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Controls and Techniques
This is a guide to controls and techniques in Mario Kart Tour. Read on to learn the setting for each control and additional tips for using or changing them in the game.

Controls for Mario Kart Tour


Simple (Automatic)

Manual Drift.jpg
This type of handling is recommended for beginners. You can easily control your driver's direction by moving your finger left and right. Mini-Turbos boosts will be used automatically.

Drift (Manual)

setting 2.jpg
From the Settings menu, you can turn on Manual Drift, which lets you easily drift from left and right to gain Mini-Turbos. If you turn it off you will go back to Automatic Drift. Ultra Mini Turbos can only be done via Manual Drift.

Smart Steering

setting 4.jpg
Smart Steering is recommend for beginners because it reduces the risk of going out of the course. However, it is difficult to use shortcuts so advanced racers will want to turn it off.

Gyro Handling

setting 3.jpg
Steer you kart by tilting your device. This can not be used on devices without a sensor.

Recommended Settings

Screen Orientation

Portrait Mode

This setting will change the screen orientation to Portrait. It is the default orientation mode of the game and is recommended for users playing using only one hand.

Landscape Mode

Landscape Mode.jpg
This setting will change the screen orientation to Landscape. It is recommended for players that are using the Gyro Handling setting.

Direction of Items Thrown

Throw Bob-ombs.jpg
Throwable items such as Bananas or Green Shells can be thrown ahead of you or behind you by sliding your finger in the appropriate direction on the touch screen. Slide your finger up to throw an item like Bananas (which will be dropped behind you when simply tapping the screen) ahead, or slide them down to throw an item like Green Shells (which will be thrown ahead of you when simply tapping the screen) behind you.

List of Items and Effects

Techniques for Achieving High Score

Glider Boost

Glide Boost.jpg
Score points when jumping off of a hill or other high area. In addition to the ramps scattered through the course, you can also get a Glider Boost from a ramp with a blue dash panel found thorughout the course. Longer Glider Boosts will result in more points, so use the ramps, wind, and other mid-flight objects to extend the duration!

Extending Glide Time

Jump Boost

Jump Boost.jpg
This action can be performed by tapping the screen right when the cart lifts at a ramp, stair, or other incline, resulting in a speed boost upon landing. This is an easy way to get score points and, so take advantage of jumping and boosting throughout the race!

How to Jump Boost

Frenzy Mode!

Frenzy Mode.jpg
This is a bonus that occurs when you get 3 of the same item from an item box, which will allow you to use the item infinitely for a fixed period of time while remaining invincible. Using the item gained through a Frenzy will increase your score with each usage, so take advantage of frenzy and go crazy with items!

Getting an Item Frenzy

Tips for 1st Place

Rocket Start!

rocket start (1).png
Rocket Start can be done at the start of the race by holding on the screen right after the starting timer reaches 2. It gives you the advantage of an early start to get ahead of your oppents, but be careful because trying to do a Rocket Start too early might lead to you falling behind.

How to Do a Rocket Start


A technique for turning a curve without slowing down is called “Drift”. Since it will lead to a Mini Turbo that results in speed after a curve, go for that drift technique!

Manual Drift and How to Drift

Mini Turbo

Mini Turbo.jpg
When doing a Drift for longer periods of time, your kart will have a spark animation where the color varies depending on how long your drift lasts. This is called a Mini-Turbo. It will give you additional speed boost after successfully doing a long drift. There are 3 color of sparks in doing the mini turbo (Blue, Gold, Purple) and doing so gives you one of the 3 mini turbos (Mini Turbo, Super Mini Turbo, Ultra Mini Turbo).

How to Use Mini-Turbos


slipstream (1).png
Slipstream occurs when you drive for a certain amount of time directly behind the kart in front of you. It is an acceleration technique that is common among racing games. If done correctly, it will give you a dash that allows you to overtake your opponent. Be patient and wait for that right timing to pass by your opponents!

How to Do a Slipstream

Dash Plates

dash plate (1).png
Speed up and get bonus points by riding the arrows that are found on every course. There are 2 type of Dash plates; A Blue Dash Plate will give you a glide boost after running through, while a Yellow Dash Plate gives you a speed boost. Take advantage of all panels in the way to stay ahead of your foes!

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