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This is a guide for the endings of Ghost of Tsushima. Kill or spare? Know more about the effects of the ending choices to help you decide!

Ghost of Tsushima Endings

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The final tale of Jin's Journey, The Tale of Lord Shimura, will conclude the main story of the game.

Near the end of the tale, Jin will be forced to fight Lord Shimura in a duel and obviously, you have to win in order to complete the tale. The hardest part of this tale (or this entire game) is that unlike other duels, the player has to decide Lord Shimura's fate.

What you choose will not have any major effect on the game. Your choice will only affect the Armor Dye for Ghost Armor that you will receive after the battle and some dialogue changes.

You can still play the game normally and obtain all collectibles and trophies regardless of what you choose.

The Tale of Lord Shimura Quest Walkthrough

Kill Lord Shimura

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Killing Lord Shimura after the duel will reward you with the Rightful Punishment Armor Dye for your Ghost Armor.

Spare Lord Shimura

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Sparing Lord Shimura after the duel will reward you with the Vow of Vengeance Armor Dye for your Ghost Armor.

How to Get the Good Ending

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The game will let you decide the ending for yourself. There really is no canon ending or a good ending. The "good ending" depends on your perspective.

You can kill Lord Shimura if you think it is a good thing that Jin shows Lord Shimura that he still has honor in him as he grants his wish for a warrior's death or spare Lord Shimura if you think it is a good thing that Jin refuses to kill his father figure and fully embraces the honorless Ghost path, leaving behind everything he ever knew.

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