Can You Change the Difficulty? | Difference in Difficulty Levels | Ghost of Tsushima

This page has information on the different difficulty levels in Ghost of Tsushima. Read on to find out what difficulties you can choose from and how they affect gameplay!

Can You Change the Difficulty?

There are 3 Difficulty Levels

At this point in time it has been made known that Ghost of Tsushima has 3 difficulty levels. The full details they all differ is currently unknown, but it's been said that those who want a challenge and face more aggressive enemies should choose Hard mode while those looking to explore and occasionally be tested can safely go with easy.

No Difference In HP

One thing of note is that the amount of HP that enemies have will not change between difficulties to preserve the power of the katana. What will change is the aggressiveness of enemies and the amount of skill necessary to proceed will be higher.

Difference in Difficulty Levels

All Details Are Currently Unknown

Currently the exact differences between difficulties in Ghost of Tsushima have not been released to the public. According to developer interviews, the game was made with player enjoyment in mind, so it will not resemble games in the vein of Dark Souls or Sekiro in which the player dies frequently.

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