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This guide will show you all the information regarding Point Boost in the game Mario Kart Tour.

What is Point Boost

Point Boost are boost that you get depending on what level your driver, glider, and kart you use in game. If you used a higher level driver, glider, and kart you will get a point boost towards your finals score. All actions you do while racing are given point boost. The point boost is only active if you select the preferred couse for each driver, glider, and kart.

Point Boost Calculations.

Point Boost are added after the multiplier of the points.

Point boost will be added after the multiplier of points based on the level of the driver, glider, and kart. The points to be added will depend on what level your driver, glider, and kart and their base points.

Point boost differ from action and placements

The point boost you get while doing races differs with the actions you make in game such as Mini-Turbos, Slipstream, and other combo actions, with the placements you get after finishing the race such as 1st, 2nd, to the 8th place.

Points added during action

Base point × (Level-1) × min {cc, 150} / 30000

For Drivers

Level Normal Super High End
2 3 3.375 4
3 6 6.75 8
4 9 10.125 12
5 12 13.5 16
6 15 16.875 20

For Gliders and Karts

Level Normal Super High End
2 1..5 1.65 2
3 3 3.3 4
4 4.5 4.95 6
5 6 6.6 8
6 7.5 8.25 10

Maximum base points for 150cc Race

Points to be added with the placement

Base point × (Level-1) × min {cc, 150} / 30000 × Rank multiplier

The rank multiplier is 1.0 in the first place, and gradually becomes lesser as you place lower in the brackets.


Rank Multiplier Points for level 6 Normal Drivers
1st 1x 10
2nd 0.85x 8.5
3rd 0.75x 7.5
4th 0.65x 6.5
5th 0.55x 5.5
6th 0.45x 4.5
7th 0.35x 3.5
8th 0.2x 2

Maximum Base Point for 150cc Race

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