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This is a guide for the locations of Mongol Territories in Ghost of Tsushima. Below is a list of areas occupied by Mongols and its rewards!

What are Mongol Territories?

Occupied Tsushima.jpg

Mongol Territories are areas on the map occupied by Mongols and used as war camps or bases. Mongol-occupied areas are marked on the map with red icons and must be liberated by taking out all the Mongols in the said area.

You can find Mongol Territories by searching it manually while you are traveling, rescuing captives from war bands, or by clearing the fog of war.

Mongol Territory Rewards

Mongol territory rewards.jpg

Liberating Mongol Territories rewards the player with legend increase, resources, and sometimes technique points.

It will also remove the fog around the liberated area and reveal nearby undiscovered areas. Successfully liberating an entire region will clear the region's fog completely.

Below are icons of some of the Mongol Territories with their possible rewards upon liberation.

Territory Icon Rewards
Small camp.jpg Minor Legend Increase, Stance Progress, Iron, Steel
Farmstead.jpg Minor Legend Increase, Stance Progress, Iron, Steel
Large camp.jpg Moderate Legend Increase, Stance Progress, Technique Point, Gold

Obtainable Trophies

You can also obtain trophies for liberating a certain number of Mongol Territories as well as liberating the entire Tsushima Island.

bronze trophy.png Hero of the People
Liberate 12 occupied areas in Izuhara.
bronze trophy.png A Fight For The Isle....
Liberate all occupied areas in Izuhara.
bronze trophy.png Good Riddance
Liberate 8 occupied areas in Toyotama.
bronze trophy.png Securing Sanctuary...
Liberate all occupied areas in Toyotama.
bronze trophy.png Mass Eviction
Liberate 7 occupied areas in Kamiagata.
bronze trophy.png A New Safe Haven
Liberate all occupied areas in Kamiagata.
silver trophy.png Master Liberator
Liberate the entirety of Tsushima Island.

List of Mongol Territories

Izuhara (24 Mongol Territories)

Azamo Bay

Region Prefucture
Azamo Bay 1.jpgEnlarge Azamo Bay 2.jpgEnlarge

Tangled Crossroads

Region Prefucture
Tangled Crossroads 1.jpgEnlarge Tangled Crossroads 2.jpgEnlarge

Burn Down Logging Base

Region Prefucture
Burn Down Logging Base 1.jpgEnlarge Burn Down Logging Base 2.jpgEnlarge

Liberate Aoi Village

Region Prefucture
Liberate Aoi Village 1.jpgEnlarge Liberate Aoi Village 2.jpgEnlarge

Beachside Camp

Region Prefucture
Beachside Camp 1.jpgEnlarge Beachside Camp 2.jpgEnlarge

Salt Wind Estate

Region Prefucture
Salt Wind Estate 1.jpgEnlarge Salt Wind Estate 2.jpgEnlarge

Destroy the Logging Camp

Region Prefucture
Destroy the Logging Camp 1.jpgEnlarge Destroy the Logging Camp 2.jpgEnlarge

Stone Arch Crossing

Region Prefucture
Stone Arch Crossing 1.jpgEnlarge Stone Arch Crossing 2.jpgEnlarge

Ohama Fishing Village

Region Prefucture
Ohama Fishing Village 1.jpgEnlarge Ohama Fishing Village 2.jpgEnlarge

Kuta River Bridge

Region Prefucture
Kuta River Bridge 1.jpgEnlarge Kuta River Bridge 2.jpgEnlarge

Fallen Outpost

Region Prefucture
Fallen Outpost 1.jpgEnlarge Fallen Outpost 2.jpgEnlarge

Rushing Water Crossing

Region Prefucture
Rushing Water Crossing 1.jpgEnlarge Rushing Water Crossing 2.jpgEnlarge

Kuta Farmstead

Region Prefucture
Kuta Farmstead 1.jpgEnlarge Kuta Farmstead 2.jpgEnlarge

Komatsu Forge

Region Prefucture
Komatsu Forge 1.jpgEnlarge Komatsu Forge 2.jpgEnlarge

Yoichi's Crossroads

Region Prefucture
YoichiEnlarge YoichiEnlarge

Liberate Ogawa Dojo

Region Prefucture
Liberate Ogawa Dojo 1.jpgEnlarge Liberate Ogawa Dojo 2.jpgEnlarge

Old Trading Post

Region Prefucture
Old Trading Post 1.jpgEnlarge Old Trading Post 2.jpgEnlarge

Yagata Farmstead

Region Prefucture
Yagata Farmstead 1.jpgEnlarge Yagata Farmstead 2.jpgEnlarge

Destroy Shipyard

Region Prefucture
Destroy Shipyard 1.jpgEnlarge Destroy Shipyard 2.jpgEnlarge

Traveler's Rest Inn

Region Prefucture
TravelerEnlarge TravelerEnlarge

Keichi Fishing Village

Region Prefucture
Keichi Fishing Village 1.jpgEnlarge Keichi Fishing Village 2.jpgEnlarge

Furuta Village

Region Prefucture
Furuta Village 1.jpgEnlarge Furuta Village 2.jpgEnlarge

Takeshiki Farmstead

Region Prefucture
Takeshiki Farmstead 1.jpgEnlarge Takeshiki Farmstead 2.jpgEnlarge

Castle Kaneda

Region Prefucture
Castle Kaneda 1.jpgEnlarge Castle Kaneda 2.jpgEnlarge

Toyotama (17 Mongol Territories)

Liberate Numata Settlement

Region Prefucture
Liberate Numata Settlement 1.jpgEnlarge Liberate Numata Settlement 2.jpgEnlarge

Stone Mire Lookout

Region Prefucture
Stone Mire Lookout 1.jpgEnlarge Stone Mire Lookout 2.jpgEnlarge

Iijima Farmstead

Region Prefucture
Iijima Farmstead 1.jpgEnlarge Iijima Farmstead 2.jpgEnlarge

Moss Light Inn

Region Prefucture
Moss Light Inn 1.jpgEnlarge Moss Light Inn 2.jpgEnlarge

Dark Water Encampment

Region Prefucture
Dark Water Encampment 1.jpgEnlarge Dark Water Encampment 2.jpgEnlarge

Rebel's Retreat

Region Prefucture
RebelEnlarge RebelEnlarge

Liberate Fort Imai

Region Prefucture
Liberate Fort Imai 1.jpgEnlarge Liberate Fort Imai 2.jpgEnlarge

Lonely Forest Clearing

Region Prefucture
Lonely Forest Clearing 1.jpgEnlarge Lonely Forest Clearing 2.jpgEnlarge

Forest's Edge Camp

Region Prefucture
ForestEnlarge ForestEnlarge

Hissing Creek Crossing

Region Prefucture
Hissing Creek Crossing 1.jpgEnlarge Hissing Creek Crossing 2.jpgEnlarge

Okada Farmstead

Region Prefucture
Okada Farmstead 1.jpgEnlarge Okada Farmstead 2.jpgEnlarge

Koshimizu Farmstead

Region Prefucture
Koshimizu Farmstead 1.jpgEnlarge Koshimizu Farmstead 2.jpgEnlarge

Kishibe Village

Region Prefucture
Kishibe Village 1.jpgEnlarge Kishibe Village 2.jpgEnlarge

Secluded Lighthouse

Region Prefucture
Secluded Lighthouse 1.jpgEnlarge Secluded Lighthouse 2.jpgEnlarge

Riverside Farm

Region Prefucture
Riverside Farm 1.jpgEnlarge Riverside Farm 2.jpgEnlarge

Mountainside Ruins

Region Prefucture
Mountainside Ruins 1.jpgEnlarge Mountainside Ruins 2.jpgEnlarge

Castle Shimura

Region Prefucture
Castle Shimura 1.jpgEnlarge Castle Shimura 2.jpgEnlarge

Kamiagata (15 Mongol Territories)

White Falls Village

Region Prefucture
White Falls Village 1.jpgEnlarge White Falls Village 2.jpgEnlarge

Bitter Hills Garrison

Region Prefucture
Bitter Hills Garrison 1.jpgEnlarge Bitter Hills Garrison 2.jpgEnlarge

Frozen Overlook

Region Prefucture
Frozen Overlook 1.jpgEnlarge Frozen Overlook 2.jpgEnlarge

Twilight's Edge Overlook

Region Prefucture
TwilightEnlarge TwilightEnlarge

Derelict Mine

Region Prefucture
Derelict Mine 1.jpgEnlarge Derelict Mine 2.jpgEnlarge

Kill General Bartu

Region Prefucture
Kill General Bartu 1.jpgEnlarge Kill General Bartu 2.jpgEnlarge

Morimae Brewery

Region Prefucture
Morimae Brewery 1.jpgEnlarge Morimae Brewery 2.jpgEnlarge

Icy Forest Crossroads

Region Prefucture
Icy Forest Crossroads 1.jpgEnlarge Icy Forest Crossroads 2.jpgEnlarge

High Point Guard Post

Region Prefucture
High Point Guard Post 1.jpgEnlarge High Point Guard Post 2.jpgEnlarge

Frozen Forest Crossroads

Region Prefucture
Frozen Forest Crossroads 1.jpgEnlarge Frozen Forest Crossroads 2.jpgEnlarge

Silk Farm

Region Prefucture
Silk Farm 1.jpgEnlarge Silk Farm 2.jpgEnlarge

Kawachi Whaling Village

Region Prefucture
Kawachi Whaling Village 1.jpgEnlarge Kawachi Whaling Village 2.jpgEnlarge

Izumi Village

Region Prefucture
Izumi Village 1.jpgEnlarge Izumi Village 2.jpgEnlarge

Mountain Pass

Region Prefucture
Mountain Pass 1.jpgEnlarge Mountain Pass 2.jpgEnlarge

Kill General Dogshin

Region Prefucture
Kill General Dogshin 1.jpgEnlarge Kill General Dogshin 2.jpgEnlarge

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