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This is the Discussion Board for Mario Kart Tour. Please use this page for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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1120 Lakituabout 2 hoursReport

>>1119 We don’t know, you should change your name to Daisy if you love it so much. (I’m talking to an Anonymous person)

1119 Anonymousabout 13 hoursReport


1118 Anonymousabout 14 hoursReport

Hi. I have played and used gold pass trial, which ended. Now i made fresh start (reroll), if i want to use gold pass 2 weeks trial again do i need to change account or i can still do it with same nintendo acc and same google store account? then to cancel again after 2 weeks. cheers

1117 Lakitu1 dayReport

>>1116 Never mind. Pipe odds can be a bit trashy. I recommend saving up until you have 200+ rubies for a good pipe like 9 spotlights, 12% High-Ends...

1116 ferndog1 dayReport

>>1115 sweet, congrats, im jealous 😁, i have used the pipe twice so far for this new tour, both 10 at a time. and got absolutely nothing worthwhile. half tempted to use the ten rubies i do have left to see if i can get anything. but will wait. some pretty wild jumps in this new tour. 😎 😁, im diggin it.

1115 Lakitu3 daysReport

>>1114 I once got a pipe with all normals... but this tour I got a pull with Party Time Toad and Builder Mario, but the rest was junk like you said.

1114 ferndog4 daysReport

Lakitu, have you had any luck with the pipes? 🎰🎰🎰, i usually get about one good thing and the rest is usually all junk, i try to save all my rubies until i can fire 10 at a time.

1113 Anonymous13 daysReport

>>1111 No it can’t

1112 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Team Luigi here!! Let's win this tour!

1111 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Ultra drift boost can be done with AND without manual drift...

1110 Anonymous4 monthsReport

yakult everyday, everyday okay.

1108 Anonymous5 monthsReport

>>1107 We have now a chance to get the new high-ends tho. Just complete the each courses of the cups for a gold pipe. But yeah, their reward system is trash.

1107 Anonymous5 monthsReport

92 Drivers, 112 Karts, 79 Gliders...of which the ones that are of any “frenzy” use cost $$$$ or take a year+ of daily play to max. Points-Cap Tickets are to keep players, that have played since launch, from getting bored and quitting. They want you to just keep buying! The Pipe is really a slot machine, and spending $ for rubies to pull the pipe is gambling. Why can’t rubies buy that new Spotlight Driver, Kart, or Glider? You cannot enjoy this game for free in any way. LAME!

1106 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Has anyone tried buying the Wild Wing Pack through the Mario Kart Tour app? I tried, and it said "Please select Complete Purchase from the Store Menu" but when I clicked OK, the next message said that my purchase was canceled even though the app stated that there were 3 packs remaining. Am I missing something? What Store Menu was the message referring to?

1105 Anonymous5 monthsReport

It would be nice to see a free full pipe or 1 ruby pulls....come on Nintendo, stop being stingy, greedy, and just lame. Seriously, giving 1 to 4 earned pipe pulls a tour when there are 100 items in a pipe!?! How cheap & lame is that.

1104 Anonymous5 monthsReport

>>1094 Good luck getting them. I hope your pockets are deep and wallet is fat.

1103 Anonymous5 monthsReport

This Wild West Tour - Monty Mole Cup is complete crap! The worst cup ever. And what is with the Asian Invasion...talk about aggressive players.

1102 Anonymous5 monthsReport

im very grateful to this landscape mode. the only thing that's left is to put a steering wheel somewhere....

1101 Anonymous6 monthsReport

toadette the explorer hahaha

1100 Anonymous6 monthsReport

>>1099 why r u here then?

1099 Anonymous6 monthsReport


1098 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Room Code 0697 4260

1097 Anonymous&◆nsyu3Hfn4A7 monthsReport


1096 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Could you update your driver tier list? Please include normal drivers.

1095 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Gold Koopa + Gold Egg 👌🏻

1094 Anonymous7 monthsReport

6 Returning characters on the second pipe!!! O.O

1093 Anonymous7 monthsReport

>>1084 and a choco island course is still included...

1092 Anonymous7 monthsReport

>>1090 oh myyy, look at Monty at the back. He's so cute!!!!

1091 Anonymous7 monthsReport

>>1089 This was a 1 day event and I got 900+ coins! :D

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    • >>[1119]
      We don’t know, you should change your name to Daisy if you love it so
      much. (I’m talking to an Anonymous person)

    • Hi. Can people stop 🛑 adding me. My friend list is all full.

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