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This is a guide for the recommended armor in Ghost of Tsushima. Know what to equip and where you can find them below!

Recommended Armor

Traveller's Attire for Exploration

Appearance Effects
TravellerEnlarge Track Artifacts with the Guiding Wind.
Traveling clears 10% more fog of war on the map.
Controller will vibrate when within 30m of an Artifact.

The Traveller's Attire is the best armor to equip when traveling around Tsushima. It is also one of the easiest armor to get, you will only need to find a merchant and speak to him to obtain it.

Its ability to help you track Artifacts is essential, especially when there are so many of them to find. While controller vibration can be annoying, it is also very useful in pinpointing the locations of these hard to find Artifacts like records.

While its ability to clear the fog of war can help you find new locations much more often. So try to have it equipped whenever you are traveling to a new location.

Samurai Clan Armor for Early Game

Appearance Effects
Samurai Clan ArmorEnlarge Reduces all damage by a Moderate amount.
Moderate increase to health.
Taking damage grants 15% Resolve.

The Samurai Clan Armor is a great armor that can be found early on in the game and is fairly easy to do so. It can be unlocked by finishing the main quest The Tale of Lady Masako It focuses on survivability by reducing damage and increasing your health, letting you take much more hits.

Gosaku's Armor for Combat

Appearance Effects
GosakuEnlarge Moderate increase to health
Moderate increase to Stagger Damage.
Killing a Staggered enemy restores 10% of health.

This armor is one of the armors that can be found by completing a Mythic Tale. You will need to finish the tale The Unbreakable Gosaku to unlock this armor. Gosaku's Armor's abilities make it one of the best armors for direct combat.

Its increased stagger damage is one of the strongest abilities when it comes to direct damage as it will allow you to stagger enemies with fewer attacks and its healing properties can keep you alive in longer fights.

Ghost Armor for Stealth

Appearance Effects
Ghost ArmorEnlarge Reduces enemy detection speed by 25%.
Reduces the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance by 1.
Kills have a 15% chance to Terrify a nearby enemy.

The Ghost armor has abilities that can increase your stealth capabilities. Given to you near the end of Act 2 in the main quest From the Darkness. It will slow down the speed of which Mongols will detect you, giving you more time to hide or assassinate them.

The armor will also reduce the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance. This is very helpful as the sooner you get the Ghost Stance and use it, the less likely you are to get hit and reset the counter. The chance to Terrify enemies is also a powerful ability, pair it with Charm of Fortune II and you will have a 65% chance to terrify enemies.

Mongol Commander's Armor for Late Game

Appearance Effects
Mongol CommanderEnlarge Major increase to health.
Reduces all damage by a Major amount.
Disguises you while out of combat, massively reducing Mongol detection speed.

The Mongol Commander's Armor is one of the best if not the best armor in the game. The only downside is how late into the game you can get it. You will need to complete the Act 3 side quest Fit for the Khan to get this armor. It will take some work but it is worthwhile.

The Mongol Commander's Armor has both great combat and stealth abilities. It has the strongest stealth abilities that allow you to run through a Mongol camp without giving the Mongols enough time to react. Its increased health and damage reduction is also great if you do choose to go for direct attacks.

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Recommended Armor

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