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This is a guide for the Coin Rush mode in Mario Kart Tour. Read on for tips, as well as information regarding gameplay, strategy, and rewards.

What is Coin Rush?

Coin Rush

Coin Rush
Coin Rush is a mode where you can get large amount of coins. It is the best way to earn coins without racing too much in the game.

How to Play Coin Rush?

where to play coin rush (1).png
Playing Coin Rush is easy! You just have to click the '+ Button' by the side of your coins, then the Coin Rush menu will open, where you have 3 options to play it at (x2, x6, x10 modes).

Coin Rush Guide

Ruby Consumption

Playing Coin Rush comes at a price. The consumption of rubies is proportional to the amount of coins earned. Therefore, if you spend a lot of rubies, you can get a lot of coins. Rubies can also be used at the Pipe to collect Drivers and Karts, and it is better to collect them than to play coin rush, so better spend your rubies wisely!

You can also use a Coin Rush Ticket to get into Coin Rush. However, it is only avaible for the x2 Coins option.

Red and Blue Coins

show (2) (1).png
Red and Blue coins occasionally appear in the game. The Red Coin's value is usually 2 coins while the Blue Coins value is usually 5 coins so be sure to prioritize picking them up.

Coin Rush Tips

Smart Steering

smart steering.png
Be sure to turn on Smart Steering to collect Coins efficiently. You can change the setting by going to Home screen → Menu → Setting → Smart Steering.

Avoid Drifting and Combos

Manual Drift (Ring Race).jpg
Doing combos such as Drift or Jump Boosts increase your speed, making it difficult to collect coins. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off Manual Drift to collect Coins more efficiently.

Coin Rush Rewards

If you did well, you should get over 400 coins!

coin result.png
If you tried playing the gamewith an x 2 multiplier you will get a minimum of 400 coins. So, the number of coins that is earned will be doubled resulting in 800 coins.

List of Ruby Consumption and Coin Mulitiplier

Ruby Cost Coin Mulitiplier
5 Rubies / Coin Rush Ticket x 2
15 Rubies x 6
25 Rubies x 10

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