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This is a guide on Game8's recommended Charms for Ghost of Tsushima. Read on to find out what we think are the best charms to use!

What are Charms?

Provides Helpful Effects

Charms are items that provide beneficial effects that help both in and out of combat. They are split into Major and Minor charms, with Major having powerful effects and Minor charms having effects that can stack with the same charms.

5 Different Categories

Ghost of Tsushima split the Charms into 5 categories. Utility Charms are support Charms that do not directly increase your stats but give beneficial effects that support Jin. Defense Charms increase Jin's defense through increasing health or decreasing damage taken.

Stealth Charms increase Jin's stealth and stealth techniques. They usually make it easier to be hidden or increase the effects of your assassination techniques. Melee Charms increase Jin's melee abilities, his damage, or other effects when in combat. Ranged Charms help increase the effectiveness of your ranged tools.

Up to 2 Major and 4 Minor Charms Maximum

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At the start of the game, you only have 2 Major Charm slots, which you can equip either a Major or Minor Charm. But after finding enough Inari Shrines, it can increase up to 6 slots, 2 Major and 4 Minor.

Obtained by Reaching Shinto Shrines, Completing Quests or Increasing your Legend

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The only way to obtain charms is by reaching Shinto Shrines, completing quests, or increasing your Legend. Charms are unique rewards tied to specific quests or Legends for you to complete or reach for you to obtain them.

Best Utility Charms

Major Utility Charms

Charm of Hidden Blades

Utility Charm
Throw two additional Kunai.
Unlocked at “The Demon's Blade” Legend rank(8)

This charm has a powerful effect when you have the Serrated Blades Kunai upgrade with the Kensei Armor. This will allow you to hit up to 5 enemies with a single throw.

Charm of Inari

Utility Charm
Increases supplies, predator hides, bamboo, and yew wood gained from collecting.
Unlock by completing the Arrow Peak Shrine

A very useful Charm especially when obtained as soon as possible. This Charm will allow you to gather more supplies and materials to upgrade your gear much faster.

Minor Utility Charms

Charm of Fortune I

Minor Utility Charm
Effects with a % chance to occur are 50% more likely to occur.
Unlock one for completing “Peace for the Divine” side quest.

Thes charm is an amazing Utility Charm that can support chance-based effects. Its percentage increase can make low % of effects happen more frequently. Stacking this with Charm of Fortune II will greatly increase the chance of the effects.

Charm of Fortune II

Minor Utility Charm
Effects with a % chance to occur are 50% more likely to occur.
Unlock one for completing “Friends in Passing” side quest.

The same as Charm of Fortune I. The effect doubles when stacked with Charm of Fortune I.

Charm of Enduring Affliction

Minor Utility Charm
Status effects last 50% longer and deal 50% more damage.
Unlock one for completing “A Debt Repaid” side quest

This Charm can increase the effect and damage of status effects. Making some weapons and tools more effective. A great example would be the Fire Arrow and the Way of the Flame. This will increase the fire damage and duration.

Best Defense Charm

Major Defense Charms

Charm of Mizu-No-Kami

Defense Charm
Parries, Perfect Parries, and Perfect Dodges are easier to perform.
Unlock by completing the Spring Falls Shrine.

Most people would agree this is a must-have Charm when playing Ghost of Tsushima. This Charm significantly makes combat easier and can counteract the input delay caused by some TV monitors.

Charm of Okuninushi

Defense Charm
Slowly recover health while out of combat.
Unlock by completing the Mending Rock Shrine

A great Charm to have. This allows you to save your Resolve after combat by allowing you to heal without spending any.

Charm of Ikazuchi-No-Kami

Defense Charm
Perks and abilities that terrify are 25% more likely to occur.
Unlock by completing the Crane Mountain Shrine.

Terrify is one of the strongest effects in the game. With Charm combined with other effects or abilities that cause Terrify, you can get rid of more than one enemy with a single kill.

Minor Defense

Charm of Resistance III

Minor Defense Charm
Reduces all damage by a major amount.
Unlock one for completing “The Guardian of Tsushima” side quest.

A simple yet effective Charm. This Charm can help you survive in Tsushima for much longer by allowing you to take more hits.

Charm of Fortitude

Minor Defense Charm
20% chance to survive lethal damage and gain Resolve.
Unlock one for completing “The End of Suffering” side quest

This is a Charm that has a powerful effect when it activates. This Charm is a get out of jail free card.

Best Stealth Charms

Major Stealth Charms

Charm of Toxic Demise

Stealth Charm
Wind Chimes release poison vapors that kill enemies who pick them up.
Unlocked at “The Phantom Samurai” Legend rank(7)

One of the strongest Stealth Charms in the game. This Charm can guarantee you a free kill as long as you have a Wind Chime. Getting kills with this counts as getting a Poison Dart to kill.

Minor Stealth Charms

Charm of Silence

Minor Stealth Charm
Reduce enemy detection speed by 15% and increases Resolve gain by a Massive amount.

A Charm that is useful for both Stealth and Combat. It will allow you to get around stealthily more easily while improving your Resolve gain.

Charm of Hidden Sight

Minor Stealth Charm
Enemies stop hunting for you 40% faster.
Unlock one for completing “For Tsushima” side quest.

This Charm will help out people who get spotted often but would like to go back to hiding. Useful if you have Expert HUD on.

Best Melee Charms

Major Melee Charms

Charm of Takemikazuchi

Melee Charm
Killing an enemy increases Melee damage by a minor amount for a few seconds.
Unlock by completing the Snowlit Peak Shrine.

A Charm that can increase your damage output. Killing multiple enemies in a row can snowball the effect and make it easier to kill more enemies, making it easier to keep up the effect.

Charm of Susanoo

Melee Charm
Staggered enemies have a 30% chance to be knocked down.
Unlock by completing the Stone Dragon Shrine

Staggering is one of the main techniques to kill an enemy, and this Charm can give you an easy kill when it activates.

Minor Melee Charms

Charm of Bludgeoning

Minor Melee Charm
Moderate increase to Stagger damage.
Unlock one for completing“The River Children” and “The Thief”side quests

Most enemies you fight in combat you will be trying to Stagger. This Charm will make it easier to do so.

Charm of Dual Destruction II

Minor Melee Charm
Attacks have a 10% chance to deal double damage.

This Charm has a low chance of activating, but when it does activate can make quick work of your enemies. Most effective when combined with the Charm of Fortune I and II.

Best Ranged Charms

Major Ranged Charms

Charm of Izanagi

Range Charm
Landing a headshot has a 40% chance to return an arrow.
Unlock by completing the Winding Mountain Shrine

A great Charm to have equipped when using a ranged build. This will allow you to continue getting headshots without worrying too much about your ammunition.

Minor RangedCharms

Charm of Precision

Minor Range Charm
Moderate increase to arrow damage.
Unlock one for completing “The Past Never Passes” and “Dreams of Conquest” side quests.

A basic Charm that is effective in increasing your damage output. Useful if you have a hard time getting headshots.

Charm of Efficiency

Minor Range Charm
15% Increase to nocking and reloading speeds.
Unlock one for completing “The Sensei and the Student” and “The Terror of Otsuna” side quests.

This Charm helps you use your bows in combat. The increased speeds can help you in tight situations and you need to shoot arrows fast.

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