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This is the Discussion Board for Mario Kart Tour. Please use this page for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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4204 Y/M/R/T6 minutesReport

>>4200 Well she better have triple mushrooms!

4203 Y/M/R/T7 minutesReport

>>4201 Wrong response post.

4202 Y/M/R/T8 minutesReport

>>4198 TOADETTE! Get in here! She better have triple mushrooms!

4201 Y/M/R/T8 minutesReport

>>4197 TOADETTE! Get in here! She better have the triple mushrooms!

4200 CocaC0laZTabout 4 hoursReport

Builder Mario/Luigi throw hammers Builder Toad has the Bob-omb Cannon I predict Toadette gets the cannon as well . But I thought Koala Baby Mario would get boomerang, so I'm probably wrong again 🙄🤣

4199 CocaC0laZTabout 4 hoursReport

"All courses are Trick courses" Maybe I'll finally hit that 600k mark, I'm sitting at 570-something for the current tour.

4198 CocaC0laZTabout 5 hoursReport

TRICK TOUR reprisal!! Builder Mario, B.Luigi, and B.Toad return ....... And new character ......

4197 CocaC0laZTabout 8 hoursReport

>>4178 The count changes but the percentage split stays the same.

4196 Candy Kongabout 8 hoursReport

>>4191 Yes, I do. 1. Penguin Luigi: Undersea Pipe. He’s really good for coverage 2. Ice Poultergust: Heavy duties pipe. Three karts are amazing. But this kart is trash and the worst in the pipe. Good thing I only pulled this kart three times while I pulled black dozer 10 times. 3. Blizzard Balloons: its pack in marine tour. Bad me. Glider is okay. Night to you again!

4195 Candy Kongabout 8 hoursReport

>>4193 Okay. Night! I’ll probably grind for ACR and see the next tour preview.

4194 Candy Kongabout 8 hoursReport

>>4190 Heavy DUTIES pipe. Probably my top 5 pipe in the whole game right now.

4193 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

Well, have to go to bed! Hope to see you all for more multiplayer!

4192 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

Ferndog, we have to talk tomorrow at 9 AM EST. Are you available by then?

4191 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

>>4190 Do you have the full Penguin Luigi set from the Ice Tour?

4190 Candy Kongabout 8 hoursReport

>>4177 I did not buy the pack FYI. You can anyways, but I wouldn’t recommend. There are better $40 packs. Good thing I pulled a lot on the heavy hitters pipe. I think I averaged 30 rubies per high end. Black dozer, gilded king, and dark buggy together covered so many relevant tracks for me. They are all level 6. A future good pipe might have dark buggy.

4189 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

Raise your hands if you want a Rainbow Tour!

4188 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

>>4187 I hope it’s one of my tour concepts!

4187 Candy Kongabout 8 hoursReport

>>4178 Yes. It was like that too in the Mario vs Luigi tour. I’ll make a Team Bowser chant that’ll expose the flaws of the versus tour. Nintendo has failed to make the versus tours more fair. I can’t wait for the tour announcement on the next reset.

4186 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

Round and round and round, Round and round and round.... Ohhh....

4185 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

The days go round and round, round and round! Gotta break away.... Find a great escape....

4184 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

Where do we go.... Every day's the same..... Did we lose the magic, magic, magic? So ordinary..... Stuck on repeat.... Gotta find the passion, passion, passion....

4183 Candy Kongabout 8 hoursReport

>>4177 Yes. Dark buggy is useful. However, I don’t think the pack is worth it especially when the kart doesn’t add coverage. King bob-omb is used to be very good, but is getting devalued by Gold Pringles Man. Also, king bob-omb is a permanent. Dark buggy has shown up many times in banners. It’ll probably come back in a better pack or in some pipe. Karts are not too important to have.

4182 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

>>4176 Also I wa using the original Rosalina and Blue Yoshi.

4181 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

>>4179 Yeah also, I got the Daisy Fairy and Peach Wintertime campaigns.

4180 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

>>4178 The team rallies always seem to be one sided!

4179 Y/M/R/Tabout 8 hoursReport

>>4177 Earth to Fern!

4178 ferndogabout 8 hoursReport

also have these numbers changed at all since the tour? lol , seems like they have not moved one bit.

4177 ferndogabout 8 hoursReport

@Candy i was almost tempted to buy this package , but at 40 dollars , hmm, i dont know. i know you said that dark buggy has helped you out in many races

4176 Candy Kongabout 9 hoursReport

>>4172 Oh okay. I know very little about multiplayer rules. That’s why you were using rosalina (Halloween), penguin toad, peach (wintertime), and Mario (swimwear). I was using coin box drivers, who are bad in multiplayer.

4175 Y/M/R/Tabout 9 hoursReport

>>4174 A much more natural disaster than this.

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    • Builder Mario/Luigi throw hammers
      Builder Toad has the Bob-omb Cannon
      I predict Toadette gets the cannon as well
      But I thought Koala Baby Mario would get boomerang, so I'm probably wrong again 🙄🤣

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