How to Unlock and Upgrade the Firecracker | Ghost of Tsushima

This page has information on the Firecracker in Ghost of Tsushima. Keep reading to find out where to get this quickfire weapon, its stats, and the required materials upgrade it!

How to Get the Firecracker

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You will unlock the Firecracker ghost weapon after unlocking the Wind Chime and using one technique point in the ghost weapons tree to unlock it!

List of Ghost Techniques

How to Upgrade the Firecracker

Go to a Trapper

In order to upgrade your Firecracker, you need to speak to a Trapper found in various towns or settlements. This will require Predator Hides in order to do so.

Ammo Upgrades

Upgrade Capacity Predator Hides Needed
Firecracker Capacity II 3 5
Firecracker Capacity III 4 10

Technique Upgrades

Upgrade Effect Technique Point(s) Needed
Firecracker Throw a Firecracker to draw multiple enemies to a location. 1

Recommended Ghost Weapons

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