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This guide teaches you how to change the color of your armor in Ghost of Tsushima. Read on to learn what the requirements are to change the dye of your armor and the other types of equipment you have.

How to Change Armor Color

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You can change the color of your armor by pressing the Left or Right Directional Buttons in the outfits section inside the Gear tab from the options menu.

Note: You can only choose a different dye for your armor if you have already purchased a dye from the Merchant.

Where to Get Armor Dyes

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Dyes can be purchased from the merchant using the flowers that you can find around the island of Tsushima. The amount of flowers you currently have can be seen on the top right corner of the screen inside the options menu.

Where to Find Merchants

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Merchants are the NPCs that are carrying large cargo on their backs. They are usually found in large towns or Surivor Camps that are all over the island. You can easily locate them by searching for the small pouch icon above their heads.

Weapons and Accessories

Steel Sword and Bows

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You can also change the look of your weapon using the same flower currency that you use for your armor from the merchant or unlock them by discovering Pillars of Honor.


Changing the look of your saddle is a little different from the rest. Here you must find enough Sashimono Banners and then talk to the monk near the Komatsu Forge. Once you have unlocked a new Saddle, you can access the Accessories section inside the Gear tab from the options menu to change the look of your Saddle.

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