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This is a side quest walkthrough for the Tale A Wealthy Man Has All He Needs in Ghost of Tsushima. Keep reading to find out how to complete this Tale, where to find it, and its rewards!

A Wealthy Man Has All He Needs Side Quest Location

Location Region
Lady Sanjo’s Bridge Toyotama

A Wealthy Man Has All He Needs Side Quest Walkthrough

1 Speak with each refugee. While talking to one of them, someone will try to flee. Wound the fleeing with an arrow or other of your attacks. Do not worry, he can't die, so fire away!
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2 Head to the nearby beach. You will end up at a Ronin hideout. Search along the shore for Ronin preparing to kill some peasants. Save the peasants from the Ronin. You do not have to kill the Ronin near the hut.
Kill the Ronin.jpg
3 Head up the coast to look for the Saburos's family. You know you are in the right area when you find some corpses. Go on top of the rock facing the ocean to find the body of a woman and a child. Pick up the toy near the child.
Mother and Child.jpg
4 Return to Saburo at the refugee camp and speak to him.

A Wealthy Man Has All He Needs Side Quest Rewards

Minor Legend Increase Minor Utility Charm Leather x6

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