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This is a guide for the recommended techniques (or skills) in Ghost of Tsushima. Know where to spend your technique points and what to upgrade first below!

Recommended Techniques

Samurai Techniques


Samurai techniques are the ones you should spend your technique points early in the game since you'll be doing fights for the most parts.

Below are the most important samurai techniques to unlock as soon as you can for easier battles, especially duels.

Perfect Parry

Perfect Parry.png

Pressing L1 at the last second before taking a hit executes a Perfect Parry which gives you an opportunity to perform a deadly counterattack.

This technique is where you should spend your first point on as it will be very useful in almost every battle in the game.

Unyielding Sword Parry

Unyielding Sword Parry.png

Sword attacks with blue glinting lines can now be parried (or perfect parried), but will still remain unblockable.

Deflect Arrows

Deflect Arrows.png

Holding L1 will now let you deflect arrows no matter how many of them are shot toward you at once.

This will make it easier to deal with archers as you won't have to dodge or listen to their signals anymore.

Unyielding Spear Parry

Unyielding Spear Parry.png

Spear attacks with blue glinting lines can now be parried (or perfect parried), but will still remain unblockable.



The most useful effect of this technique is that it extinguishes fire since a lot of Mongols use flaming attacks, which can deal a large amount of damage if ignored.

You can also use it to set a distance from your enemies or to dodge unblockable attacks.

Ghost Techniques


Ghost techniques are more on utility but are still useful in most occassions. You can start spending points on these after you unlock the important Samurai techniques.

Safe Landing

Safe Landing.jpg

Falling from a considerable height can cut down your health or might even kill you instantly. After unlocking this technique, you can avoid taking fall damage if executed correctly.

Keep in mind that this technique won't save you if you fall from a REALLY high place.

Far Hearing

Far Hearing.jpg

Focused Hearing will now detect farther enemies after unlocking this technique which can help you plan your assassinations or sneak routes carefully.

Hidden Blade

Hidden Blade.jpg

It simply adds 1 additional thrown kunai on each use but it can make a huge difference especially if it successfully staggers an enemy or if you have charms or armor effects that can increase Ghost weapon damage.

Blinding Dust

Blinding Dust.jpg

Unlocking this technique causes enemies affected by smoke bomb to be blinded, which makes them vulnerable to assassination.

This also makes you hidden for longer, giving you time to hide again or get past through multiple enemies.

Iron Will

Iron Will.jpg

This technique is actually situational. You can consume Resolve (amount depends on difficulty) upon taking lethal damage to revive, but you will still need to heal to recover as you will be revived with almost no health left.

If used correctly, you can turn the tide of the battle and keep reviving as long as you have sufficient Resolve.

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