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The Explosive Arrow technique is a Mythical Technique that can take down multiple enemies from a distance. Read on to learn how to unlock it, how to use it, and its effects!

How to Unlock Explosive Arrow

Complete The Curse of Uchitsune

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Explosive Arrow is a Mythic Technique that can be unlocked by completing The Curse of Uchitsune Mythic tale. Unlike the other technique trees, you do not need to put in points to unlock Mythic Techniques.

Explosive Arrows are unlocked along with the Longbow and Heavy Arrows upon completing the tale.

The Curse of Uchitsune Side Quest Walkthrough

How to Use and Effects of Explosive Arrow

Equip the Longbow

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Explosive Arrows can only be used with the Longbow. Simply equip the Longbow (L2 + Dpad ⇓) and equip Explosive Arrows (L2 + △) then nock by holding R2 and releasing it to shoot.

Consumes Ammo

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Explosive Arrows become available to obtain upon completing the corresponding Mythic Tale.

Like every other arrow types, these consume ammo per shot and can be obtained almost anywhere such as from quivers, ammo racks, chests, and trappers.

You can also have its maximum capacity upgraded from trappers.

Explodes on Impact and Burns Enemies

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Explosive Arrows are like Heavy Arrows, except they explode and deal damage to nearby targets while also burning them. You can think of it as a Black Powder Bomb attached to a Heavy Arrow.

Can Terrify Enemies

Killing enemies with Explosve Arrows may Terrify nearby enemies. This effect might help you deal with multiple enemies grouped together with one shot.

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