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This guide will teach you about extending glider time in Mario Kart Tour. Here, you can find additional tips and techniques for maintaining glider time as well.

Glide Time Information

What is Glide Time?

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Glide Time points are additional points that you can earn throughout the race. You can earn Glide Time points by flying high up in the sky while using your Glider and maintaining that height.

Earning Glide Time Points

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To get Glide Time points while racing, you need to watch out of Blue Dash Plates. These plates can give you a boost to open your Glider. You will be able to fly and earn those Glide Time Points when you pass through these Blue Dash Plates.

Techniques for Extending Glide Time

Steer Clear of Obstacles!

Steer Clear of Obstacles!.jpg

Gliding in the air is the same as racing in the ground. There are obstacles that can disrupt your Gliding Time so move left and right and be mindful of obstacles in the way!

Jump Boosts while Gliding

Going through ramps, air currents, balloons, etc., can extend your gliding, giving you more points. If you see one of them, glide towards them to prolong your gliding and maximize the score you can get.

Gliding Control

Going Up!

Go up - Mario Kart Tour.jpg
Swipe down the screen while gliding to get the kart go up for a bit. This will help you extend your gliding and reach higher place.

Landing Immediately

Extend Glding (Mario Kart Tour).jpg
Go down quickly by swiping the screen upwards. If you want to reach a ramp to perform a Jump Boosts and extend you gliding, going down fast is the best course of action!

Additional Tips About Glide Time

Do not use Speed Boosts

Do not use Speed Boosts.jpg
Using Speed Boosts such as Mushrooms will only speed up your gliding, so do not use them when flying in the sky. It is better to use them on the ground to extend your combo further, if possible.

Disrupt Other Racers' Glide Time

Disrupt Other Racers
If you want to be malicious to your opponents, you can disrupt their gliding time by using throwable items at them. In particular, the Red Shell is the best item you can use since it can home in enemies in the air!

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