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Exploring the island of Tsushima can be confusing if you are not sure what to look for in Ghost of Tsushima. Read on to learn what are the visual cues to locate the points of interests and events that are nearby!

How to Find Points of Interest

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To find points of interest on the island of Tsushima, you must watch out for the visual cues that you will encounter throughout the game. These visual cues indicate that there are nearby quests or NPCs that are in need of your help. Following these cues will lead you to events that can help you increase the Legend of The Ghost.

Birds and Foxes

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Watch out for birds, foxes, and other animals that are trying to get your attention while exploring the island. These animals can lead you to undiscovered areas like Inari Shrines for increasing the amount of Charms you can equip or other locations that can be fast traveled back to later on.


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Smokestacks that can be seen on the horizon indicates there are people in need of your help. Following these signals will help you find undiscovered areas where you can trigger events or quests that may reward you with rare collectibles or even new armor.

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