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This page will cover how to clear Standard Challenges 2-3 (how to obtain badges) as well as dates of availability. Read on for a list of rewards, tips, and strategy for Standard Challenges 2-3.

Standard Challenges 2-3 Rewards

Challenge Reward
All Clear Rubies x15
Collect 25 different drivers Rubies x2
Collect 30 different karts or gliders Rubies x2
Get 1st place in a race 300 times Rubies x3
Land 300 hits with Green Shells Rubies x3
Land 100 hits with Bob-ombs Rubies x3
Land 800 hits with Bananas Rubies x3
Cause opponents to crash 2,000 times Rubies x3
Reach player level 30 Rubies x3
Reach tier 20 Rubies x3

Tips for Clearing Standard Challenges 2-3

Collect 25 different drivers

Complete this by collecting 25 different drivers. Collect coins and grand stars as many as possible to buy drivers in the shop and unlock certain tour gifts.

How to Collect Grand Stars

Collect 30 different karts or gliders

Complete this by collecting 30 different karts and gliders. Collect coins and grand stars as many as possible to buy karts and gliders in the shop and unlock certain tour gifts.

Get 1st place in a race 300 times

You can achieve this by getting 1st place in a race 300 times.

We recommend picking a course that favors the driver to get 3 item slots. Use a driver with Triple Mushrooms skills to access shortcuts in a certain course and steal the lead from other racers.

Drivers with Triple Mushrooms

ToadetteToadette ToadToad Mario (Classic)Mario (Classic)
Peach (Wedding)Peach (Wedding) Mario (SNES)Mario (SNES) Luigi (Lederhosen)Luigi (Lederhosen)
Mario (Racing)Mario (Racing) White YoshiWhite Yoshi

Gliders with Mushroom Plus

Super GliderSuper Glider Purple Oilpaper UmbrellaPurple Oilpaper Umbrella Le TricoloreLe Tricolore
Piston GliderPiston Glider New YearNew Year's 2020 Baby Mario HanafudaBaby Mario Hanafuda
Strawberry DonutStrawberry Donut Super Mario Kart GliderSuper Mario Kart Glider Goomba HanafudaGoomba Hanafuda
Penguin WingtipPenguin Wingtip Mushroom GliderMushroom Glider Tanooki ParafoilTanooki Parafoil
8-Bit Super Mushroom8-Bit Super Mushroom Currently UnavailableAurora Balloons

Land 300 hits with Green Shells

Complete this by hitting other racers with Green Shells 300 times.

Go to a course where your chosen driver will get 3 item slots for a chance of getting item frenzy. Pick a driver with Triple Green Shells skill and pair it with a glider with Green Shell Plus to easily complete this challenge.

Drivers with Triple Green Shells

Dry BonesDry Bones Koopa TroopaKoopa Troopa LakituLakitu
IggyIggy Green Shy GuyGreen Shy Guy

Gliders with Green Shell Plus

Shell ParachuteShell Parachute ParafoilParafoil Paper GliderPaper Glider
Soaring JackSoaring Jack Plaid RibbonPlaid Ribbon Eggshell GliderEggshell Glider
Dragon WingsDragon Wings Festival WingsFestival Wings Dry Bowser UmbrellaDry Bowser Umbrella
Snow CrystalsSnow Crystals Polka-Dot Manta GliderPolka-Dot Manta Glider

Land 100 hits with Bob-ombs

Achieve this by hitting other racers with Bob-ombs a total of 100 times.

Using a driver with Double Bob-omb, Bob-omb Cannon skill, and a glider with Bob-omb Plus would be of great help in completing this challenge. Try to pick a course that also favors your driver to have 3 item slots.

Drivers with Double Bob-ombs

Mario (Musician)Mario (Musician) Shy GuyShy Guy WarioWario
RoyRoy WaluigiWaluigi Black YoshiBlack Yoshi
Toadette (Explorer)Toadette (Explorer)

Drivers with Bob-omb Cannon

King Boo (LuigiKing Boo (Luigi's Mansion) Black Shy GuyBlack Shy Guy Mario (Happi)Mario (Happi)
Wario (Hiker)Wario (Hiker) Builder ToadBuilder Toad Dry Bowser (Gold)Dry Bowser (Gold)
Bowser Jr. (Pirate)Bowser Jr. (Pirate) Peach (Explorer)Peach (Explorer) Birdo (Black)Birdo (Black)
Waluigi (Vampire)Waluigi (Vampire)

Gliders with Bob-omb Plus

SwooperSwooper Bob-omb ParafoilBob-omb Parafoil Fireworks ParachuteFireworks Parachute
Safety GliderSafety Glider Pink Gold Paper GliderPink Gold Paper Glider Chocolate Banana CrêpeChocolate Banana Crêpe
Manta GliderManta Glider Spider GliderSpider Glider Bowser HanafudaBowser Hanafuda
8-Bit Fire Flower8-Bit Fire Flower Black Toe-Bean BalloonsBlack Toe-Bean Balloons Candlelight FlightCandlelight Flight

Land 800 hits with Bananas

Complete this by hitting other racers with Bananas 800 times.

Choose a course that favors your driver to get 3 item slots. Using a driver with Giant Banana and Banana Barrels would be of great help in completing this challenge. Don't forget to pair to a glider with Banana Plus to maximize the appearance rate of this item.

Drivers with Giant Banana

Donkey KongDonkey Kong MortonMorton Mario (Sunshine)Mario (Sunshine)
Yellow Toad (Pit Crew)Yellow Toad (Pit Crew)

Drivers with Banana Barrels

Diddy KongDiddy Kong Funky KongFunky Kong

Gliders wth Banana Plus

Flower GliderFlower Glider BBIA ParafoilBBIA Parafoil BaNaNa ParafoilBaNaNa Parafoil
Sweetheart GliderSweetheart Glider Bright GliderBright Glider Banana WingtipBanana Wingtip
Tropical GliderTropical Glider Great SailGreat Sail Sunset BalloonsSunset Balloons
Surf MasterSurf Master Yukata RibbonYukata Ribbon Magic ParasolMagic Parasol
Currently UnavailableNew Year's 2022

Cause an opponent to crash 2,000 times

You can achieve this challenge by crashing your opponents 2,000 times.

Finish this challenge faster by using items with Bob-ombs and Red Shells. They have higher accuracy compared to other items, making them the best item for this challenge. Equip a glider with Red Shell Plus or Bob-omb Plus to increase the appearance rate of these items.

Gliders with Red Shell Plus

Peach ParasolPeach Parasol Oilpaper UmbrellaOilpaper Umbrella Strawberry CrêpeStrawberry Crêpe
Royal ParachuteRoyal Parachute Crimson CraneCrimson Crane Heart BalloonsHeart Balloons
YoshiYoshi's Egg Hanafuda Chocolate DonutChocolate Donut Boo HanafudaBoo Hanafuda
Jumping Mario HanafudaJumping Mario Hanafuda Butterfly PrismButterfly Prism Rose ParasolRose Parasol
Vampire WingsVampire Wings

Reach player level 30

You can achieve this by leveling your player level to 30.

Progress through all the cups within the tour increase your player level.

Reach tier 20

Achieve this by reaching tier 20 in weekly ranking.

Use favored drivers, karts, and gliders for the courses in the weekly cup and aim for the 1st place to get a high score. Getting into higher tier will also get you more rewards.

What are Standard Challenges?

Standard Challenges are a set of permanent challenges that can be completed to obtain Rubies.

Unlike Tour Challenges, these challenges have no expiration, and since many of the means for completing these challenges overlap with other challenges, you can often clear them without putting too much effort into one particular Standard Challenge.

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