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This guide will show you how to activate Frenzy mode in Mario Kart Tour. Read on to learn what Frenzies are and when they appear.

What is Frenzy Mode?

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Frenzy mode is a feature in Mario Kart Tour that happens when you get three of the same item from an item box. When Frenzy Mode is active, you will become invincible, have unlimited item usage, and it is easier to do Mini-Turbo Boosts.

Frenzy Mode Effects


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When you are under Frenzy Mode you cannot be hit by other players items. It is similar to a Star from other Mario Kart games in this regard.

Unlimited Item Usage

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During the duration of Frenzy Mode, you can use items as much as you like with no limits. This will greatly help you raise your score, so when you get one, be sure to use and spam that item!
List of Items and Effects

Easier Mini-Turbo Boost

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Frenzy Mode makes it easier for you to do Mini-Turbo Boosts. Just turning or sliding from left or right will let you do a Mini-Turbo Boost. Abuse it to gain consecutive speed boosts and finish the race faster!

How to Get into Frenzy Mode

Pick a driver that can get 3 items in a course

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Drivers can only get into Frenzy mode if they are in their Favorite Course. Be sure to pick drivers and take them to their Favorite Course to have a chance of activating Frenzy Mode.
List of Drivers and Rarity

Get an Item Box on the course

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Get as many item boxes in the course as possible for you to have a chance of activating Frenzy Mode. You can also use an Item Ticket as it also works like an Item Box, but it can only be used once.
About Item Tickets

Frenzy Mode Information

  • The higher your driver level is, the higher the chance of activating Frenzy Mode. Also, drivers with higher rarity have more possibilities to get into Frenzy than the lower rarity ones.
  • When you are at a lower place in the race it is easier to get Frenzy Mode. This gives you a chance to comeback in the race, so use it wisely.
  • The maximum amount you can get Frenzy Mode per race is 3, so if you are on your third one be sure to take advantage of it.
  • Only 1 player can get an Frenzy Mode at a time. When another driver has Frenzy Mode, no other driver can get into Frenzy Mode until it has ended.

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