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This is a quest walkthrough for the Tale The Ghost of Yarikawa in Ghost of Tsushima. Keep reading to find out how to complete this Tale, where to find it, and its rewards!

The Ghost of Yarikawa Quest Location

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Location Region
Yarikawa Stronghold Toyotama
Prerequisite The Coward of Yarikawa

The Ghost of Yarikawa Quest Walkthrough

1 Meet with Yuna at the top of Yarikawa Stronghol's keep.
2 Follow Yuna and reach the main gate. Defend the main gate from the Mongols! Kill whoever gets through.
The Ghost of Yarikawa Defend the Main Gate.jpg
3 The northen gate is also being breached. Head over there and defend it. Kill any of the Mongols that get through.
4 Get past the Mongol line and get to their siege weapons.Once there, destory both of the siege weapons.
The Ghost of Yarikawa Destroy the Siege Weapons.jpg
5 Pass through all the Mongols and head back to the Yarikawa Stronghold. The Mongols have already gotten inside! Get to the keep.
6 Defeat General Temuge in a 1-on-1 duel.
(General Temuge boss battle guide below!)
The Ghost of Yarikawa Duel with General Temuge.jpg
7 Learn to use the Ghost Stance. Use it to help you drive out the remaining Mongols.
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Boss Fight: General Temuge

Strategy Checklist
(Click to jump)

Use Water Stance

Temuge 1.jpg

Since General Temuge wields a shield, using Water Stance attacks works best against him.

Simply spam Flurry Strike to quickly stagger him and whittle down his health.

How to Unlock All Stances

Watch Out for Flaming Attacks

Temuge 2.jpg

Flaming attacks are unblockable and can set you on fire. Dodge these attacks or stay away until Temuge's sword burns out.

If you got hit with these attacks, you can use the Roll Samurai Technique to extinguish the fire.

List of Samurai Techniques

Dodge the Red Attacks

Temuge 3.jpg

Temuge's flaming attacks often comes in 3 consecutive strikes which you should all dodge.

However, he will be open for a moment after the 2nd attack so quickly attack him during this opportunity.

Parry His Normal Attacks

Temuge 4.jpg

Memorize his attack patterns as most of his attacks can be parried. Time your parry and aim for a perfect parry to counter with a deadly strike.

How to Parry

The Ghost of Yarikawa Quest Rewards

Major Legend Increase - -

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