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On this page you can find all information about Masako, including age, English voice actor and Japanese voice actor, backstory and more in Ghost of Tsushima.

Masako - General Information

Name in English Masako
Name in Japanese 安達 政子
Aliases - Lady Adachi
English Voice Lauren Tom
Japanese Voice Mabuki Andou
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Affiliations - Adachi Clan
Role -
Occupation Bugeisha(武芸者)
Relatives Harunobu Adachi(Husband)
Weapons used -


Masako was first seen in the gameplay reveal trailer for Ghost of Tsushima. She is the wife of Lord Harunobu Adachi and the last surviving member of the Adachi family after a bandit attack on their home killed everyone except Masako herself. She is often referred to as Lady Masako by her Jin and her allies.

She is vengeful and is driven to fight by her urge to seek revenge for Harunobu and her family's death.


Not much is Know about Masako's life before the invasion of Tsushima.

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