How to Upgrade Karts | Mario Kart Tour

Kart Upgrades
This guide will show you how to upgrade your Karts in the game Mario Kart Tour. Read on to learn the benefits of upgrading your Karts, and more!

How to Upgrade Karts

1. Tap the Menu button

Menu Button
First select the menu button from the bottom of the screen.

2. Go to the Kart page

View your karts by clicking on the icon shown above.

3. Select the Kart you want to upgrade

After deciding which kart you would like to upgrade, tap it to view upgrades.

4. Select the upgrade you want for your Kart.

Upgrade base points by clicking left, and skill level by clicking right.

5. Base Point Upgrade

Base Points
This upgrade will allow you to start each race with higher base points when using this kart.
How to Increase your Base Points

5.1 Use Point Boost Tickets

Using one of these tickets will allow you to easily raise base points.

6. Skill Level Upgrade

Skill Level
This upgrade will give your kart boosted skills.
How to Raise Your Skill Level

6.1 Use a Level Boost Ticket

These rare tickets will let you raise skill level, so do not waste them!
How to Get Tickets

Advantages of Upgrading Karts

  • Upgrading the points of karts gives them higher base points, adding to your final score every race.
  • Skills will be boosted depending on the level of the kart.
  • Upgrading the skill level will upgrade the bonus points earned from your karts special skill, as well as the Bonus-Points Boost that you can obtain.

Points from Upgraded Karts

Maximum Base Point Values

Rarity Driver Maximum Kart Maximum Glider Maximum
Normal 600 300 300
Super 675 330 330
High End 800 400 400

These points can be raised through both Point Boost Tickets and by using a particular Kart in a raise, making these higher points easily obtainable!

Kart Skill Level Point Boost (Rarity = Super)

Level Point Boost
1 x1 to all bonus points earned
2 x1.05 to all bonus points earned.
x1 bonus-point boost.
3 x1.05 to all bonus points earned.
x2 bonus-point boost.
4 x1.1 to all bonus points earned.
x3 bonus-point boost.
5 x1.1 to all bonus points earned.
x4 bonus-point boost.
6 x1.15 to all bonus points earned.
x5 bonus-point boost.

The above table shows the bonus points gained from using a kart (Super Rarity), based on skill level. Skill level is primarily raised by using Level Boost Tickets and by obtaining duplicate karts from the Pipe.

Obtaining Tickets via Tour Gift

Karts 1.jpg
Certain Tour Gifts give tickets for upgrading your kart. Be sure to get as many Grand Stars as possible for you to receive the rewards.

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