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On this page you can find all information about Jin Sakai, including age, English voice actor and Japanese voice actor, backstory and more in Ghost of Tsushima.

Jin Sakai

Name in English Jin Sakai
Name in Japanese 境井 仁
Aliases - The Ghost
- Samurai
- Lord Sakai
English Voice Daisuke Tsuji
Japanese Voice Kazuya Nakai
Jun'ya Hirano(Young Jin)
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliations - Sekai Clan
Role Protagonist
Occupation Samurai(侍)
Relatives Shimura(Uncle)
Weapons used -


Jin is the is the main protagonist of the game and is a lord of Tsushima under his Uncle Shimura.


Jin grew up being taught the way of the samurai by his uncle, Shimura, who was also a father figure for Jin.

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