The Heavenly Strike Side Quest Walkthrough | How to Get Heavenly Strike | Ghost of Tsushima

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This is a side quest walkthrough for the Tale The Heavenly Strike in Ghost of Tsushima. Keep reading to find out how to complete this Tale, where to find it, and its rewards!

The Heavenly Strike Side Quest Location

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Location Region
Golden Temple Izuhara

The Heavenly Strike Side Quest Walkthrough

1 Head to the nearby bridge and speak with the weeping woman below it.
2 Return to the bridge and follow the horse tracks along the path until you reach the Mongol camp.
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3 Infiltrate the camp and defeat the Mongols then speak with the villager. Investigate the nearby watchtower.
4 Speak to the woman then go east to towards the white-leafed tree. Take the path up through the Torii Gate past the Priestess and make your way up the cliff.
5 Jump across the gap next to the Shinto Shrine to arrive at the white-leafed tree and survey the area. Go down the mountain to the grove of trees.
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6 Rescue the hostage from the Mongols in the hut nearby then follow the wind to Shigenori's Rest.
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7 Take out the group of Mongols in Shigenori's Rest. Take advantage of the flowers for stealth kills to make things easier.
8 Go up the stairs and investigate the dueling ring to make Yasuhira appear. Fight and defeat him then bury the man to complete this quest.
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The Heavenly Strike Boss Guide

Yasuhira Koga

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Yasuhira is fast and if you're unprepared can cut you down in one to two strikes. Parry his attacks when possible and dodge the Heavenly Strike while chipping away at his health. Perfect Parry's will take out huge chunks of his HP as well. Once his health gets low enough you will be able to execute a Heavenly Strike of your own to finish off the duel.

The Heavenly Strike Side Quest Rewards

Moderate Legend Increase Heavenly Strike Heavenly Falcon

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