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This article will guide through the Multiplayer Mode, a.k.a. Online Battles, in the game Mario Kart Tour.

Latest Updates on Multiplayer

Room Invitation

Friend Invitation.jpg
You can now invite friends to join you in a room instead of them searching your room number. Send them an invitation and compete against each other!

Main Screen

Multiplayer Main Screen.png
Multiplayer is now easier to access. It can be found on the lower part of the Main Screen.

Standard Races

Adjusted the number of rule sets in rotations from three to four.

Gold Races

The number of rule sets in rotation have increased from four to five. The team races are also included now in Gold Races.

Multiplayer Mode

Standard Races

This feature allows you to race against other players around the world, under 4 sets of rules that change daily. Both rules are 100cc, with rule 1 having default item slots, and rule 2 having 2 item slots. Your race is graded from E to A, based on your performance. The course includes 3 courses from the current tour.

100cc / default item slots 100cc / 2 item slots
Grade Course
E to A Includes 3 courses, from a featured cup, in the current tour. The featured cup changes every 15 minutes.

Gold Races

Gold Races are exclusively available to Gold Pass Subscribers. Unlike standard challenges, it has 5 sets of rules that change daily. Races are graded from E to S, based on your performance.

150cc / Default item slots 200cc / Default item slots
150cc / 2 item slots 200cc / 1 item slot
Grade Course
E to S Includes 3 courses from a featured cup in the current tour. The featured cup changes every 15 minutes.

With Friends of Others Nearby

With friends.png
Show off your racing skills and race againts your friends, family, or others nearby! In this mode, you can choose the rules. You can set the speed (cc), number of item slots, and whether or not COM Racers are allowed to race.

Rules Grade Course
Choose your own. Does not change. Includes 3 courses from a featured cup in the current tour. The featured cup changes every 15 minutes.

Team Game Rule

Team Game Rule.jpg
Team Game rule has been added to multiplayer. This rule will allow players to split into 2 to 4 teams. You can now enjoy multiplayer even more by teaming up with your friends! The team with the highest combined placement will be the winner.

Room Code Feature

Room Code Feature.jpg
This feature will allow players to create or join a specific room with a code. This code can also be shared through social media so players can easily meet up and enjoy the race even more!

Earn up to 100 coins a day

Earn Coins.jpg
Earn coins as you wait! This new feature will let you earn up to 100 coins a day while waiting for a match to be found in multiplayer.

How to play Multiplayer

With Friends or Others Nearby

Create your own room and invite your friends or others nearby to battle with you! Compete and earn the title of best driver in Mario Kart Tour!
How To Add Friends

How to play

    Tap Multiplayer.jpg
  1. Open Menu and tap Multiplayer
  2. Create Room.jpg
  3. In the next screen, tap the Create Room button.
  4. Choose your own rules.jpg
  5. Set your own rules.
  6. Friends.jpg
  7. Wait for your friends to join the room.
  8. Start Race.jpg
  9. When you and your friends are ready, tap on the Start Race button.
  10. Choose your Best Driver.jpg
  11. Select your best driver, kart, glider, and enjoy the race!

Friend Request Message Board

Friend Request Board.pngFriend Request Board

Enjoy the multiplayer mode and gain more friends by clicking the link above.

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