chance of starting a Frenzy.
x5 bonus-points boost.
+2 favorite courses

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