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This is a page about the Sakai Katana in Ghost of Tsushima. Read on to find out what items you need to fully upgrade it and where to do so!

How to Upgrade the Sakai Katana

Speak With a Swordsmith


In order to upgrade your katana you need to speak to a Swordsmith found in various towns or settlements. This will require a variety of resources and supplies in order to do so.

Katana Upgrade Steps and Necessary Resources

Upgrade Step Damage / Necessary Resources
Sakai Katana I Sakai Katana I.png
・Starting weapon
Sakai Katana II Sakai Katana II.png
・Supplies 150
・Iron 10
Sakai Katana III Sakai Katana III.png
・Supplies 300
・Iron 25
・Steel 5
Sakai Katana IV Sakai Katana IV.png
・Supplies 450
・Iron 40
・Steel 10
・Gold 1
Sakai Katana V Sakai Katana V.png
・Supplies 600
・Iron 65
・Steel 20
・Gold 2
Sakai Katana VI Sakai Katana VI.png
・Supplies 750
・Iron 80
・Steel 40
・Gold 4
Sakai Katana VII Sakai Katana VII.png
・Supplies 1000
・Iron 100
・Steel 80
・Gold 6

Are There More Katanas?

There's Only One

Throughought Ghost of Tsushima the Sakai Katana is the only katana you will ever obtain. Rather than getting other stronger weapons throughout the course of the game you will instead continue to upgrade the Sakai Katana to increase the damage it deals to enemies.

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