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12836 Mrs. Black 1 dayReport

That's good to know, but I hope there won't be a big surprise on Wednesday, maybe due to another software issue. I currently lead at 17k and hope to stay that way as I aim to reach Tier 65.

12835 CocaC0laZT1 dayReport

I also have 5 extra bots, but that comes with real sleeper opponents who have monster potential loadouts based on their driver lists. I'm currently sitting in 3rd. One sleeper is Tier 67 and has over 40K score on one track with Kangarooshi. Another person is almost beating me with only 2 tracks. 2 people with no current score but level 6 or 7 double-unlocked Kameks and Gold Freerunners. I'm going to need a friggin' miracle to stay Top 5 this week against these opponents. 😣😝😠😭

12834 Silver☆☆☆♥3 daysReport

Hi Mrs. Black, You're not alone! I have 7 active players and 8 bots. I have friends from higher ranks who reported having 12 bots this week.

12833 Silver☆☆☆♥3 daysReport

1 K per day if you're on gold pass is probably optimistic. Did you finish all challenges including the token coins and the token pipes? Any coin rush tickets left? Last resort is to spend rubies on coin rush. 25 rubies = 10 coin rush tickets = a lttle over 4K. But I agree with Mrs. Black this driver isn't worth investing in.

12832 Mrs. Black3 daysReport

Thank you for spoiling.

12831 Mrs. Black3 daysReport

My opinion is that Funky kong isn’t worth to spend 12.000 coins. I bought him long time ago and don’t need him for rankings.

12830 Mrs. Black4 daysReport

Hello guys, What about your ranking-list? Nobody in my ranking list and my husband's has driven yet. The points are still the same as on the 1st day. We also have a total of 8 "bots". That’s a lot. Otherwise there were only 3. Is that the case with you too?

12829 CocaC0laZT4 daysReport

Absolutely impossible unless you have 13 or 14 Coin Rush tickets stashed. Daily coin limit is 300 or 600 for Gold Pass, limit breaking with a coin boxer *might* give you an extra 75-100, 100 for waiting around in MP, 245 max for friend coins. You could farm about 1K today, not 12K.

12828 Mason4 daysReport

Guys I need help! Can you please tell me a way to farm enough coins for this!

12827 CocaC0laZT5 daysReport

In case you missed the Twitter post last night, a sneaky peek has been released of the next Tour!! Looks like we will be heading to Bangkok, and a new Daisy alt will be our Tour guide!! Will she be the first ever Coinboxer alt for Daisy ??!?! . Will we have a 3-City Tour with Tokyo and Singapore, or will they include the somewhat nearby Sydney as a 4th metro ??? We should find out in about 14 hours!!

12826 Mason5 daysReport

Hello! I decided to take a break from posting and playing because I had burnt myself out! I am now going to be posting and playing again! Now for... Ranked update. The game really did welcomed me back! The game gave me an easy ranked! Easy first! I am in first this week too! Today a high end ticket was in my shop as well! That was like the 5th time that happened! Wish you luck for ranked!

12825 Silver☆☆☆♥6 daysReport

Wow Coca! Quite an accomplishment to squeeze out a great score like that. Hope you stay in 1st 🤞 I was below you with 80K, 2nd in my ranked, didn't think I could get past 1st who was 3K+ ahead. But last minute grinding went so well I am now in 1st with 85K and 79/86/85% of my best loadout. Funny how I was too tired to play but told myself to just do 10 more tries and then got scores I couldn't get all week 😄 Good luck everyone! 💪🍀

12824 CocaC0laZT6 daysReport

Another ranked is ticking down to the final hours, just over 7 hours remaining! How is everyone doing this week? . By some crazy miracle runs, I've managed to claw my way up despite no top-shelf glider for Berlin Byways (N). I'm ranked against opponents with 100% top-shelves and higher leveled D/K/G sets, so I'm holding my breath and seeing who moves, hoping to at least stay in Top 5. . Good luck everybody!!

12823 Pacino8 daysReport

I don't believe I ever got more than 6 points cap tickets, 6 each for HE, super and normal for the top 2. The 3rd gets 5, 4th to 6th 4 tickets, 7th to 10 gets 2 tickets. And of course it's coins.

12822 Silver☆☆☆♥9 daysReport

Thank you Coca that helps me a lot!

12821 CocaC0laZT9 daysReport

Yes, ranked rewards increase a little bit at T60, I think every place from 1st to 15th gets something extra. For the most part, it cycles D, then K, then G for tickets, repeating every 3 ranks, I don't think they've switched it up much if at all.

12820 Silver☆☆☆♥9 daysReport

Hi! Can anyone help me? I have 2 questions: - From T60, do we get more pointcap tickets from for reaching 1st place in ranked? I now see 6, and I think it was 5 before? - Is there a fixed sequence for D, K or G pointcap tickets as ranked rewards (and if so: what is it)?

12819 Pacino11 daysReport

Hey you, did you kick me out of your friends list? Can't find you no more a couple of weeks now. Or did you get an alias?

12818 Y/M/R/T11 daysReport

1st anniversary had city AND Mario tracks, so...

12817 TickleMonsta12 daysReport

Great work as always Coca, thanks 👍.... Good opportunity for everyone to up their Player Level as you've said, but the number of hours required to max out on the EXP feeding frenzy will be insane .... at least you won't get stuck just over the 80% mark this tour Coca !!

12816 CocaC0laZT12 daysReport

Also, check your inbox and claim your 20 free rubies as a "sorry" from yesterday's outage!!

12815 CocaC0laZT12 daysReport

***** SPOILER ALERT ***** . Week 2 Tier Shop . Luigi (Super) -- Crawly Kart (again) -- Wicked Wings

12814 CocaC0laZT12 daysReport

Speaking of Regular HE lists, here is the current infographic as of this tour, which added the Strawberry Crepe.

12813 CocaC0laZT12 daysReport

Welp, they are hiding the details for next tour, but we are definitely getting THREE Gold Pipes in the Token Shop plus daily Tokens Aplenty and Coins Aplenty events!! Cha-Ching!!! I'm still missing 5 drivers, 3 karts, and 6 gliders from the Regular HE sets, so maybe I'll get something new next tour. (Yeah right 🙄, but still crossing fingers 🫰)

12812 CocaC0laZT12 daysReport

Just like 2nd Anniv Tour, all 36 tracks are city tracks. I remember by the end of that tour I was burned out from all the city grinding and glad for return of "normal" tracks. Wondering if next tour will be 100% city tracks, too, kind of hoping it won't be. 😕

12811 Y/M/R/T12 daysReport

It's city maggedon!

12810 CocaC0laZT13 daysReport

Game is back online!!! Hope everyone has a fun Metropolitan Tour!!

12809 CocaC0laZT13 daysReport

I was able to force-start a race on Berlin Byways, but no bots, only me, and it doesn't save track score, coins, or tokens afterwards. At least I got to see the new track, so not a total waste. . The funny thing is I dropped a banana on lap 1 and managed to hit it on lap 2. Seeing as how I was the ONLY racer, that takes a special kind of "derp". Fern, at least when you do it, you have the distraction of 7 bots on the track, I have no excuse!! 💩🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂🤣😂🤣

12808 Silver☆☆☆♥13 daysReport

Thanks TickleMonsta and Mrs. Black, Yes everyone has problems, I got in briefly and managed to send a few coins,we just have to wait till Nintendo fixes it

12807 TickleMonsta 13 daysReport

Congrats Silver, you really are going well just now. Back down another level for me this week but no worries ... and no, I can't start the new tour this morning either, fails @ 81%. Looks like Nintendoesn't might have server issues 🤔

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