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This is the Friend Request Message Board for Mario Kart Tour. Please use this page for adding new friends within the game Mario Kart Tour.

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Discussion BoardDiscussion Board Friend Request BoardFriend Request Board

The Friend Request Board is for making new in-game friends, while the Discussion Board is for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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73 Anonymous1 dayReport

1768 1294 8964 Add me! I need friends :D

72 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>70 well congrats there. haha anyways, I'll accept anyone who will add me! 174598313851

71 Sithlordsteph (:2 daysReport

946851338693 I need some friends lol

70 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>69 Nice, i got 69th post, nice.

69 Anonymous2 daysReport

011281048636 On quite a bit

68 Anonymous2 daysReport

Active everyday - 518855062329

67 Anonymous4 daysReport

025067420623 need for the challenge Dr. Boinker is the name thanks

66 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>57 to those who added me, thanks! I'm past standard challenges 1-3!

65 Anonymous4 daysReport

Please add me 143942606342

64 Anonymous4 daysReport
63 Anonymous4 daysReport
62 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>61 what happened

61 Anonymous4 daysReport

9034 5178 4068

60 Anonymous5 daysReport

3456 5450 9415 :)

59 Anonymous5 daysReport

Add me please!!!! Thank you! 472564478359

58 Anonymous7 daysReport

add me 555890192842

57 Anonymous8 daysReport

Add meeeeee! I need to finish standard challenges for rubies! Thank you!!!!!!! 174598313851

56 Anonymous8 daysReport

Feel free to add me :) 950762591270 I need some help with the multiplayer challenge

55 Anonymous9 daysReport


54 Anonymous9 daysReport

>>13 No more adds! Thanks! Can't figure out how to delete this post.

53 Anonymous9 daysReport

417304394542 please add me to help with the friends challenge in this tour!

52 Anonymous10 daysReport

Also trying to complete the 'friends nearby' challenge. Please add me: 3901 0888 0187

51 Andrew10 daysReport

>>46 Sent you a friend request 🙂

50 Andrew10 daysReport

>>48 Sent you a friend request

49 Andrew10 daysReport

Here’s my code. 050641775816

48 Natalie10 daysReport

Hey! Please add me as a friend, I'm trying to complete the multiplayer/via with friends challenges. Thanks! My ID: 6797 4504 0098

47 Anonymous10 daysReport

Please add me ^^ 012901635080

46 Anonymous11 daysReport

917857784652 Please add me, I've added a few from above. Need to pass challenges let's help each other 😀

45 Anonymous11 daysReport

Please add thx! 044239940857

44 Anonymous11 daysReport

Please add me as a friend 742687176150.

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    • I wonder if they will add again those hard bonus challenges. Like the steer clear of obstacles before with lots of bombs. That was on holiday Tour if I remembered correctly. Bonus challenges in these past few tours are easy to get 3 stars.

    • 1768 1294 8964 Add me! I need friends :D

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