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Welcome to the Ghost of Tsushima guide and walkthrough wiki. Here you will find anything Ghost of Tsushima related, from collectable and Inari Shrine locations to information on weapons, Charms, and upgrades. If you are struggling with Ghost of Tsushima, look no further than Game8!

Ghost of Tsushima Story Walkthrough

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Story Walkthrough Top

Story Walkthrough
Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura Act 3: Kill the Khan

Ghost of Tsushima Side Quests

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Tales (Side Quests) Top

Tales of Tsushima Mythic Tales

Ghost of Tsushima Collectibles and Points of Interest

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Collectibles and Points of Interest Top Page

Points of Interest
Hot Springs Bamboo Strikes Pillars of Honor
Inari Shrines Shinto Shrines Haiku
Lighthouses Duels
Sashimono Banners Records Mongol Artifacts
Singing Crickets

Ghost of Tsushima Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks

Ghost of Tsushima Tips and Tricks
Can You Change the Difficulty? | Difference in Difficulty Levels
How to Find Points of Interest
How to Increase Your Charm Slots
How to use the Guiding Wind
How to Parry
How to Unlock Chain Assassinate
What are Standoffs?
How to Change Armor Color
How to Increase the Legend of the Ghost
How to Use the Grappling Hook
How to Farm Supplies
What to do After Beating the Game
What Does the Resolve Meter Do?
How Long is Ghost of Tsushima?
Can You Fast Travel?
Can you Lock On to Targets?
Can you Skip Cutscenes?
What are Bonus Objectives?
How to Change the Language
List of Mongol Territories and Locations
Which Horse Should You Pick
How to with Play Japanese Audio and English Subtitles
Ending Choice
Do Charms Stack
How to Farm Flowers
What to Sell
How to Get Gold
How to Get Silk
How to Get Wax Wood
How to Observe Leaders

Ghost of Tsushima Techniques

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Techniques Main Page

List of Techniques
Samurai Techniques
Ghost Techniques
Technique Guides
Heavenly Strike Explosive Arrow
Dance of Wrath Way of the Flame
Recommended Techniques

Ghost of Tsushima Equipment

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Equipment Top Page

Weapons Armor Ranged and Quickfire
Charms Masks -
Recommended Ghost Weapons
Recommended Charms

Ghost of Tsushima Trophies

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Trophy List and Guide

Trophy Guides
Monochrome Masters Den of Thieves
Cooper Clan Cosplayer Have a Nice Fall
Honor the Unseen All in the Wrist
Dirge of the Fallen Forge Witness Protection

Ghost of Tsushima Characters

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List of Characters

Ghost of Tsushima Characters
Jin Sakai Khotun Khan Masako

Ghost of Tsushima News

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News and Updates

Ghost of Tsushima News
August 5, 2020 Update and Patch Notes | Patch 1.06
July 27, 2020 Update and Patch Notes | Patch 1.05
When Does Ghost of Tsushima Come Out?
Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order Bonus and Special Editions Guide
How to Preload
Will Ghost of Tsushima Be on Xbox
When and Where Does Ghost of Tsushima Take Place?
Will Ghost of Tsushima Have Online Features?
Armor and Cosmetic Options in Ghost of Tsushima
What is Samurai Cinema Mode?
How Big is Ghost of Tsushima | Ghost of Tsushima Filesize
Does Ghost of Tsushima Have a New Game Plus?

Ghost of Tsushima Message Boards

List of Message Boards
Discussion Board Questions Board
Review Board Photo Board

About Ghost of Tsushima

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Price $59.99 USD/ $79.99 CAD
Platform Playstation 4
Genre RPG/Adventure
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Official Site Ghost of Tsushima

An Open World Samurai Adventure

Set on Tsushima Island off the shore of Nagasaki, Japan during the 1274 Mongol invasion, Ghost of Tsushima follows Jin Sakai, one of the last samurai on the island. With Tsushima Island being the only thing keeping the Mongols from reaching the mainland, Jin must abandon all that he knows and become the Ghost to protect his home. With a fully open world to explore, collectables to find, and combat to master, Ghost of Tsushima will surely scratch players' itch to become a samurai.

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