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This is the Discussion Board for Mario Kart Tour. Please use this page for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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8959 Y/M/R/T17 minutesReport

Coca, since auto mode is on challenges, still want to participate? I'll be doing the photoshoot based on your favorite city courses.

8958 Y/M/R/Tabout 2 hoursReport

You all are free to friend Thomas if you want.

8957 Y/M/R/Tabout 2 hoursReport


8956 Anonymousabout 2 hoursReport

862610837324 !!

8955 Y/M/R/Tabout 2 hoursReport

Every 4th version seems to have 2 laps, meaning sections. Is that a common rule?

8954 Y/M/R/Tabout 2 hoursReport

Welcome Thomas! What's your friend ID? I might friend you sometime.

8953 Anonymousabout 2 hoursReport

S/o Y/M/R/T thanks!

8952 Y/M/R/Tabout 2 hoursReport

58 more posts!

8951 Y/M/R/Tabout 3 hoursReport

Thomas, I'm in.

8950 Y/M/R/Tabout 3 hoursReport

HK, at least please give me until the next day to send coins. But during weekends, I will send at my usual time.

8949 Y/M/R/Tabout 3 hoursReport

On my way. BTW, can you share your friend ID? I can put it as a friend suggestion to the friend board and some people may want to friend you here.

8948 Y/M/R/Tabout 3 hoursReport

What do you all think of a celebratory multiplayer race on Saturday? Since that day is the exact day MKT came out. 9:00 EST.

8947 Anonymousabout 3 hoursReport

Someone please join my multiplayer room, trying to get the superstar achievement 6030 7134

8946 Y/M/R/Tabout 3 hoursReport

Amazing! Meanwhile, still stuck in 43!

8945 Y/M/R/Tabout 3 hoursReport

You NEED to get your Yoshi starstruck under control.

8944 Y/M/R/Tabout 3 hoursReport

We've missed you! Happy 2nd anniversary tour! Hope you come back for the 9000 post celebration!

8943 Y/M/R/Tabout 3 hoursReport

We have Mario Racing variations!

8942 Y/M/R/Tabout 3 hoursReport

I try my best okay? If I miss, please forgive me! I did send just now, but since school started, I have been sending in the afternoon!

8941 CocaC0laZTabout 3 hoursReport

And congrats to you for making Tier 50 as well 😎🎉🎉🎉

8940 CocaC0laZTabout 3 hoursReport

Awesome pull! Meanwhile, I went 42 deep into Kangarooshi pipe and got Starchute on my 42nd pull, non-spotlight HE, no other HE 😡😲😭😭😭 I think that is my worst pipe so far .... Needless to say, I'm not excited to do pipe pulls this tour. ☹ Yoshi was supposed to come home with meeeeeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭

8939 ferndogabout 4 hoursReport

Coca, congrats on getting to tier 50. 😁, 2nd anniversary pipe has 12% chance of high ends, that pretty much means almost every 10 pull of that pipe is going to snag ya a high end. i just got 3 in a row, the i already have or had everything in the pipe, but pulled anyways 😋, and that last tour was some bs, the first sydney course in last cup, the bots could drive on grass same speed as if nothing was there, nintendo cant get the mechanics right 🙄, howdy everyone👋 , back to the cave now 😋

8938 Anonymousabout 4 hoursReport

Y/M/R/T,this is HKneverDIE, so you aren’t interested to send coins anymore?

8937 CocaC0laZTabout 5 hoursReport

Do we *really* need 7 new variations of B Dasher Mk. 2 in the same tour ??!?!? 🙈🙉🙊 I only need the Red for ranked, but no guarantees it is even in my pipe, only has 3 out of 4. Week 2 City Racer pipe has better drivers IMO.

8936 Y/M/R/Tabout 5 hoursReport

2nd anniversary tour: "Welcome to the combat evaluation program, where you will be evaluated on your ranked and scores. We hope you have a good time!"

8935 Y/M/R/Tabout 5 hoursReport

Did all variants show?

8934 Y/M/R/Tabout 5 hoursReport

We've been through a combat evaluation program these past 2 years! Specifically in ranked! But otherwise, happy 2nd anniversary tour!

8933 Y/M/R/Tabout 5 hoursReport


8932 CocaC0laZTabout 9 hoursReport

Gold Freerunner in Tour Gifts 🤤🙈🤤😱 Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh 👻 PGP gets one ticket closer to Lvl 7. No Gold Pipe this time. Week 2 pipes are pretty much copies of week 1. I can put up spoilers if you don't want to have to search. Possible 3 HE driver tickets, 2 HE kart, 3 HE glider, plus 1 each unlocks for HE driver and glider. Plus *NEW* Blue Birdo and Blue Turbo Birdo as ranked gifts for both weeks. 1st-3rd get both, 4th-6th get kart. Pretty awesome prizes overall!! Get it!! ❣

8931 CocaC0laZTabout 23 hoursReport

Since Cherub is only top-shelf for version 2 of PP, I'm pretty sure that is the version we will be running. And heard same about NYM4, one long course that doesn't actually lap, which I like because no surprise "litter" on track for "lap 2" when you are in 1st place. VV and LL will probably be in ranked since those tracks weren't used at all this year, plus NYM4 in week 1 and 2, not sure which other 2 tracks.

8930 Y/M/R/Tabout 24 hoursReport

There was a high end ticket in tier shop for me.

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