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On this page you can find all information about Khotun Khan, including age, English voice actor and Japanese voice actor, backstory and more in Ghost of Tsushima.

Khotun Khan - General Information

Name in English Khotun Khan
Name in Japanese -
Aliases -
English Voice Patrick Gallagher
Japanese Voice Tsutomu Isobe
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliations - Mongolian Empire
Role Antagonist
Occupation Mongolian General
Relatives Genghis Khan(Grand father)
Kublai Khan(Cousin
Weapons used -


Khotun is a fictiticous relitive of Kublai and Genghis, the leader of the army invading Tsushima and the main antagonist in Ghost of Tsushima. He is introduced early in the game when Harunobu Adashi of the Adachi clan steps up to challenge the Mongol's to a dual against their strongest worrior. Khotun steps up and defeats Harunobu without formally accepting his challenge and without speaking a word.

He is an unwavering man who never shows much emotion, is one of the few Mongolians that can speak Japanese and is the only one heard speaking Japanese at a native level. Jin fights Khotun later in an attempt to rescue his uncle, however in this early boss fight Khotun cannot be defeated as his programming won't let him die even if his health drops to zero. Khotun is often seen trying to recruit many inhabitants of Tsushima to fight against the shogun.


Not very much about Khotun before the occupation of Tsushima is revealed. However, Khotun does mention that he was preparing for the invation of Tsushima for a long time, studying everything about Tsushima including culture, traditions, and the Japanese language, which explains why he can speak Japanese.

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