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This is a guide for the recommended ghost weapons in Ghost of Tsushima. Know what ghost weapons to use on different occasions!

What are Ghost Weapons?

Unlocked by Increasing Legend

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Ghost weapons are unlocked by building up your legend.

Obtaining a higher legend title for the first time will let you unlock the Kunai, which is the only option available at first. You can unlock another ghost weapon each time you obtain a higher legend title until you have all ghost weapons from the selection.

How to Increase the Legend of the Ghost

Tools for Turning Tables

Ghost weapons can be used during combat to topple multiple enemies or before engaging them then taking out the survivors.

These can quickly turn the odds in your favor even if you are massively outnumbered because of their raw damage and various effects.

Cannot Be Used in Duels

Duels restrict the use of weapons other than your katana so you will have to rely purely on your combat skills and stances for a fair fight.

Consumes Ammo per Use

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All ghost weapons consume ammo per use which can be replenished by picking them up from different areas in the overworld such as Mongol camps and enemy corpses.

You can increase their maximum capacity by bringing predator hides to trappers.

Recommended Ghost Weapons



For Staggering Enemies

Each use of this quickfire weapon throws 2 kunai to 2 different enemies to damage and stagger them. This can help you break their guard instantly and leave them open for attacks.

You can also use this ghost weapon to stop an enemy from attacking hostages.

For Taking down Mongol Dogs and Eagles

Striking them down with kunai is the best way to deal with Mongol dogs and eagles as kunai are quick and can deal enough damage to take them down in one hit.

Black Powder Bomb

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For Dealing with Enemies in an Area

As a throwable weapon, you can choose a specific area to throw a black powder bomb and enemies caught in the blast will be damaged and staggered.

Smoke Bomb

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For Escaping and Stealth

Using a smoke bomb while in the middle of a battle will cause enemies to lose sight of you and return you to a hidden state. You can then get to a safe position before assassinating your enemies.

Sticky Bomb

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For Quick Area Damage

Unlike black powder bombs, sticky bombs are thrown and attaches to a single enemy before exploding and damaging enemies caught in the blast after a short delay.

Although it has a smaller blast radius and damage than the black powder bomb, it can be useful for quickly dealing with a group for its auto-aim.

Wind Chime

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For Luring Enemies

A wind chime lures an enemy near its impact point which can be used strategically to place enemies on a position where you want them to go.

You can lure an enemy closer with it for assassination or lure enemies away to clear your stealth route.



For Luring Multiple Enemies

Firecrackers act the same way as wind chimes, their only main difference is that firecrackers lure multiple enemies within its area of effect. You can then throw a black powder bomb at them or take them out in one chain assassination.

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