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This guide will help you locate all of the Bamboo Strike locations in Ghost of Tsushima. Read on to learn what Bamboo Strike locations are available in your current region and prefecture.

What is Bamboo Strike?

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Bamboo Strike is a mini-game wherein you will have to press a sequence of buttons to cut through the bamboo for your training. These Bamboo Strike Locations can be found in all three regions inside different prefectures.

Completing a Bamboo Strike will increase your Resolve gauge, making you stronger for future battles.

Unlockable Trophy

silver trophy.png Body, Mind, and Spirit
Complete all Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes.

How to Find Bamboo Strike Locations?

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Similar to the Hot Springs, the Bamboo Strike areas are also scattered everywhere on the Island of Tsushima. They can easily be located by following a small yellow bird that will fly close to you if you are nearby. Keep this in mind and look out for birds that are trying to lure you while exploring the Island.

Bamboo Strike Locations


Azamo Bamboo Strike
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Region Prefucture
Izuhara Azamo
・ Finish Unfinished Business
Tsutsu Bamboo Strike
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Region Prefucture
Izuhara Tsutsu
Komatsu Bamboo Strike
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Region Prefucture
Izuhara Komatsu
・ Finish Hammer and Forge
Ariake Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike - 4.jpg
Region Prefucture
Izuhara Ariake
Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike - 5.jpg
Region Prefucture
Izuhara Hiyoshi
Kashine Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike - 6.jpg
Region Prefucture
Izuhara Kashine
Komoda Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike - 7.jpg
Region Prefucture
Izuhara Komoda


Akashima Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike - 8.jpg
Region Prefucture
Toyotama Akashima
Umugi Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike 9.jpg
Region Prefucture
Toyotama Umugi
Yarikawa Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike 10.jpg
Region Prefucture
Toyotama Yarikawa
Kushi Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike 11.jpg
Region Prefucture
Toyotama Kushi
Kubara Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike 12.jpg
Region Prefucture
Toyotama Kubara
Otsuna Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike 13.jpg
Region Prefucture
Toyotama Otsuna


Endless Forest Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike 14.jpg
Region Prefucture
Kamigata Endless Forest
Kin Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike 15.jpg
Region Prefucture
Kamigata Kin
Sago Bamboo Strike
Bamboo Strike 16.jpg
Region Prefucture
Kamigata Sago

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