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This guide will show you how to get a high score on Mario Kart Tour. Read on to learn how to increase your score, beat your record, clear challenges, and obtain more Grand Stars!

Factors for Getting a High Score

Drivers, Karts and Gliders


Driver Base Point and Level - Mario Kart Tour.jpg
Having a driver with high points is a plus for the game as it gives you an additional points toward your score right from the beginning. The points correspond with the drivers' stats, so if the driver has a base points stats you can gain more bonus points!


Kart Base Point and Level - Mario Kart Tour.jpg
The same goes with karts, which is why it is important to raise your kart's base points and earn more points toward a high score! It is also necessary to choose a kart that is a favorite of each course. Karts can give bonus points of x2, x1.5, or x1, so select your karts wisely.


Glider Base Point and Level - Mario Kart Tour.jpg
Last but not least are the gliders. These also give additional points at the start of the game, depending on their base points. And also, a combo bonus of x3 will be active if you take them to their favorite courses.

Use Boosts frequently

Jump Boost

Jump Boost.jpg
Doing Jump Boosts throughout a race gives you additional points and acceleration to overtake your opponents and aim for first place. You can do a jump boost by running through a ramp, so take advantage of this easy boost and get them all!

Mini Turbo Boost

Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts.jpg
Mini Turbo Boost happens when you slide your kart long enough and build a spark effect under your tire. This boost gives acceleration and additional points. If you drift longer and obtain the Ultra Turbo Boost, it provides additional bonuses.

Slipstream Boost

Slipstream Boosts (Vs. Mega Dry Bowser).jpg
Slipstream boost occurs when you stay behind your enemy for some time. It will give you an acceleration boost to overtake your enemies and also bonus points for doing it.

Dash Panel Boost

Dash Panel.jpg
When you see a Dash Panel, always run through it! Running through a dash panel gives an acceleration boost and bonus points, so be sure and go through them!

Rocket Start

Rocket Start.jpg
Doing a Rocket Start will give you additional points and also an early advantage in the race! Always remember to get this easy bonus at the start of a race.

Glide Time

Glide Time.jpg
Glide Time happens after running through a Blue Dash Panel and activating your Glider. Gliding provides a great opportunity to start a combo, as you will automatically earn actions and points while gliding. Go high up in the sky and earn those bonus points!


Use throwable items to hit enemies

Use throwable items to hit enemies.jpg
One of the fun things about the Mario Kart Tour is pick up items in the race. These items, such as Red Shells, Green Shells, Lightning, etc., can help you gain an advantage against your enemies and gain bonus points when you hit someone. Be sure and use them, and do not let a single one go to waste!

Use Power-Up Items

Use Power-Up Items .jpg
Using power-up items can hinder your enemies and give your driver an advantage, such as shields, speed boosts, and avatar size! Be sure to use these items at the right time.


Item Frenzy occurs when you have gained 3 of the same items at once. Once it occurs you can tap your screen, for every tap, you gain a frenzy action, giving a ton of additional bonus points. Go crazy with your frenzies!
You can get into Frenzy when you obtained 3 of the same item at once. If you got lucky and got it, tap on the screen to gain points while using or throwing it consecutively. It gives tons of bonus points, so go crazy with your Frenzies!


There are Coins throughout the course, and you can pick them up to gain additional points. You can also use it to buy items in the shop.

Protect yourself from enemy items

Protect yourself from enemy items.jpg
Always remember that your opponents can also throw items at you. You will see yourself put in a worse position in the race if you got hit unprotected. Try to save at least one in your item slot to deflect the ones coming to you.


Fantastic Combo - Mario Kart Tour.jpg
Just like many other games, Mario Kart Tour also has a combo system, giving your techniques a multiplier the more you can string together. The more actions you can perform in a short time, the more the combo goes up, as well as the score you get!

Learn more about combos by visiting this link below!
How to Make Combos

Placement Points

Lap Bonus (1st Lap & Last Lap)

First Place - Mario Kart Tour.jpg
Mario Kart Tour is a racing game, and in every racing game, placement is always important. You can earn points for finishing each lap and completing the race itself. Try to hold on to the lead until you finish the race to earn more points.

Placement Bonus (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Placement Points - Mario Kart Tour.jpg
You will earn extra points, depending on the place you finish in the race. You can earn more if you use drivers, karts, and gliders on their favorite courses after the race ends.

Even if you did not reach 1st, 2nd or 3rd, there are still placement bonus for lower places.

Familiarizing the Courses

Course Preview.jpg
Earn a higher score by familiarizing yourself with every course. Keep on racing on it to memorize it yourself, or you can check out our course pages for tips and tricks on how to raise your score on them.
List of Courses and Shortcuts for All Courses

Summary of Techniques that can earn a High Score

Drivers, Karts, Gliders

  • Base Points of the Driver, Kart and Glider.
  • Special Skills and Favored Courses of the Driver, Kart and Glider.

Boosts & Items

  • Different Boost Techniques (Mini Turbo Boost, Jump Boost, Slipstream Boost, Dash Panel Boost, Glide Time, Rocket Start).
  • Different Item Techniques (Throwable Items, Buff Items, Frenzy Mode, and collecting Coins).
  • Always protect yourself from getting hit to avoid getting behind the race.

Placement & Combo

  • Doing actions and Combo Multiplier.
  • Higher Placement Bonus for (1st, 2nd, and 3rd places).

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