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This guide will show you the recommended settings and control scheme in Mario Kart Tour. Read on to learn the uses of each of them and the best controls for beginners and advanced players.

Recommended Settings

Recommended Settings for Beginners

Control Scheme Simple
Manual Drift OFF
Smart Steering ON
Auto Item OFF
Gyro Handling OFF
Screen Orientation Portrait

Recommended Settings for Intermediate / Advanced users

Control Scheme Drift
Manual Drift ON
Smart Steering OFF
Auto Item OFF
Gyro Handling OFF
Screen Orientation Any

Types of Control Schemes

Simple Controls for Anyone

Simple Controls for Anyone.jpg
This control scheme is recommended for beginners. You handle your driver by sliding left or right and the character will turn correspondingly. If you have played a racing game before in a casual environment, this is a great scheme to learn this game's basics on.

Manual Drift Controls for Veterans and Advanced Players

Manual Drift Controls for Veterans and Advanced Players.jpg
This control scheme is recommended for advances users. You handle your driver by sliding left or right and the character will drift correspondingly. When drifting for a long enough time, a mini boost will be initiated, allowing you to go faster. This control scheme is harder to turn with if you are not used to it, but it will allow you to boost more frequently. Recommended if you are familiar with the series or racing games in general.

Other Settings

Race Screen Orientation

Landscape Mode

Landscape Mode.jpg
This is a new feature of the game. You can now race in landscape mode by simply selecting the Landscape button.

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is the default orientation for the old versions of the game. You can always set the screen orientation this way if you are more familiar with this setup.

Portrait/Landscape Mode

Portrait & Landscape.jpg
Your device can choose which screen orientation it's going to use. It will depend on the position of your device. We won't recommend using this setup if you are using Gyro Handling, for it will ruin your screen orientation.

Note: Even if you're device's orientation is fixed or turned off, the game will freely choose which screen orientation its going to use.

Left//Right Controls

Left & Right Controls.jpg
When left/right controls is turned on, you can only steer using the left side of the screen and use items on the right side of the screen.

Note: This can only be used in Landscape Mode.

Steer/Drift Button Display

When this is turned on, you will see a button below (for portrait mode) or on the left side (for landscape mode). If you are using the simple control, the button that will appear will be Drift. If you are using Manual Drift, on the other hand, you will see the Steer button. Just hold that button to use the other steering controls!

Power Saving Mode

When this option is turned on the map will be hidden in the game to save battery from your phone. It is recommended for this to be turned off so you can see in advance the turns for the track.

Manual Drift

setting 2.jpg
When manual drift setting is turned on, you can use a mini boost after a drift. If the setting is turned off you cannot drift and can only turn left and right, and mini boosts are used automatically. Ultra mini boosts cannot be done when this setting is turned off. Use manual drift if you are aiming for more points.

Smart Steering

setting 4.jpg
When smart steering is turned on, your kart will be automatically assisted to follow the designated road. If this setting is turned on it is easier to follow the course, but harder to access shortcuts.

Auto Item

setting 1.jpg
When auto item is turned on, items you obtain from an item box are used automatically without you having to do the action when you pick up another item box. It is a good way to prevent wasting item boxes. However, if you wish to hold a shell or banana behind you for protection, it is recommended to be turn it off.

Gyro Handling

setting 3.jpg
When gyro handling is turned on you must tilt your phone from either left or right to turn your kart. This will make steering more difficult so if you wish to get a higher score, we recommend keeping it off.

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