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Gold Challenges.png
This page will cover the steps on clearing Gold Challenges (how to obtain badges) as well as dates of availability. Read on for a list of rewards, tips, and strategy for Gold Challenges.

What are Gold Challenges?

Gold Challenges
Gold Challenges are a set of challenges that can be unlocked by purchasing a Gold Pass.

The challenges here have a 2 week limit, after which they are reset. Gold Challenges can be cleared to unlock rewards such as Grand Stars and Rubies.

Gold Challenges: Rewards

Availability 10/20 (Wed) 14:00 ~ 11/03 (Wed) 13:59

Challenges Rewards
All Clear Rubies x5
Land 10 hits with Green Shells Grand Star x1
Use Lightning Grand Star x1
Do 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo boosts Grand Star x1
Use a level-boost ticket Grand Star x2
Earn a score of 10,000 or higher using a driver with a mustache Grand Star x2
Cause opponents to crash 3 times while gliding Grand Star x2
Activate Frenzy mode 5 times using a driver wearing a crown Grand Star x2
Earn a total score of 20,000 or higher in the Monty Mole Cup Grand Star x2
Take out 5 Piranha Plants Grand Star x2

Tips for Clearing Gold Challenges

Land 10 hits with Green Shells

Land 3 hits with Green Shells.jpg
Land hits on opponents 10 times using Green Shells to clear this challenge.

Select a driver with a Triple Green Shells skill to get more Green Shells in a race. Take that driver to its favored course for a chance of getting into Frenzy, as it can help you clear this challenge quicker. You can also pair that driver with a glider that has Green Shell Plus to increase your chances further of getting Green Shells in a race!

Drivers with Triple Green Shells

Dry BonesDry Bones Koopa TroopaKoopa Troopa LakituLakitu
IggyIggy Green Shy GuyGreen Shy Guy

Gliders with Green Shell Plus

Shell ParachuteShell Parachute ParafoilParafoil Paper GliderPaper Glider
Soaring JackSoaring Jack Plaid RibbonPlaid Ribbon Eggshell GliderEggshell Glider
Dragon WingsDragon Wings Festival WingsFestival Wings Dry Bowser UmbrellaDry Bowser Umbrella
Snow CrystalsSnow Crystals Polka-Dot Manta GliderPolka-Dot Manta Glider

Use Lightning

Use Lightning.jpg
Use Lightning in a race to complete this challenge.

Get in the lowest position in the race before taking an item box, as there's a high chance of getting Lightning if you are in the 6th-8th place in a race. Read this guide below to learn how to get and use Lightning!
How to Use Lightning

Do 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo boosts

Do 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo boosts.jpg
Perform a total of 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo boosts in a race to complete this challenge.

Turn on the Manual Drift in the settings menu or use the Drift Button to perform Ultra Mini-Turbo boosts in a race. After setting up your preferred controls, select a course with a long race track to do more Ultra Mini-Turbos in a single race. You can also reduce the race's speed to 50cc to make your opponents less aggressive and make the race much easier.

Use a level-boost ticket

Use a level-boost ticket.png
Using a level-boost ticket on any item will complete this challenge.

Get a Level-Boost Ticket first by purchasing it in the Shop or receiving it as a Tour Gift. After getting a Level-Boost Ticket, select any items that match it ( a driver, kart, or glider) and use it to complete the challenge.
About Level-Boost Tickets

Earn a score of 10,000 or higher using a driver with a mustache

Complete this challenge by obtaining a score of 10,000 or higher using a driver with a mustache.

Take on T or R/T courses to get a score of 10,000 easily and use a driver with a mustache in those courses. T and R/T courses have more ramps and platforms you can use to perform combos which will lead to higher scores!
List of Drivers With a Mustache

Recommended Courses

Maple Treeway T ImageMaple Treeway T Maple Treeway R/T ImageMaple Treeway R/T
Currently UnavailableLondon Loop 3T Currently UnavailableLondon Loop 3R/T

Cause opponents to crash 3 times while gliding

Cause opponents to crash in Frenzy mode.jpg
Hit your opponents 3 times while you're gliding to complete this challenge.

Use homing items such as Red Shells and Yoshi's Egg, or Lightning while gliding to hit your opponents easily. Putting a Banana in the gliding panel will also count if it hits as well, but make sure you're already gliding before an opponent crashes!

Activate Frenzy mode 5 times using a driver wearing a crown

Activate Frenzy mode 5 times using a driver wearing a crown.jpg
Use a driver wearing a crown and acivate Frenzy modea total of 5 times to clear this challenge

Get a driver wearing a crown and take it to its Favorite course, as that is the only way to get into Frenzy mode. Upgrade its level as much as you can to increase your chances of getting into Frenzy even further. You can use tickets or pull on the pipe to get duplicates to boost your driver's level.
List of Drivers Wearing a Crown

Earn a total score of 20,000 or higher in the Monty Mole Cup

Score a total of 20,0000 or more in the Monty Mole Cup to clear this challenge.

Familiarize the courses on the Monty Mole Cup (Halloween Tour 2021) to get more score in the race. You should also use drivers that favors them to get a chance to go into Frenzy mode. And lastly, upgrade the drivers, karts, and gliders you're going to use to earn a higher score!

Take out 5 Piranha Plants

Take out 5 Piranha Plants.png
Finish this challenge by taking out a total of 5 Piranha Plants.

Get throwable items in the course with Piranha Plants and use them to take out them out. Bob-ombs are the most effective item against them, and you can save it up before passing through the piranha plants by turning off the Auto-Item option in the settings.
How to Take Out 5 Piranha Plants

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