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This is a guide for the Sly Cooper easter egg, the Legendary Thief outfit in Ghost of Tsushima. Learn more about this outfit and how to unlock the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy!

How to Get Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy

Get the Pieces for the Outfit

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This Trophy can only be earned in Act 3 after unlocking the Kamiagata region. You will need to equip specific vanity gear to unlock this Trophy. There are 3 pieces you are going to need to dress up as a legendary thief.

silver trophy.png Cooper Clan Cosplayer
Dress up as a legendary thief.

How to Get the Legendary Thief Outfit

Gosaku's Armor
Tanuki Sword Kit
Crooked Kama Headband

Get the Gosaku's Armor

You are going to need to complete the Mythic Tale Unbreakable Gosaku. Completing it will net you the Gosaku's Armor, one of the pieces needed for the Trophy.

The Unbreakable Gosaku Side Quest Walkthrough

Get the Ocean's Guardian Dye

The Gosaku's Armor by itself does not resemble the legendary thief at all.. You will also need to buy get the Ocean's Guardian dye from a merchant to change its color. This will cost you 10 Flowers.

Get the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit

Pillar of Honor Sly Tanuki
Another piece you will need for the costume is in a Pillar of Honor found in the Kamiagata region. It can be found on the western side of the island near Iwai village. You will have to climp some rockes and cross a tight rope to get to the pillar, just like a thief.

List of Sword Kits

Get the Crooked Kama Headband

Headband location.jpg
The piece for the helmet slot to complete the outfit is the Crooked Kama Headband and it can be found in Joguku Temple. The headband is found at top of one of the pagoda's, specifically the one nearest to the frozen lake. Use your grappling hook to hook to the corners and steadily climb up to the top to get the headband!

Who is the Legendary Thief?

The Gentleman Thief Sly Cooper

The legendary thief is none other than Sly Cooper, one of the most iconic character's that has come from Sucker Punch. This Trophy is a easter egg that are for the long time fans of Sucker Punch!

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