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Welcome to the equipment main page for Ghost of Tsushima. Here you can find basic info related to weapons, armor, and accessories as well as links to individual gear pages!


Sakai Steel
From this tab you can track your upgrades for Jin's swords and equip charms. Although you cannot upgrade directly from this menu, it can be used to see what you need to upgrade before going to a Blacksmith. You can also change your sword kit by pressing X.

List of Weapons and Cosmetics


The Outfit tab allows you to change your Helmet, Mask, and Armor. You will also be able to track your upgrades for you Armor, but you will not be able to upgrade directly from this menu and will need to find an Armorer. When you have upgraded your Armor and it may automatically equip and Masks or Hats to Jin. Masks and Hats have no effect on Jin and is only cosmetic.

List of Cosmetics and Armor

Ranged and Quickfire

Weapons & Ammo
This tab allows you to track upgrades for your Ranged and Quickfire weapons. From this menu, you can also change you're equipped Range and Quickfire weapon, however it is faster to use the quick select menu to Change Your Ranged and Quickfire Weapon instead of pausing the game and going to the Weapons & Ammo.


From this tab you will be able to see the songs unlocked for the Flute and change the cosmetics for your horse.

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