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This is the Friend Request Message Board for Mario Kart Tour. Please use this page for posting your Player ID and for adding new friends within the game in Mario Kart Tour.

Friends Message Board Rules

  • No submissions that are offensive toward other users.
  • No slander.
  • No posting of images that violate public standards.
  • No refrain from submissions irrelevant to this board.
  • No posting of the same contents repeatedly.
  • No advertising for other sites or apps.
  • No posting for finanical gain (via RMT, etc.)

Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

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Discussion BoardDiscussion Board Friend Request BoardFriend Request Board

The Friend Request Board is for making new in-game friends, while the Discussion Board is for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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1598 Anonymousabout 6 hoursReport

Newbie here. ID: 865165375218. Appreciate if can add me. Thanks!

1597 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

396814970456 please add if Gould like to send and receive b e coins daily

1596 Y/M/R/Tabout 23 hoursReport

Friend Suggestions: Don: 378628547735 He’s a good ACR person and is usually between 100 and 200th place. Make sure you have high stats and that you send him coins everyday!

1595 Anonymousabout 24 hoursReport

396814970456 Please add only if you want to exchange coins daily thx

1594 Anonymous1 dayReport

907337144664 Always in leaderboard top locally. I’ll make good competition🤙

1593 Anonymous1 dayReport

Please add me 758699009367

1592 Anonymous2 daysReport

127888057427 Feel free!

1591 HKneverDie2 daysReport

302803649277 send coins everyday!

1590 Tasha/Mario Kart 82 daysReport

ID: Tasha 851653328143 Add meh👍💋

1589 Tasha/Mario Kart 82 daysReport

Thanks for accepting my friend request’s guy’s. I appreciate all of you 😊

1588 Anonymous3 daysReport

851653328143 Newbie, add meh 👍💋

1587 Y/M/R/T4 daysReport

HKneverDIE does send coins everyday, if you are wondering. He's a good suggestion.

1586 Anonymous4 daysReport

258349123743 add me

1585 Anonymous4 daysReport

I need some new friends that donate coins. Deleted some people that quit playing the game. Thanks. 785151073420 7851 5107 3420

1584 Mr.Carr5 daysReport

1214 6401 7130

1583 Anonymous5 daysReport

3425 3213 8143

1582 HKneverDIE5 daysReport

302803649277 send coins everyday

1581 Y/M/R/T5 daysReport

No offense intended toward those 3. 2 technically, unless Don takes offense.

1580 Y/M/R/T5 daysReport

Betchel, another friend suggestion would be to use the ID's on post 1560. Those two have the same attitude as Don, and I think they MIGHT be in ACR, don't quote me on that.

1579 Y/M/R/T5 daysReport

ACR suggestions: HKneverDIE: 302803649277 Don: 378628547735 Daily Coin suggestions: rrh5021: 817450937391

1578 Anonymous5 daysReport

7210 1410 7462

1577 Bechtel5 daysReport

Hello MKT players! I need more daily players who are in ACR top 1,000. I’ve been playing this game since Day 1. I’ve reached Tier 70 and owned many ACR badges. Wanna add me as friend? Make sure you send me daily greeting coins. Thanks! 879475102387

1576 Anonymous6 daysReport


1575 Anonymous6 daysReport


1574 Luma6 daysReport

Also, those "friends" that removed you don't deserve you. True friends bear with you no matter what happens. So if they remove you over them demanding coins and they don't care what your reason is for missing the coin sending, then you shouldn't be the one who's sad because of removal, they should. No offense intended toward your removers, but I'm just trying to make a point. I can see that Y/M/R/T is on leave right now, I've been reading his posts.

1573 Anonymous6 daysReport


1572 Anonymous6 daysReport


1571 Luma7 daysReport

That’s too bad. At least you try not to forget!

1570 CocaC0laZT7 daysReport

Go into "settings" and turn on "manual drift". The other settings I have turned on are optional. Race at 50cc for best results, less items or other drivers to interrupt the drift. I like the Royal Raceway track because it has several nice long turns, avoid Trick or R/T tracks.

1569 CocaC0laZT7 daysReport

I fell asleep early one night before had a chance to log in and send coins, was deleted the next day, 1st time I ever missed

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