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863 Anonymous2 daysReport


862 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>840 Egypt Tour? Would this be possible? Because they removed the city tours. We're always having character tours. And these tours started after the Vancouver tour (not so sure)?

861 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>841 I agree! I'm using my pipe frame kart whenever I play standard race on multiplayer.

860 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>835 So you've missed the 18 cups before. Haha sad.

859 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>834 Thankfully I have Peachette. This challenge is a piece of cake!

858 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>827 Here's my progress 😂 4 more badges left Let's go!

857 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>840 Tokyo Tour part 2!!!

856 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>836 You can also play coin rush using your rubies dude

855 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>832 Maybe Donkey and Diddy Kong will appear in your daily selects. Go save some coins, super drivers only costs 3000, if I'm not mistaken. You still have the chance to complete these tour challenges don't worry!

854 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>831 I'm gonna say that super horn is better than the mega mushroom item

853 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>829 Yes it was, he posted this before the update. And the course is Daisy Hills.

852 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>826 And which drivers you want them to put?

851 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>825 Experienced this once when I used Waluigi (Bus Driver) in the Waluigi Pinball XD

850 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>823 Maintaining the combo is the Key ;)

849 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>827 Got my coin ticket. Just finished it today!

848 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>827 They changed the last challenge. Usually that challenge is to finish all the courses and bonus challenges in all the cups.

847 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>824 I already have this kart and B Dasher also XD

846 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>819 Making Kong Family the star of this tour ~~~

845 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>815 oh no you should start saving some coins in case high-end characters will appear again in your shop.

844 Anonymous2 daysReport

I have here 116 rubies. Should I pull for Funky or Dixie Kong? or better not?

843 Anonymous2 daysReport

What can you guys say about the jungle tour? :D

842 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>821 Any tip on how did you get this score? I can only get 8k. I also used Donkey Kong.

841 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>838 Rambi Rider having the rocket start plus skill and only have 2 favored courses made him the worst. Bolt Buggy is better because slipstream plus is very useful especially when playing multiplayer.

840 Anonymous2 daysReport

What tour would you like to have: a. Tokyo Tour part 2 b. Vancouver Tour part 2 c. Egypt Tour

839 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>824 We have 3 recolored of this kart XD

838 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>828 lol yeah. bolt buggy is better

837 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>813 Yes. I thought they're going to make another one. The event where you just gotta have a lot of friends, then gain 20 rubies instantly at the end of the tour.

836 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>807 Me tooooooo. Still trying to complete tour challenges 2 to get a coin ticket XD

835 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>806 Yeah I guess? But also not sure because I started playing mario kart during the baby rosalina tour.

834 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>809 yeah. kinda hard if you don't have the driver with the mushroom cannon skill.

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