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This guide will teach you about the Mario Kart Tour shop and what are the items that can be bought from it, as well as recommend items to buy at the shop so you can spend your money more wisely.

Mario Kart Tour Shop

What is the shop?

Almost every game has a shop where you can level up your items. In Mario Kart Tour there is a shop available for you to purchase Drivers, Karts, Gliders, and tickets too. The shop also sells special offers and rubies in exchange for real currency.

Where is the Shop?

From the Main Screen From Main Menu
main screen shop.png main menu shop.png

The shop is easy to spot in the game. From the main screen of the game, on the lower right corner beside the menu button, you can see the shop icon. Tap it and you will be directed to the shop. You can also click the Menu screen and you will see the shop icon, which will also lead you to the shop screen.

Available Items in the Shop

Special Offers

special offer.png
At the very top section of the shop you will see the Special Offers, as well as the Gold Pass Subscription. The Special Offer packages last until the tour is over (Approximately 2 Weeks).

The Pipe

the pipe.png
From the middle section of the shop you can see The Pipe , where you can spend rubies and have a chance to get spotlight items or other equipment.
Note: Only Drivers, Karts and Gliders can be drawn in The Pipe

Daily Selects

daily select (1).png
Just below the The Pipe section you can find the Daily Selects. This section consists of several items in the game. You can purchase items at this section using coins.
Note: To unlock all 9 slots you need to increase your Player Level

Level Number of Slots Available
Level 6 or Lower 3 Slots
Level 7 6 Slots
Level 12 9 Slots (All)


The last section of the shop is the Ruby Section where you can buy rubies in exchange for real money. Be sure to spend your real money wisely!
Note: The denomination changes depending on the region used to download the game.

Token Shop

Event Shop.jpg
The Token Shop will appear right before the 1st half of the current tour ends. You will have to collect Event Tokens to buy items in this shop. Items in the Event shop are quite rare and will most likely not appear in the Daily Selects.
How to Get Event Tokens

Available Items in the Token Shop

Pink Shy Guy.png(1) Pink Shy Guy x1 Flame Flyer.png(1) Flame Flyer x1 Oilpaper Umbrella.png(1) Eggshell Glider x1
Ruby.png(5) Rubies x3 Coin.png(5) Coins x500 Coin Rush Ticket.png(1) Coin Rush Ticket x1
Driver Point Boost.jpg(5) Driver Point-Boost Ticket x1 Kart Point Boost.png(5) Kart Point-Boost Ticket x1 Glider Point Boost.png(5) Glider Point-Boost Ticket x1
Item Ticket.png(10) Item Ticket x1 Driver Skill Up (N).png(1) Driver Skill Up (N) x1 Driver Skill Up (S).png(1) Driver Skill Up (S) x1
Star Ticket.png(3) Star Ticket x1 Driver Points-Cap Up (N).png(1) Driver Point-Cap Up (N) x1 Driver Points-Cap Up (S).png(1) Driver Point-Cap Up (S) x1

(x) is the number of times you can purchase an item.

In-game Notes:

  • The lineup of items available in the Event Shop is different from Daily Selects and does not change during a tour.
  • Event tokens will no longer appear in races once you have collected a certain number of them.
  • Event Tokens collected in this event will not be carried over to the next.

Tier Shop

Tier Shop.jpg
Tier shop is now open! Exchange items using coins in the shop. Tier Shop will change every week, so be sure to check it once the current ranked cup is over.

You are required to reach a certain Tier rank to unlock the items in the Tier Shop. To increase your Tier Rank, always get a high place in the Weekly Ranked Cup!

Tier Rank Number of Slots Available
Tier 1-4 3 Slots
Tier 5-9 4 Slots
Tier 10-14 5 Slots
Tier 15-19 6 Slots
Tier 20-24 7 Slots
Tier 25-29 8 Slots
Tier 30-34 9 Slots
Tier 35-39 10 Slots
Tier 40-44 11 Slots
Tier 45 and up 12 Slots

Unlocking Ranked Races and Tier Rewards

Recommended Items in the Tier Shop

Save coins for Level-Boost Tickets

Make sure to buy the Level-Boost Tickets in the Tier Shop. Drivers, karts, and gliders with a high level will unlock extra favored courses and will greatly increase their efficiency.

Buy Drivers, Karts, and Gliders

Getting new/duplicate drivers, karts, or gliders will greatly help you get a higher score on courses. Prioritze them before buying anything else in the Tier Shop.

Recommended Items on Event Shop

Get the Rubies in the Event Shop!

There are no other ways to buy Rubies without using real money, except from the Event Shop. We highly suggest that you save up Event Tokens and spend it on rubies!

Exchange Event Tokens for a Coin Rush Ticket!

Tired of doing the Tour Challenges 2 to get a Coin Rush Ticket? You can easily get a Coin Rush Ticket in the Event Shop, as long as you have enough Event Tokens!

Recommended Items in the Daily Selects

Prioritize Items on Daily Select!

Spend you money wisely, and always prioritize items that are important to you. This is a list of items that you should prioritize before buying with your coins

  • Prioritze buying Level-Up Tickets, Point-Up Tickets, and Star Tickets. You do not need the quick and item tickets because you can get items in the game, and you can unlock these gifts by earning stars
  • Buy Drivers, Karts, Gliders that you already own you can level up your Driver, Kart, Glider skill levels by purchasing the same item in the daily select. It is hard to level up these items otherwise, so prioritize buying them.
  • Buy Super and High-End Items if you have the Coins to buy them. If you still do not have enough coins, we suggest earning more coins in the game.

Item & Rarity List


Ticket Name Cost
item.jpgItem Ticket 50 Coins
point up.jpgPoint-Boost Ticket Currently Unknown
level up.jpgLevel-Up Ticket 800 Coins
qucik.jpgQuick Ticket 1,000 Coins
star ticket.jpgStar Ticket Currently Unknown


Rarity Cost
Normal 800 Coins
Super 3,000 Coins
High-End 12,000 Coins


Rarity Cost
Normal 500 Coins
Super 2,000 Coins
High-End 10,000 Coins


Rarity Cost
Normal 500 Coins
Super 2,000 Coins
High-End 10,000 Coins

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