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This is a walkthrough for the Prologue of Ghost of Tsushima. Keep reading to find out how to complete the Prologue and begin your journey across the island of Tsushima!

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The Prologue is the starting Tale of Ghost of Tsushima, which sets up the story and the journey of Jin.

Prologue Walkthrough

1 Charge through the army of Mongols.
2 Push through the enemies with Lord Shimura.
3 After waking up, follow the objective markers and pick up your armor inside the house.
4 Follow Yuna while still avoiding the Mongols. Remember to crouch when an enemy is nearby.
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5 Travel through the rooftops and find your katana inside the house at the end.
6 A flashback will occur and you will start a sparring with Lord Shimura. Learn the combat basics through this tutorial.
7 Follow the objective markers and defeat the Mongols on your way until you reach the stables.
8 Choose your horse at the stables.
9 Defeat the first Mongol in a standoff and push through the castle while cutting down the rest.
10 You will fight Khotun Khan but you won't be able to win against him for now. A cutscene will begin after you are defeated.
11 In the flashback, let Yuriko guide you outside then continue going up the path until you reach another cutscene.
12 Once you're back, follow the wind through the forest until you are reunited with Yuna.
13 Crouch and hide in the pampas grass and let the Khan's attack dogs pass.
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14 When prompted, speak to Yuna then call your horse back. A cutscene will start to conclude the Prologue.

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