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This page explains the side quest system known as Tales in Ghost of Tsushima. Tales are split into two categories, Tales of Tsushima and Mythic Tales, with their differences detailed below!

What Are Tales?

Two Different Types of Side Quests

In Ghost of Tsushima there are two different types of side quests known as Tales of Tsushima and Mythic Tales. While similar, the rewards they offer are quite different.

Unlocked By Speaking to Various People

As you explore the island of Tsushima, you will run into NPCs who can be spoken to or encountered that will provide you with Tales. Each time you arrive at a new settlement you should speak with the NPCs there to unlock more Tales to complete!

Tales Make Jin Stronger

Ghost of Tsushima may have RPG-esque elements but there is no level system. In order to strengthen Jin you must complete Tales to earn increases to your Legend that in turn will unlock both Technique Points and access to new Techniques.

If you find yourself struggling with the main story, try heading off the beaten path and getting some new things by doing Tales!

Tales of Tsushima

Increase Your Legend and Receive Items

By doing Tales of Tsushima, you will primarily earn increases to your Legend, Charms, or resources for upgrading your equipment.

Tales of Tsushima

Mythic Tales

Unlock New Armor or Skills

Mythic Tales, on the other hand, will give you access to special Techniques that can't be acquired normally or new armor with different effects.

Mythic Tales

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