List of All Earth Monsters | Duel Links

This is a list of all earth monsters for the game Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know an earth monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

This is a list of all earth monsters for the game Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know an earth monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

List of Earth Monsters


Card Rarity Type Rating
Currently UnavailableYellow Baboon, Archer of the Forest UR Beast /10
Currently UnavailableGreen Baboon, Defender of the Forest UR Beast /10
Junk WarriorJunk Warrior UR Warrior /10
Ancient Gear Reactor DragonAncient Gear Reactor Dragon UR Machine /10
Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate PoundAncient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound UR Machine /10
Machina FortressMachina Fortress UR Machine /10
Man-Eater BugMan-Eater Bug UR Insect /10
Metamorphosed Insect QueenMetamorphosed Insect Queen UR Insect /10
Psychic WheelederPsychic Wheeleder UR Psychic /10
Berserkion the Electromagna WarriorBerserkion the Electromagna Warrior UR Rock /10
Power Tool DragonPower Tool Dragon UR Machine /10
Megalith BethorMegalith Bethor UR Rock /10
Karakuri Bonze mdl 9763 "Kunamzan"Karakuri Bonze mdl 9763 "Kunamzan" UR Machine /10
Hane-HaneHane-Hane UR Beast /10
Axe RaiderAxe Raider UR Warrior /10
Gouki SuprexGouki Suprex UR Warrior /10
GozukiGozuki UR Zombie /10
Reinforced Human Psychic BorgReinforced Human Psychic Borg UR Psychic /10
Chiron the MageChiron the Mage UR Beast-Warrior /10
Master of OZMaster of OZ UR Beast /10
Black Luster SoldierBlack Luster Soldier UR Warrior /10
Gem-Knight Master DiamondGem-Knight Master Diamond UR Rock /10
Gaia Plate The Earth GiantGaia Plate The Earth Giant UR Rock /10
Spell StrikerSpell Striker UR Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Terra FirmaElemental HERO Terra Firma UR Warrior /10
Exiled ForceExiled Force UR Warrior /10
D.D. AssailantD.D. Assailant UR Warrior /10
Grandmaster of the Six SamuraiGrandmaster of the Six Samurai UR Warrior /10
Hardened Armed DragonHardened Armed Dragon UR Dragon /10
Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 "Sazank"Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 "Sazank" UR Machine /10
Elemental HERO Plasma ViceElemental HERO Plasma Vice UR Warrior /10
U.A. MidfielderU.A. Midfielder UR Warrior /10
Elemental HERO GaiaElemental HERO Gaia UR Warrior /10
Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant DiamondGem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond UR Rock /10
XX-Saber FulhelmknightXX-Saber Fulhelmknight UR Warrior /10
XX-Saber HunleiXX-Saber Hunlei UR Warrior /10
Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 "Burei"Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 "Burei" UR Machine /10
Junk DestroyerJunk Destroyer UR Warrior /10
Krawler SpineKrawler Spine UR Insect /10
Deus X-KrawlerDeus X-Krawler UR Insect /10
Legendary Six Samura - KizanLegendary Six Samurai - Kizan UR Warrior /10
Scrap Twin DragonScrap Twin Dragon UR Dragon /10
Masked Hero DianMasked Hero Dian UR Warrior /10
Scrap DragonScrap Dragon UR Dragon /10
Landrobe the Rock VassalLandrobe the Rock Vassal UR Rock /10
Superheavy Samurai WagonSuperheavy Samurai Wagon UR Machine /10
Glow-up BulbGlow-up Bulb UR Plant /10
Dark Dust SpiritDark Dust Spirit UR Zombie /10
Masked ChameleonMasked Chameleon UR Reptile /10
X-Saber AirbellumX-Saber Airbellum UR Beast /10
The Weather Painter SnowThe Weather Painter Snow UR Fairy /10
Goyo GuardianGoyo Guardian UR Warrior /10
Insect QueenInsect Queen UR Insect /10
Big Shield GardnaBig Shield Gardna UR Warrior /10
Delta the Magnet WarriorDelta the Magnet Warrior UR Rock /10
Valkyrion the Magna WarriorValkyrion the Magna Warrior UR Rock /10
Vanguard of the DragonVanguard of the Dragon UR Dragon /10
Amazoness PaladinAmazoness Paladin UR Warrior /10
Shiny Black "C" SquadderShiny Black "C" Squadder UR Insect /10
Cyber BladerCyber Blader UR Warrior /10
Ancient Gear GolemAncient Gear Golem UR Machine /10
Armored Axon KickerArmored Axon Kicker UR Psychic /10
Panther WarriorPanther Warrior UR Beast-Warrior /10
Papa-CornPapa-Corn UR Plant /10
Master GigMaster Gig UR Psychic /10
Ultimate Ancient Gear GolemUltimate Ancient Gear Golem UR Machine /10
ExpressroidExpressroid UR Machine /10
Spell StriderSpell Strider UR Warrior /10
Amazoness PrincessAmazoness Princess UR Warrior /10
Super Vehicroid Jumbo DrillSuper Vehicroid Jumbo Drill UR Machine /10
Cipher SoldierCipher Soldier UR Machine /10
Gladiator Beast DariusGladiator Beast Darius UR Beast-Warrior /10
Rosaria the Stately Fallen AngelRosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel UR Plant /10
Morphtronic SmartfonMorphtronic Smartfon UR Machine /10
Botanical LionBotanical Lion UR Plant /10
Montage DragonMontage Dragon UR Dragon /10
Goyo ChaserGoyo Chaser UR Warrior /10
ShutendojiShutendoji UR Zombie /10
Multiple Piece GolemMultiple Piece Golem UR Rock /10
Motivating CaptainMotivating Captain UR Warrior /10
Giant RexGiant Rex UR Dinosaur /10
Ultimate TyrannoUltimate Tyranno UR Dinosaur /10
Counselor LilyCounselor Lily UR Fairy /10
Beast Machine King Barbaros ÜrBeast Machine King Barbaros Ür UR Beast-Warrior /10
Granmarg the Mega MonarchGranmarg the Mega Monarch UR Rock /10
Cyber TutubonCyber Tutubon UR Warrior /10
Grandsoil the Elemental LordGrandsoil the Elemental Lord UR Beast-Warrior /10
Mighty WarriorMighty Warrior UR Warrior /10
T.G. Power GladiatorT.G. Power Gladiator UR Warrior /10
Hayabusa KnightHayabusa Knight UR Warrior /10
Psychic SnailPsychic Snail UR Psychic /10
Zubaba GeneralZubaba General UR Warrior /10
Wind-Up RatWind-Up Rat UR Beast /10
Tin ArchdukeTin Archduke UR Machine /10
Gagaga CowboyGagaga Cowboy UR Warrior /10
Zubababancho GagagacoatZubababancho Gagagacoat UR Warrior /10
GoblindberghGoblindbergh UR Warrior /10
Gear Gigant XGear Gigant X UR Machine /10
Seven Swords WarriorSeven Swords Warrior UR Warrior /10
Rescue RabbitRescue Rabbit UR Beast /10
Crane CraneCrane Crane UR Winged Beast /10
Gaia the Fierce Knight OriginGaia the Fierce Knight Origin UR Warrior /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Trance the Magic SwordsmanTrance the Magic Swordsman SR Spellcaster /10
Test TigerTest Tiger SR Beast /10
Currently UnavailableDust Knight SR Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableUniflora, Mystical Beast of the Forest SR Beast /10
Currently UnavailableMegarock Dragon SR Rock /10
Currently UnavailableGearfried the Iron Knight SR Warrior /10
Gilford the LegendGilford the Legend SR Warrior /10
ShreddderShreddder SR Machine /10
Silent Psychic WizardSilent Psychic Wizard SR Psychic /10
Beat Bladesman fur HireBeat, Bladesman fur Hire SR Warrior /10
Hushed Psychic ClericHushed Psychic Cleric SR Psychic /10
ZombinaZombina SR Zombie /10
Beast King BarbadosBeast King Barbados SR Beast-Warrior /10
Pyramid TurtlePyramid Turtle SR Zombie /10
Super Soldier SoulSuper Soldier Soul SR Warrior /10
Machina GearframeMachina Gearframe SR Machine /10
The Unfriendly AmazonThe Unfriendly Amazon SR Warrior /10
Magical ExemplarMagical Exemplar SR Spellcaster /10
Gene-Warped WarwolfGene-Warped Warwolf SR Beast-Warrior /10
GigantesGigantes SR Rock /10
Traptrix DionaeaTraptrix Dionaea SR Plant /10
Traptrix AtraxTraptrix Atrax SR Insect /10
Hammer BounzerHammer Bounzer SR Warrior /10
GigaplantGigaplant SR Plant /10
Doom DozerDoom Dozer SR Insect /10
The Rock SpiritThe Rock Spirit SR Rock /10
Madolche HootcakeMadolche Hootcake SR Beast /10
Madolche MagileineMadolche Magileine SR Spellcaster /10
Naturia MantisNaturia Mantis SR Insect /10
Gaia Knight the Force of EarthGaia Knight, the Force of Earth SR Warrior /10
Naturia LandoiseNaturia Landoise SR Rock /10
Block DragonBlock Dragon SR Rock /10
Triamid MasterTriamid Master SR Rock /10
Gamma The Electromagnet WarriorGamma The Electromagnet Warrior SR Rock /10
Alpha The Electromagnet WarriorAlpha The Electromagnet Warrior SR Rock /10
Naturia LeodrakeNaturia Leodrake SR Beast /10
Naturia ButterflyNaturia Butterfly SR Insect /10
Scrap ChimeraScrap Chimera SR Beast /10
Morphtronic CelfonMorphtronic Celfon SR Machine /10
XX-Saber FaultrollXX-Saber Faultroll SR Warrior /10
Megalith HagithMegalith Hagith SR Rock /10
Megalith OphielMegalith Ophiel SR Rock /10
Triamid SphinxTriamid Sphinx SR Rock /10
The Hunter With 7 WeaponsThe Hunter With 7 Weapons SR Warrior /10
Judge ManJudge Man SR Warrior /10
Beast of the PharaohBeast of the Pharaoh SR Zombie /10
Lord Gaia the Fierce KnightLord Gaia the Fierce Knight SR Warrior /10
Gouki RiscorpioGouki Riscorpio SR Warrior /10
Gouki TwistcobraGouki Twistcobra SR Warrior /10
LeotaurLeotaur SR Beast-Warrior /10
Dweller in the DepthsDweller in the Depths SR Dragon /10
Jerry Beans ManJerry Beans Man SR Plant /10
Wrecker PandaWrecker Panda SR Beast /10
Susa SoldierSusa Soldier SR Thunder /10
Buster Blader The Destruction SwordmasterBuster Blader, The Destruction Swordmaster SR Warrior /10
Freed The Matchless GeneralFreed The Matchless General SR Warrior /10
Machina PeacekeeperMachina Peacekeeper SR Machine /10
DestructotronDestructotron SR Psychic /10
BOXerBOXer SR Warrior /10
Nobleman-Eater BugNobleman-Eater Bug SR Insect /10
Power BreakerPower Breaker SR Warrior /10
Gem-Knight SeraphiniteGem-Knight Seraphinite SR Fairy /10
Earth Armor NinjaEarth Armor Ninja SR Warrior /10
Gem-Knight PrismauraGem-Knight Prismaura SR Thunder /10
Gladiator Beast AndalGladiator Beast Andal SR Beast-Warrior /10
Elemental HERO WoodsmanElemental HERO Woodsman SR Warrior /10
Granmarg the Rock MonarchGranmarg the Rock Monarch SR Rock /10
Karakuri Muso mdl 818 "Haipa"Karakuri Muso mdl 818 "Haipa" SR Machine /10
GeargiattackerGeargiattacker SR Machine /10
Elemental HERO BladedgeElemental HERO Bladedge SR Warrior /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Sandman SR Rock /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Urnight SR Beast-Warrior /10
Treasure PandaTreasure Panda SR Beast /10
GilasaurusGilasaurus SR Dinosaur /10
Madolche PuddingcessMadolche Puddingcess SR Fairy /10
XX-Saber DarksoulXX-Saber Darksoul SR Beast /10
XX-Saber Boggart KnightXX-Saber Boggart Knight SR Beast-Warrior /10
X-Saber WayneX-Saber Wayne SR Warrior /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Rooklord SR Warrior /10
Karakuri Merchant MDL 177 "Inashichi"Karakuri Merchant MDL 177 "Inashichi" SR Machine /10
Karakuri Komachi MDL 224 "Ninishi"Karakuri Komachi MDL 224 "Ninishi" SR Machine /10
Iron Chain DragonIron Chain Dragon SR Dragon /10
Gigantic CephalotusGigantic Cephalotus SR Plant /10
Rose PaladinRose Paladin SR Warrior /10
Subterror Behemoth UmastryxSubterror Behemoth Umastryx SR Reptile /10
Krawler AxonKrawler Axon SR Insect /10
Parry KnightsParry Knights SR Warrior /10
Quillbolt HedgehogQuillbolt Hedgehog SR Machine /10
Scrap BeastScrap Beast SR Beast /10
Green GadgetGreen Gadget SR Machine /10
Yellow GadgetYellow Gadget SR Machine /10
Invoked CocytusInvoked Magellanica SR Rock /10
Red GadgetRed Gadget SR Machine /10
Berry Magician GirlBerry Magician Girl SR Spellcaster /10
Karakuri Steel Shodun MDL 00X "Bureido"Karakuri Steel Shodun MDL 00X "Bureido" SR Machine /10
Scrap ArchfiendScrap Archfiend SR Fiend /10
Hyper HammerheadHyper Hammerhead SR Dinosaur /10
Super-Nimble Mega HamsterSuper-Nimble Mega Hamster SR Beast /10
U.A. Perfect AceU.A. Perfect Ace SR Warrior /10
Elemental Hero Solid SoldierElemental Hero Solid Soldier SR Warrior /10
HTS PsyhemuthHTS Psyhemuth SR Psychic /10
Giant RatGiant Rat SR Beast /10
Righty DriverRighty Driver SR Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai SoulpeacemakerSuperheavy Samurai Soulpeacemaker SR Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai SoulpiercerSuperheavy Samurai Soulpiercer SR Machine /10
Junk ArcherJunk Archer SR Warrior /10
Dinowrestler CapoeiraptorDinowrestler Capoeiraptor SR Dinosaur /10
Nefarious Archfiend Eater of NefariousnessNefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness SR Beast /10
IpiriaIpiria SR Reptile /10
Watch CatWatch Cat SR Beast /10
Naturia BarkionNaturia Barkion SR Dragon /10
Skull-Mark LadybugSkull-Mark Ladybug SR Insect /10
Perfectly Ultimate Great MothPerfectly Ultimate Great Moth SR Insect /10
Obnoxious Celtic GuardObnoxious Celtic Guard SR Warrior /10
Mystical Beast of SerketMystical Beast of Serket SR Fairy /10
Millennium ScorpionMillennium Scorpion SR Insect /10
Great MothGreat Moth SR Insect /10
Giant Axe MummyGiant Axe Mummy SR Zombie /10
Cocoon of EvolutionCocoon of Evolution SR Insect /10
Cobra JarCobra Jar SR Reptile /10
Bazoo the Soul-EaterBazoo the Soul-Eater SR Beast /10
Battle OxBattle Ox SR Beast-Warrior /10
Amazoness TigerAmazoness Tiger SR Beast /10
Amazoness SageAmazoness Sage SR Warrior /10
ZolgaZolga SR Fairy /10
GrasschopperGrasschopper SR Insect /10
Amazoness Swords WomanAmazoness Swords Woman SR Warrior /10
Woodland ArcherWoodland Archer SR Beast-Warrior /10
Gemini ScorpionGemini Scorpion SR Warrior /10
Totem DragonTotem Dragon SR Dragon /10
The Earth - Hex-Sealed FusionThe Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion SR Rock /10
Gamma The Magnet WarriorGamma The Magnet Warrior SR Rock /10
Power InjectorPower Injector SR Psychic /10
Labyrinth WallLabyrinth Wall SR Rock /10
MudoraMudora SR Fairy /10
Lost GuardianLost Guardian SR Rock /10
Kidmodo DragonKidmodo Dragon SR Dragon /10
Amazoness TraineeAmazoness Trainee SR Warrior /10
Perfect Machine KingPerfect Machine King SR Machine /10
Behemoth the King of All AnimalsBehemoth the King of All Animals SR Beast /10
AnteatereatingantAnteatereatingant SR Insect /10
Serene Psychic WitchSerene Psychic Witch SR Psychic /10
Mosaic ManticoreMosaic Manticore SR Beast /10
Giant Soldier of StoneGiant Soldier of Stone SR Rock /10
Beta The Electromagnet WarriorBeta The Electromagnet Warrior SR Rock /10
DestroyersaurusDestroyersaurus SR Dinosaur /10
Rose LoverRose Lover SR Plant /10
Block GolemBlock Golem SR Rock /10
Ancient Gear KnightAncient Gear Knight SR Machine /10
Ancient Gear EngineerAncient Gear Engineer SR Machine /10
Ancient Gear BoxAncient Gear Box SR Machine /10
Crystal Beast Topaz TigerCrystal Beast Topaz Tiger SR Beast /10
Crystal Beast Amber MammothCrystal Beast Amber Mammoth SR Beast /10
Anarchist Monk RanshinAnarchist Monk Ranshin SR Spellcaster /10
Time EscaperTime Escaper SR Psychic /10
Scrap RecyclerScrap Recycler SR Machine /10
Black BrachiosBlack Brachios SR Dinosaur /10
Grapple BlockerGrapple Blocker SR Psychic /10
Tackle CrusaderTackle Crusader SR Rock /10
D.D. TeleponD.D. Telepon SR Psychic /10
Phantom Beast Wild-HornPhantom Beast Wild-Horn SR Beast-Warrior /10
Rose ArcherRose Archer SR Warrior /10
Pair CycroidPair Cycroid SR Machine /10
Des VolstgalphDes Volstgalph SR Dragon /10
Fossil TuskerFossil Tusker SR Rock /10
Confronting the "C"Confronting the "C" SR Insect /10
Toon Gemini ElfToon Gemini Elf SR Spellcaster /10
Jirai GumoJirai Gumo SR Insect /10
Howling InsectHowling Insect SR Insect /10
Card TrooperCard Trooper SR Machine /10
CarboneddonCarboneddon SR Dinosaur /10
Amazoness QueenAmazoness Queen SR Warrior /10
SteamroidSteamroid SR Machine /10
DrillroidDrillroid SR Machine /10
Millenium ShieldMillenium Shield SR Warrior /10
Berserk GorillaBerserk Gorilla SR Beast /10
Throwstone UnitThrowstone Unit SR Warrior /10
ArmoroidArmoroid SR Machine /10
Gladiator Beast TygeriusGladiator Beast Tygerius SR Beast /10
Familiar-Possessed - AussaFamiliar-Possessed - Aussa SR Spellcaster /10
Earthbound SpiritEarthbound Spirit SR Fiend /10
Scrap KongScrap Kong SR Beast /10
Des DendleDes Dendle SR Plant /10
Shield WarriorShield Warrior SR Warrior /10
Rose WitchRose Witch SR Plant /10
Fortress WarriorFortress Warrior SR Warrior /10
Dark VergerDark Verger SR Plant /10
Earth EffigyEarth Effigy SR Rock /10
Goblin Marauding SquadGoblin Marauding Squad SR Beast-Warrior /10
Samurai Sword BaronSamurai Sword Baron SR Warrior /10
Jutte FighterJutte Fighter SR Warrior /10
Gate BlockerGate Blocker SR Rock /10
Sand MothSand Moth SR Rock /10
Red OgreRed Ogre SR Zombie /10
Goblin Elite Attack ForceGoblin Elite Attack Force SR Fiend /10
Big Piece GolemBig Piece Golem SR Rock /10
Hyper Psychic BlasterHyper Psychic Blaster SR Psychic /10
Absolute CrusaderAbsolute Crusader SR Warrior /10
Miracle Jurassic EggMiracle Jurassic Egg SR Dinosaur /10
Black StegoBlack Stego SR Dinosaur /10
Sonic ChickSonic Chick SR Winged Beast /10
Indomitable Fighter Lei LeiIndomitable Fighter Lei Lei SR Beast-Warrior /10
Gem-TurtleGem-Turtle SR Rock /10
Elemental HERO CoreElemental HERO Core SR Warrior /10
Comrade Swordsman of LandstarComrade Swordsman of Landstar SR Warrior /10
Retaliating "C"Retaliating "C" SR Insect /10
SnyffusSnyffus SR Beast /10
Sauropod BrachionSauropod Brachion SR Dinosaur /10
Goyo DefenderGoyo Defender SR Warrior /10
Goblin Attack ForceGoblin Attack Force SR Warrior /10
Hyper Psychic RiserHyper Psychic Riser SR Psychic /10
Amano-IwatoAmano-Iwato SR Rock /10
Aromage CanangaAromage Cananga SR Plant /10
Aztekipede the Worm WarriorAztekipede, the Worm Warrior SR Insect /10
Fortune Lady EarthFortune Lady Earth SR Spellcaster /10
Toon Ancient Gear GolemToon Ancient Gear Golem SR Machine /10
Soul TigerSoul Tiger SR Beast /10
MinarMinar SR Insect /10
KelbekKelbek SR Fairy /10
Toy SoldierToy Soldier SR Machine /10
Gear Golem the Moving FortressGear Golem the Moving Fortress SR Machine /10
Toy EmperorToy Emperor SR Machine /10
Token CollectorToken Collector SR Fiend /10
Naturia CliffNaturia Cliff SR Rock /10
Temperance of ProphecyTemperance of Prophecy SR Spellcaster /10
Gaia Drake the Universal ForceGaia Drake, the Universal Force SR Beast-Warrior /10
Shield WormShield Worm SR Insect /10
T.G. Tank GrubT.G. Tank Grub SR Insect /10
Dark Garnex the Cubic BeastDark Garnex the Cubic Beast SR Beast /10
Wind-Up HoneybeeWind-Up Honeybee SR Insect /10
Temtempo the Percussion DjinnTemtempo the Percussion Djinn SR Fiend /10
Gogogo GolemGogogo Golem SR Rock /10
Iron Chain BlasterIron Chain Blaster SR Warrior /10
Gagaga SamuraiGagaga Samurai SR Warrior /10
Marauding CaptainMarauding Captain SR Warrior /10
Heraldic Beast LeoHeraldic Beast Leo SR Beast /10
Diamond Dire WolfDiamond Dire Wolf SR Beast /10
Gogogo Golem - Golden FormGogogo Golem - Golden Form SR Rock /10
Gem-Knight PearlGem-Knight Pearl SR Rock /10
Star DrawingStar Drawing SR Spellcaster /10
Mythic Tree DragonMythic Tree Dragon SR Dragon /10
Masked Knight LV7Masked Knight LV7 SR Warrior /10
Toon Goblin Attack ForceToon Goblin Attack Force SR Warrior /10
Baby TiragonBaby Tiragon SR Dragon /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Currently UnavailableTanngrisnir of the Nordic Beast R Beast /10
Currently UnavailableExploder Dragon R Dragon /10
Currently UnavailableFlowerbot R Plant /10
Currently UnavailableAmarylease R Plant /10
Currently UnavailableMogmole R Beast /10
Currently UnavailableNaturia Pineapple R Plant /10
Currently UnavailablePlayful Possum R Beast /10
Currently UnavailableNaturia Rock R Rock /10
Currently UnavailableNimble Musasabi R Beast /10
Currently UnavailableMaster Monk R Rock /10
Currently UnavailableGrave Ohja R Rock /10
Currently UnavailableEnraged Muka Muka R Rock /10
Marmiting CaptainMarmiting Captain R Warrior /10
X-Saber GalahadX-Saber Galahad R Warrior /10
D.D. WarriorD.D. Warrior R Warrior /10
Commander Gottoms SwordmasterCommander Gottoms, Swordmaster R Beast-Warrior /10
Battleguard KingBattleguard King R Warrior /10
Gravity WarriorGravity Warrior R Warrior /10
Junk AnchorJunk Anchor R Warrior /10
Junk ForwardJunk Forward R Warrior /10
Junk BladerJunk Blader R Warrior /10
Junk BreakerJunk Breaker R Warrior /10
Junk ServantJunk Servant R Warrior /10
Tune WarriorTune Warrior R Warrior /10
Ancient Gear FrameAncient Gear Frame R Machine /10
Ancient Gear WyvernAncient Gear Wyvern R Machine /10
Ancient Gear HydraAncient Gear Hydra R Machine /10
X-Saber Anu PiranhaX-Saber Anu Piranha R Warrior /10
WroughtweilerWroughtweiler R Machine /10
ShienShien's Footsoldier R Warrior /10
SabersaurusSabersaurus R Dinosaur /10
Blindly Loyal GoblinBlindly Loyal Goblin R Warrior /10
Cosmic CycloneDyna, Hero Fur Hire R Beast-Warrior /10
ZombinoZombino R Zombie /10
Chainsaw InsectChainsaw Insect R Insect /10
Power GiantPower Giant R Rock /10
Cactus FighterCactus Fighter R Plant /10
Machina MegaformMachina Megaform R Machine /10
Terratiger the Empowered WarriorTerratiger, the Empowered Warrior R Warrior /10
Genex TurbineGenex Turbine R Machine /10
Machina SniperMachina Sniper R Machine /10
Mystic Swordsman LV6Mystic Swordsman LV6 R Warrior /10
Mystic Swordsman LV4Mystic Swordsman LV4 R Warrior /10
Mystic Swordsman LV2Mystic Swordsman LV2 R Warrior /10
Enraged Battle OxEnraged Battle Ox R Beast-Warrior /10
Naturia GuardianNaturia Guardian R Plant /10
Graveyardaku-Gire PandaGyaku-Gire Panda R Beast /10
Assault BeastAssault Beast R Beast-Warrior /10
Clock ResonatorClock Resonator R Fiend /10
Soldier DragonsSoldier Dragons R Dragon /10
Gemini ElfGemini Elf R Spellcaster /10
The Trojan HorseThe Trojan Horse R Beast /10
Warrior Dai GrepherWarrior Dai Grepher R Warrior /10
Ryu SenshiRyu Senshi R Warrior /10
Pinch HopperPinch Hopper R Insect /10
Naturia MarronNaturia Marron R Plant /10
Des WombatDes Wombat R Beast /10
Informer SpiderInformer Spider R Insect /10
Mine MoleMine Mole R Beast /10
Egotistical ApeEgotistical Ape R Beast /10
King of the BeastsKing of the Beasts R Beast /10
Cyber Ogre 2Cyber Ogre 2 R Machine /10
Hade-HaneHade-Hane R Beast /10
Cyber OgreCyber Ogre R Machine /10
Naturia HorneedleNaturia Horneedle R Insect /10
Resonance InsectResonance Insect R Insect /10
Sylvan BladefenderSylvan Bladefender R Plant /10
Sylvan FlowerknightSylvan Flowerknight R Plant /10
Alpacaribou Mystical Beast of the ForestAlpacaribou, Mystical Beast of the Forest R Beast /10
Insect KnightInsect Knight R Insect /10
Psychic TrackerPsychic Tracker R Psychic /10
Esper GirlEsper Girl R Psychic /10
Psychic CommanderPsychic Commander R Psychic /10
Madolche MarmalmaideMadolche Marmalmaide R Spellcaster /10
Naturia RagweedNaturia Ragweed R Plant /10
Naturia CherriesNaturia Cherries R Plant /10
Naturia CosmobeetNaturia Cosmobeet R Plant /10
Iron HansIron Hans R Warrior /10
DoguDogu R Rock /10
Revival GolemRevival Golem R Rock /10
CriosphinxCriosphinx R Rock /10
HieracosphinxHieracosphinx R Rock /10
Exxod Master of The GuardExxod, Master of The Guard R Rock /10
Atomic Scrap DragonAtomic Scrap Dragon R Dragon /10
Wind-Up SoldierWind-Up Soldier R Warrior /10
Scrap OrthrosScrap Orthros R Beast /10
Scrap BreakerScrap Breaker R Machine /10
Scrap WormScrap Worm R Insect /10
Morphtronic RemotenMorphtronic Remoten R Machine /10
Underground ArachnidUnderground Arachnid R Insect /10
Sky Scourge InvicilSky Scourge Invicil R Fairy /10
XX-Saber RagiguraXX-Saber Ragigura R Beast-Warrior /10
Megalith PhalegMegalith Phaleg R Rock /10
Megalith OchMegalith Och R Rock /10
Triamid HunterTriamid Hunter R Rock /10
Aussa The Earth CharmerAussa The Earth Charmer R Spellcaster /10
CatCat's Ear Tribe R Beast-Warrior /10
Karate ManKarate Man R Warrior /10
Muka MukaMuka Muka R Rock /10
Dream ClownDream Clown R Warrior /10
Frontier WisemanFrontier Wiseman R Spellcaster /10
Gouki Iron ClawGouki Iron Claw R Warrior /10
Gouki BearhugGouki Bearhug R Warrior /10
Gouki OctostretchGouki Octostretch R Warrior /10
Gouki HeadbattGouki Headbatt R Warrior /10
Shafu the Wheeled MayakashiShafu, the Wheeled Mayakashi R Zombie /10
Naturia StrawberryNaturia Strawberry R Plant /10
Naturia DragonflyNaturia Dragonfly R Insect /10
LycanthropeLycanthrope R Beast-Warrior /10
Machine King PrototypeMachine King Prototype R Machine /10
Guardian GrarlGuardian Grarl R Dinosaur /10
D.D. Crazy BeastD.D. Crazy Beast R Beast /10
Machine KingMachine King R Machine /10
Akz the PumerAkz, the Pumer R Beast-Warrior /10
Ghost Knight of JackalGhost Knight of Jackal R Beast-Warrior /10
SIlver SentinelSIlver Sentinel R Warrior /10
MormolitthMormolith R Rock /10
Silent InsectSilent Insect R Insect /10
Buster BladerBuster Blader R Warrior /10
R-Genex UltimumR-Genex Ultimum R Machine /10
Genex ArmyGenex Army R Machine /10
MinefieldrillerMinefieldriller R Machine /10
Telekinetic ShockerTelekinetic Shocker R Psychic /10
Doctor CraniumDoctor Cranium R Psychic /10
BabycerasaurusBabycerasaurus R Dinosaur /10
Puppet KingPuppet King R Warrior /10
Big KoalaBig Koala R Beast /10
Master KyonsheeMaster Kyonshee R Zombie /10
Shogi KnightShogi Knight R Beast-Warrior /10
Naturia BeetleNaturia Beetle R Insect /10
Machine Lord ÜrMachine Lord Ür R Machine /10
Dark Lucius LV8Dark Lucius LV8 R Fiend /10
Medusa WormMedusa Worm R Rock /10
Desmanian DevilDesmanian Devil R Beast /10
Alien ShocktrooperAlien Shocktrooper R Reptile /10
Alien WarriorAlien Warrior R Reptile /10
Gem-Knight LazuliGem-Knight Lazuli R Rock /10
ShienShien's Daredevil R Warrior /10
Gem-Knight CitrineGem-Knight Citrine R Pyro /10
Gem-Knight CrystalGem-Knight Crystal R Rock /10
Gem-Knight EmeraldGem-Knight Emerald R Rock /10
Gem-Knight TopazGem-Knight Topaz R Thunder /10
Gem-Knight RubyGem-Knight Ruby R Pyro /10
Gem-Knight TourmalineGem-Knight Tourmaline R Thunder /10
Gem-Knight GarnetGem-Knight Garnet R Pyro /10
NanobreakerNanobreaker R Machine /10
Gladiator Beast EssedariiGladiator Beast Essedarii R Beast /10
Genex SearcherGenex Searcher R Machine /10
Test ApeTest Ape R Beast /10
Cybernetic CyclopeanCybernetic Cyclopean R Beast-Warrior /10
Card BlockerCard Blocker R Warrior /10
Hero KidHero Kid R Warrior /10
Secret Six Samurai - KizaruSecret Six Samurai - Kizaru R Warrior /10
GeargianchorGeargianchor R Machine /10
GeargiaugerGeargiauger R Machine /10
GeargiacceleratorGeargiaccelerator R Machine /10
Karakuri Bushi mdl 6318 "Muzanichiha"Karakuri Bushi mdl 6318 "Muzanichiha" R Machine /10
Amazoness Baby TigerAmazoness Baby Tiger R Beast /10
Geargiano Mk-IIIGeargiano Mk-III R Machine /10
Geargiano Mk-IIGeargiano Mk-II R Machine /10
Elemental HERO WildedgeElemental HERO Wildedge R Warrior /10
HyenaHyena R Beast /10
Gigastone OmegaGigastone Omega R Rock /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Powerhand R Machine /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Crusader R Beast-Warrior /10
Doki DokiDoki Doki R Rock /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Prototype R Rock /10
U.A. Dreadnought DunkerU.A. Dreadnought Dunker R Warrior /10
Koalo-KoalaKoalo-Koala R Beast /10
Crystron ImpactGem-Knight Lady Lapis Lazuli R Rock /10
Gem-Knight ZirconiaGem-Knight Zirconia R Rock /10
Gem-Knight AmethystGem-Knight Amethyst R Aqua /10
Elemental HERO Wild WingmanElemental HERO Wild Wingman R Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Rampart BlasterElemental HERO Rampart Blaster R Warrior /10
Tiger DragonTiger Dragon R Dragon /10
Gem-Knight ObsidianGem-Knight Obsidian R Rock /10
Gem-Knight AlexandriteGem-Knight Alexandrite R Rock /10
Madolche MessengelatoMadolche Messengelato R Warrior /10
Geo GenexGeo Genex R Machine /10
XX-Saber GardestrikeXX-Saber Gardestrike R Beast-Warrior /10
Justice BringerJustice Bringer R Warrior /10
Synchron ExplorerSynchron Explorer R Machine /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Wall R Rock /10
Karakuri Barrel MDL 96 "Shinkuro"Karakuri Barrel MDL 96 "Shinkuro" R Machine /10
Iron Chain RepairmanIron Chain Repairman R Warrior /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru War Arms R Warrior /10
Karakuri Ninja MDL 919 "Kuick"Karakuri Ninja MDL 919 "Kuick" R Machine /10
Karakuri Soldier MDL 236 "Nisamu"Karakuri Soldier MDL 236 "Nisamu" R Machine /10
Gladiator Beast HoplomusGladiator Beast Hoplomus R Rock /10
Little TrooperLittle Trooper R Warrior /10
Warrior Lady of the WastelandWarrior Lady of the Wasteland R Warrior /10
U.A. Blockbacker U.A. Blockbacker R Warrior /10
Tanngnjostr of thr Nordic BeastsTanngnjostr of thr Nordic Beasts R Beast /10
Fallen Angel of RosesFallen Angel of Roses R Plant /10
Subterror Behemoth StygokrakenSubterror Behemoth Stygokraken R Sea Serpent /10
Krawler GlialKrawler Glial R Insect /10
Das LacoodaDas Lacooda R Zombie /10
Queen Angel of RosesQueen Angel of Roses R Plant /10
Subterror Nemesis DefenderSubterror Nemesis Defender R Beast-Warrior /10
Krawler DendriteKrawler Dendrite R Insect /10
Subterror Behemoth UltramafusSubterror Behemoth Ultramafus R Pyro /10
Krawler ReceptorKrawler Receptor R Insect /10
Super-Ancient DinobeastSuper-Ancient Dinobeast R Dinosaur /10
Deskbot 0 0 4Deskbot 0 0 4 R Machine /10
Deskbot 0 0 3Deskbot 0 0 3 R Machine /10
Elder of the Six SamuraiElder of the Six Samurai R Warrior /10
Scrap GoblinScrap Goblin R Beast-Warrior /10
Super Vehicroid - Stealth UnionSuper Vehicroid - Stealth Union R Machine /10
Gem-ArmadilloGem-Armadillo R Rock /10
Gem-Knight AquamarineGem-Knight Aquamarine R Aqua /10
Karakuri Strategist MDL 248 "Nishipachi"Karakuri Strategist MDL 248 "Nishipachi" R Machine /10
Samurai DestroyerSamurai Destroyer R Machine /10
Karakuri Watchdog MDL 313 "Saizan"Karakuri Watchdog MDL 313 "Saizan" R Machine /10
Ancient Gear Garjiltron DragonAncient Gear Garjiltron Dragon R Machine /10
Thor Lord of the AesirThor, Lord of the Aesir R Beast-Warrior /10
Super Armored Robot Armed Black Iron "C"Super Armored Robot Armed Black Iron "C" R Insect /10
Drill WarriorDrill Warrior R Warrior /10
Machina CannonMachina Cannon R Machine /10
Psychic LifetrancerPsychic Lifetrancer R Psychic /10
Angel TrumpeterAngel Trumpeter R Plant /10
Lefty DriverLefty Driver R Machine /10
Heroic Challenger - Night WatchmanHeroic Challenger - Night Watchman R Warrior /10
Heroic Challenger - SwordshieldHeroic Challenger - Swordshield R Warrior /10
Superheavy Samurai GigaglovesSuperheavy Samurai Gigagloves R Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai Big WarajiSuperheavy Samurai Big Waraji R Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai TrumpeterSuperheavy Samurai Trumpeter R Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai FlutistSuperheavy Samurai Flutist R Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai Soulshield WallSuperheavy Samurai Soulshield Wall R Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai Stealth NinjaSuperheavy Samurai Stealth Ninja R Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai Swordmaster MusashiSuperheavy Samurai Swordmaster Musashi R Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai Ogre ShutendojiSuperheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji R Machine /10
Gladiator Beast SamniteGladiator Beast Samnite R Beast /10
Launcher CommanderLauncher Commander R Cyberse /10
Dinowrestler Martial AmpeloDinowrestler Martial Ampelo R Dinosaur /10
Dinowrestler Martial AnkyloDinowrestler Martial Ankylo R Dinosaur /10
Justice of ProphecyJustice of Prophecy R Spellcaster /10
TranscicadaTranscicada R Insect /10
Key MouseKey Mouse R Beast /10
XX-Saber EmmersbladeXX-Saber Emmersblade R Insect /10
X-Saber SouzaX-Saber Souza R Warrior /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Bergzak R Warrior /10
Performapal Flip HippoPerformapal Flip Hippo R Beast /10
Performapal FriendonkeyPerformapal Friendonkey R Beast /10
Zubaba KnightZubaba Knight R Warrior /10
Zombie TigerZombie Tiger R Zombie /10
Warrior of ZeraWarrior of Zera R Warrior /10
Warrior of TraditionWarrior of Tradition R Warrior /10
Venom CobraVenom Cobra R Reptile /10
Vampiric OrchisVampiric Orchis R Plant /10
Tyranno InfinityTyranno Infinity R Dinosaur /10
Two-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King Rex R Dinosaur /10
TruckroidTruckroid R Machine /10
TricularTricular R Machine /10
Trap MasterTrap Master R Warrior /10
Toon Buster BladerToon Buster Blader R Warrior /10
TogexTogex R Beast /10
Thousand NeedlesThousand Needles R Beast /10
The Dragon Dwelling in the DeepThe Dragon Dwelling in the Deep R Sea Serpent /10
Synchro MagnetSynchro Magnet R Machine /10
SupplySupply R Warrior /10
Super RoboyarouSuper Roboyarou R Machine /10
Super RoboladySuper Robolady R Machine /10
SupaySupay R Fiend /10
Steam GyroidSteam Gyroid R Machine /10
Spirit of the MountainSpirit of the Mountain R Spellcaster /10
Skull Dog MarronSkull Dog Marron R Beast /10
Shadow TamerShadow Tamer R Warrior /10
Sentry Soldier of StoneSentry Soldier of Stone R Rock /10
Saber BeetleSaber Beetle R Insect /10
Rude KaiserRude Kaiser R Beast-Warrior /10
Royal KeeperRoyal Keeper R Zombie /10
Rose TentaclesRose Tentacles R Plant /10
Rockstone WarriorRockstone Warrior R Rock /10
Rock SpiritRock Spirit R Spellcaster /10
Rampaging RhynosRampaging Rhynos R Beast-Warrior /10
Rabid HorsemanRabid Horseman R Beast-Warrior /10
Quick-Span KnightQuick-Span Knight R Machine /10
Pursuit ChaserPursuit Chaser R Machine /10
Performance of SwordPerformance of Sword R Warrior /10
Parasite ParacideParasite Paracide R Insect /10
OverdriveOverdrive R Machine /10
Oni Tank T-34Oni Tank T-34 R Machine /10
OilmanOilman R Machine /10
NiwatoriNiwatori R Winged Beast /10
NettlesNettles R Plant /10
Mystical Sheep #1Mystical Sheep #1 R Beast /10
Mystic HorsemanMystic Horseman R Beast /10
Monster TamerMonster Tamer R Warrior /10
Minoan CentaurMinoan Centaur R Beast-Warrior /10
Mine GolemMine Golem R Rock /10
Mid Shield GardnaMid Shield Gardna R Warrior /10
Medium Piece GolemMedium Piece Golem R Rock /10
Maximum SixMaximum Six R Warrior /10
MaharaghiMaharaghi R Rock /10
Madolche ChouxvalierMadolche Chouxvalier R Warrior /10
Mad Sword BeastMad Sword Beast R Dinosaur /10
Larvae MothLarvae Moth R Insect /10
KeldoKeldo R Fairy /10
Kanan the SwordmistressKanan the Swordmistress R Warrior /10
Kalantosa Mystical Beast of the ForestKalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest R Beast /10
Invader of the ThroneInvader of the Throne R Warrior /10
Immortal RulerImmortal Ruler R Zombie /10
Hermit of ProphecyHermit of Prophecy R Spellcaster /10
Headless KnightHeadless Knight R Fiend /10
Guardian StatueGuardian Statue R Rock /10
Ground Attacker BugrothGround Attacker Bugroth R Machine /10
GriggleGriggle R Plant /10
GolgoilGolgoil R Machine /10
GokiponGokipon R Insect /10
Goggle GolemGoggle Golem R Rock /10
GiganticastleGiganticastle R Rock /10
Giant FleaGiant Flea R Insect /10
Gazelle the King of Mythical BeastsGazelle the King of Mythical Beasts R Beast /10
Gauntlet WarriorGauntlet Warrior R Warrior /10
Garnecia ElefantisGarnecia Elefantis R Beast-Warrior /10
Gaia The Fierce KnightGaia The Fierce Knight R Warrior /10
G.B. HunterG.B. Hunter R Warrior /10
FusionistFusionist R Beast /10
Fortune Fairy CheeFortune Fairy Chee R Spellcaster /10
Fire Ant AscatorFire Ant Ascator R Insect /10
Etoile CyberEtoile Cyber R Warrior /10
Empress JudgeEmpress Judge R Warrior /10
Emissary from PandemoniumEmissary from Pandemonium R Fiend /10
Elemental HERO WildheartElemental HERO Wildheart R Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Poison RoseElemental HERO Poison Rose R Plant /10
Elemental HERO ClaymanElemental HERO Clayman R Warrior /10
Electric LizardElectric Lizard R Thunder /10
Eco Mystical Spirit of the ForestEco, Mystical Spirit of the Forest R Plant /10
Dungeon WormDungeon Worm R Insect /10
Dragon ManipulatorDragon Manipulator R Warrior /10
DesertapirDesertapir R Beast /10
Decayed CommanderDecayed Commander R Zombie /10
Dark ZebraDark Zebra R Beast /10
Dark DriceratopsDark Driceratops R Dinosaur /10
Dark DesertapirDark Desertapir R Beast /10
Dark CatapulterDark Catapulter R Machine /10
DaniponDanipon R Insect /10
D.D. DestroyerD.D. Destroyer R Warrior /10
Cyber TutuCyber Tutu R Warrior /10
Cyber GymnastCyber Gymnast R Warrior /10
Crystal Beast Amethyst CatCrystal Beast Amethyst Cat R Beast /10
Crimson NinjaCrimson Ninja R Warrior /10
Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2 R Dinosaur /10
Beta The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet Warrior R Rock /10
Beaver WarriorBeaver Warrior R Beast-Warrior /10
Barrel RockBarrel Rock R Rock /10
Alpha the Magnet WarriorAlpha the Magnet Warrior R Rock /10
AlligatorAlligator's Sword R Beast /10
Catoblepas and the Witch of FateCatoblepas and the Witch of Fate R Spellcaster /10
Card EjectorCard Ejector R Spellcaster /10
Buster BlasterBuster Blaster R Machine /10
BlockmanBlockman R Rock /10
Black VelociBlack Veloci R Dinosaur /10
BicularBicular R Machine /10
Aye-IronAye-Iron R Machine /10
Assault DogAssault Dog R Beast /10
Arsenal BugArsenal Bug R Insect /10
Armed NinjaArmed Ninja R Warrior /10
Ancient Gear SoldierAncient Gear Soldier R Machine /10
Ancient Gear BeastAncient Gear Beast R Machine /10
AmbulanceroidAmbulanceroid R Machine /10
Amazoness FighterAmazoness Fighter R Warrior /10
Amazoness Chain MasterAmazoness Chain Master R Warrior /10
Alien InfiltratorAlien Infiltrator R Reptile /10
AgidoAgido R Fairy /10
Tatakawa KnightTatakawa Knight R Warrior /10
MimimicMimimic R Machine /10
Dododo BusterDododo Buster R Warrior /10
Dododo BotDododo Bot R Machine /10
Zubaba BusterZubaba Buster R Warrior /10
Gagaga ClerkGagaga Clerk R Warrior /10
Sword BreakerSword Breaker R Warrior /10
Wind-Up RabbitWind-Up Rabbit R Beast-Warrior /10
GeargiarmorGeargiarmor R Machine /10
Heraldic Beast BasiliskHeraldic Beast Basilisk R Beast /10
Dododo DriverDododo Driver R Warrior /10
Gogogo GiantGogogo Giant R Rock /10
Soul of SilvermountainSoul of Silvermountain R Rock /10
Number 45 Crumble Logos the Prophet of DemolitionNumber 45: Crumble Logos the Prophet of Demolition R Zombie /10
Masked Knight LV3Masked Knight LV3 R Warrior /10
Masked Knight LV5Masked Knight LV5 R Warrior /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Beckoned by the World ChaliceBeckoned by the World Chalice N Warrior /10
Currently UnavailableRodenut N Beast /10
Currently UnavailableChu-Ske the Mouse Fighter N Beast /10
Currently Unavailable3-Hump Lacooda N Beast /10
Currently UnavailableNeko Mane King N Beast /10
The Six Samurai - YarizaThe Six Samurai - Yariza N Warrior /10
Psi-BeastPsi-Beast N Psychic /10
Laughing FlowerLaughing Flower N Plant /10
Gem-ElephantGem-Elephant N Rock /10
Venom BoaVenom Boa N Reptile /10
Venom SnakeVenom Snake N Reptile /10
Barrel LilyBarrel Lily N Plant /10
Wall of IvyWall of Ivy N Plant /10
White Tiger SummonerWhite Tiger Summoner N Spellcaster /10
Vampire KoalaVampire Koala N Beast /10
Machina SoldierMachina Soldier N Machine /10
Bubonic VerminBubonic Vermin N Beast /10
The Wicked Worm BeastThe Wicked Worm Beast N Beast /10
Fool of ProphecyFool of Prophecy N Spellcaster /10
Sword HunterSword Hunter N Warrior /10
Naturia EggplantNaturia Eggplant N Plant /10
Naturia Stag BeetleNaturia Stag Beetle N Insect /10
Naturia HydrangeaNaturia Hydrangea N Plant /10
Naturia SunflowerNaturia Sunflower N Plant /10
Bone CrusherBone Crusher N Zombie /10
Relinquished SpiderRelinquished Spider N Insect /10
Ground SpiderGround Spider N Insect /10
Valerifawn Mystical Beast of the ForestValerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest N Beast /10
Lock CatLock Cat N Beast /10
Chain DogChain Dog N Beast /10
MojaMoja N Beast /10
Beast StrikerBeast Striker N Beast /10
Naturia White OakNaturia White Oak N Plant /10
Naturia SpiderfangNaturia Spiderfang N Insect /10
Blade BounzerBlade Bounzer N Warrior /10
Sylvan GuardioakSylvan Guardioak N Plant /10
Desert ProtectorDesert Protector N Insect /10
Cockroach KnightCockroach Knight N Insect /10
Naturia PumpkinNaturia Pumpkin N Plant /10
Mental SeekerMental Seeker N Psychic /10
Madolche BaapleMadolche Baaple N Beast /10
Naturia LadybugNaturia Ladybug N Insect /10
Naturia TulipNaturia Tulip N Plant /10
Naturia RosewhipNaturia Rosewhip N Plant /10
Naturia VeinNaturia Vein N Plant /10
Iron KnightIron Knight N Warrior /10
Pumpkin CarriagePumpkin Carriage N Plant /10
Monk FighterMonk Fighter N Rock /10
Spherous LadySpherous Lady N Rock /10
Minomushi WarriorMinomushi Warrior N Rock /10
Mystical SandMystical Sand N Rock /10
Wind-Up WarriorWind-Up Warrior N Warrior /10
Wind-Up DogWind-Up Dog N Beast /10
Scrap SharkScrap Shark N Fish /10
Kangaroo ChampKangaroo Champ N Beast /10
Pale BeastPale Beast N Beast /10
WolfWolf N Beast /10
Assault MercenaryAssault Mercenary N Warrior /10
Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault ModeHyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode N Psychic /10
Zeman the Ape KingZeman the Ape King N Beast /10
Stuffed AnimalStuffed Animal N Warrior /10
X-Saber UrbellumX-Saber Urbellum N Warrior /10
LeotronLeotron N Cyberse /10
BitronBitron N Cyberse /10
Rock Ogre Grotto #2Rock Ogre Grotto #2 N Rock /10
Prevent RatPrevent Rat N Beast /10
Beautiful Beast TrainerBeautiful Beast Trainer N Warrior /10
Goyo EmperorGoyo Emperor N Warrior /10
Naturia GaiastrioNaturia Gaiastrio N Rock /10
Triamid DancerTriamid Dancer N Rock /10
Beaked SnakeBeaked Snake N Reptile /10
Great BillGreat Bill N Beast /10
Avatar of The PotAvatar of The Pot N Rock /10
Avalanching AussaAvalanching Aussa N Spellcaster /10
Parasitic TickyParasitic Ticky N Insect /10
Dark Cat with White TailDark Cat with White Tail N Beast /10
Tsuchigumo the Poisonous MayakashiTsuchigumo the Poisonous Mayakashi N Zombie /10
Oboro-Guruma the Wheeled MayakashiOboro-Guruma the Wheeled Mayakashi N Zombie /10
Phantom CricketPhantom Cricket N Insect /10
Raging EarthRaging Earth N Reptile /10
Man-ThroMan-Thro' Tro' N Beast-Warrior /10
Anti-Aircraft FlowerAnti-Aircraft Flower N Plant /10
Coach GoblinCoach Goblin N Fiend /10
Invoked MagellanicaWoodland Sprite N Plant /10
Meteor DragonMeteor Dragon N Dragon /10
Patrol RoboPatrol Robo N Machine /10
Milus RadiantMilus Radiant N Beast /10
Abare UshioniAbare Ushioni N Beast-Warrior /10
Inaba White RabbitInaba White Rabbit N Beast /10
Final Psychic OgreFinal Psychic Ogre N Psychic /10
Field-Commander RahzField-Commander Rahz N Warrior /10
Elephant Statue of DisasterElephant Statue of Disaster N Rock /10
Elephant Statue of BlessingElephant Statue of Blessing N Rock /10
Black TyrannoBlack Tyranno N Dinosaur /10
Cobraman SakuzyCobraman Sakuzy N Reptile /10
Mushroom Man #2Mushroom Man #2 N Warrior /10
Senior Silver NinjaSenior Silver Ninja N Warrior /10
Cosmic CompassCosmic Compass N Machine /10
R-Genex CrusherR-Genex Crusher N Machine /10
Metal Armored BugMetal Armored Bug N Insect /10
Planet PathfinderPlanet Pathfinder N Machine /10
Boar SoldierBoar Soldier N Beast-Warrior /10
Javelin BeetleJavelin Beetle N Insect /10
Super War-LionSuper War-Lion N Beast /10
Naturia AntjawNaturia Antjaw N Insect /10
Razor LizardRazor Lizard N Reptile /10
Dark Lucius LV6Dark Lucius LV6 N Fiend /10
Dark Lucius LV4Dark Lucius LV4 N Fiend /10
Terrene Toothed TsuchinokoTerrene Toothed Tsuchinoko N Reptile /10
Vilepawn ArchfiendVilepawn Archfiend N Fiend /10
Gem-Knight SardonyxGem-Knight Sardonyx N Pyro /10
Gem-Knight AmberGem-Knight Amber N Thunder /10
DoitsuDoitsu N Fairy /10
Nekogal #2Nekogal #2 N Beast-Warrior /10
Shogi LanceShogi Lance N Beast-Warrior /10
Attack GainerAttack Gainer N Warrior /10
Synchro SoldierSynchro Soldier N Machine /10
Power SupplierPower Supplier N Spellcaster /10
Twin Shield DefenderTwin Shield Defender N Warrior /10
Gladiator Beast DimacariGladiator Beast Dimacari N Beast /10
Neo BugNeo Bug N Insect /10
Rocket JumperRocket Jumper N Rock /10
Spirit of the Six SamuraiSpirit of the Six Samurai N Warrior /10
GeargiarsenalGeargiarsenal N Machine /10
GeargianoGeargiano N Machine /10
Amazoness ScoutsAmazoness Scouts N Warrior /10
Earthquake GiantEarthquake Giant N Rock /10
Silent StriderSilent Strider N Insect /10
Two Thousand NeedlesTwo Thousand Needles N Beast /10
Amazoness SpyAmazoness Spy N Warrior /10
QueenQueen's Bodyguard N Warrior /10
Mysterious PuppeteerMysterious Puppeteer N Warrior /10
Elemental HERO MudballmanElemental HERO Mudballman N Warrior /10
Wodan the Resident of the ForestWodan the Resident of the Forest N Warrior /10
Wolf AxwielderWolf Axwielder N Beast-Warrior /10
Chow Chow ChanChow Chow Chan N Beast /10
Three Thousand NeedlesThree Thousand Needles N Beast /10
Goblin Pothole SquadGoblin Pothole Squad N Warrior /10
Sea KoalaSea Koala N Beast /10
Steel ScorpionSteel Scorpion N Machine /10
Gem-MerchantGem-Merchant N Spellcaster /10
Gem-Knight IoliteGem-Knight Iolite N Aqua /10
Madolche ButleruskMadolche Butlerusk N Spellcaster /10
Madolche MewfeuilleMadolche Mewfeuille N Beast /10
Gem-Knight LapisGem-Knight Lapis N Rock /10
PineconoPinecono N Plant /10
Needle SoldierNeedle Soldier N Machine /10
Genex GaiaGenex Gaia N Rock /10
AcornoAcorno N Plant /10
Key Man the Key WarriorKey Man the Key Warrior N Warrior /10
InterceptomatoInterceptomato N Plant /10
QueenQueen's Double N Warrior /10
XX-Saber GarsemXX-Saber Garsem N Beast /10
Rescue WarriorRescue Warrior N Warrior /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Beetle N Insect /10
Iron Chin CoilIron Chin Coil N Machine /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Boulder N Rock /10
Cyber SaurusCyber Saurus N Machine /10
Backup WarriorBackup Warrior N Warrior /10
InpachiInpachi N Machine /10
Karakuri Ninja MDL 7749 "Nanashick"Karakuri Ninja MDL 7749 "Nanashick" N Machine /10
Iron Chain SnakeIron Chain Snake N Reptile /10
Cyborg DoctorCyborg Doctor N Spellcaster /10
Armor BreakerArmor Breaker N Warrior /10
Guard DogGuard Dog N Beast /10
U.A. PlaymakerU.A. Playmaker N Warrior /10
U.A. Rival RebounderU.A. Rival Rebounder N Warrior /10
U.A. Mighty SluggerU.A. Mighty Slugger N Warrior /10
Sword MasterSword Master N Warrior /10
U.A. GoalkeeperU.A. Goalkeeper N Warrior /10
Dverg of the Nordic AlfarDverg of the Nordic Alfar N Warrior /10
Flower WolfFlower Wolf N Beast /10
Arcane Archer of the ForestArcane Archer of the Forest N Warrior /10
Moai Interceptor CannonsMoai Interceptor Cannons N Rock /10
Guardragon GarmidesGuardragon Garmides N Dragon /10
Subterror Behemoth DragossuarySubterror Behemoth Dragossuary N Zombie /10
Subterror Behemoth StalagmoSubterror Behemoth Stalagmo N Rock /10
Green Phantom KingGreen Phantom King N Plant /10
SnapdragonSnapdragon N Plant /10
Golem SentryGolem Sentry N Rock /10
Subterror Behemoth SpeleogeistSubterror Behemoth Speleogeist N Fiend /10
Subterror Nemesis WarriorSubterror Nemesis Warrior N Warrior /10
Kwagar HerculesKwagar Hercules N Insect /10
Great SpiritGreat Spirit N Rock /10
BunillaBunilla N Beast /10
BoycottonBoycotton N Plant /10
Wandering MummyWandering Mummy N Zombie /10
Subterror Behemoth PhospheroglacierSubterror Behemoth Phospheroglacier N Aqua /10
Krawler RanvierKrawler Ranvier N Insect /10
Scrap SearcherScrap Searcher N Winged Beast /10
Scrap HunterScrap Hunter N Machine /10
Scrap GolemScrap Golem N Rock /10
Monster EggMonster Egg N Warrior /10
Chamberlain of the Six SamuraiChamberlain of the Six Samurai N Warrior /10
Deskbot 0 0 9Deskbot 0 0 9 N Machine /10
Deskbot 0 0 2Deskbot 0 0 2 N Machine /10
Deskbot 0 0 1Deskbot 0 0 1 N Machine /10
ShienShien's Squire N Warrior /10
Kagemusha of the Six SamuraiKagemusha of the Six Samurai N Warrior /10
Scrap SoldierScrap Soldier N Warrior /10
Barbaroid the Ultimate Battle MachineBarbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine N Machine /10
Deskbot JetDeskbot Jet N Machine /10
Gem-Knight SapphireGem-Knight Sapphire N Aqua /10
Junk GiantJunk Giant N Machine /10
Celtic Guard of Noble ArmsCeltic Guard of Noble Arms N Warrior /10
Boot-Up Soldier - Dead DynamoBoot-Up Soldier - Dead Dynamo N Machine /10
Charm of ShabtiCharm of Shabti N Rock /10
Elementsaber AinaElementsaber Aina N Warrior /10
Turret WarriorTurret Warrior N Warrior /10
Ancient Gear Gadjiltron ChimeraAncient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera N Machine /10
Bean SoldierBean Soldier N Plant /10
Re-CoverRe-Cover N Psychic /10
Noisy GnatNoisy Gnat N Insect /10
Synchron CarrierSynchron Carrier N Machine /10
Bri SynchronBri Synchron N Machine /10
Drill SynchronDrill Synchron N Machine /10
Feedback WarriorFeedback Warrior N Warrior /10
Royal GuardRoyal Guard N Machine /10
Leo WizardLeo Wizard N Spellcaster /10
Wood ClownWood Clown N Warrior /10
AnsatsuAnsatsu N Warrior /10
Junk ChangerJunk Changer N Warrior /10
Heroic Challenger - Clasp SwordHeroic Challenger - Clasp Sword N Warrior /10
Heroic Challenger - Ambush SoldierHeroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier N Warrior /10
Heroic Challenger - War HammerHeroic Challenger - War Hammer N Warrior /10
Heroic Challenger - SpartanHeroic Challenger - Spartan N Warrior /10
Superheavy Samurai FistSuperheavy Samurai Fist N Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai Prepped DefenseSuperheavy Samurai Prepped Defense N Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai SoulhornsSuperheavy Samurai Soulhorns N Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai DrumSuperheavy Samurai Drum N Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai SoulbeadsSuperheavy Samurai Soulbeads N Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai KabutoSuperheavy Samurai Kabuto N Machine /10
Superheavy Samurai Beast KyubiSuperheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi N Machine /10
Gladiator Beast SpartacusGladiator Beast Spartacus N Dinosaur /10
Gladiator Beast AttorixGladiator Beast Attorix N Beast-Warrior /10
Seismic CrasherSeismic Crasher N Rock /10
Giant Scorpion of the TundraGiant Scorpion of the Tundra N Insect /10
ProtronProtron N Cyberse /10
DigitronDigitron N Cyberse /10
Zushin the Sleeping GiantZushin the Sleeping Giant N Warrior /10
Spyder SpiderSpyder Spider N Insect /10
PrompthornPrompthorn N Cyberse /10
AntialianAntialian N Cyberse /10
Dinowrestler RambrachioDinowrestler Rambrachio N Dinosaur /10
Dinowrestler EskrimamenchiDinowrestler Eskrimamenchi N Dinosaur /10
Living VaseLiving Vase N Plant /10
B. Dragon Jungle KingB. Dragon Jungle King N Dragon /10
Pot The TrickPot The Trick N Rock /10
TrentTrent N Plant /10
AlinsectionAlinsection N Insect /10
Amores of ProphecyAmores of Prophecy N Spellcaster /10
ElephunElephun N Beast /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Ghoulungulate N Zombie /10
X-Saber AxelX-Saber Axel N Beast-Warrior /10
Sleeping LionSleeping Lion N Beast /10
Poison MummyPoison Mummy N Zombie /10
X-Saber UruzX-Saber Uruz N Beast-Warrior /10
Performapal Bot-Eyes LizardPerformapal Bot-Eyes Lizard N Reptile /10
Performapal BowhopperPerformapal Bowhopper N Insect /10
Performapal ElephammerPerformapal Elephammer N Beast /10
Armored LizardArmored Lizard N Reptile /10
GanigumoGanigumo N Insect /10
D. HumanD. Human N Warrior /10
Elemental HERO KnospeElemental HERO Knospe N Plant /10
Stone DragonStone Dragon N Rock /10
Kuwagata αKuwagata α N Insect /10
LisarkLisark N Beast /10
HibikimeHibikime N Warrior /10
Steel Ogre Grotto #2Steel Ogre Grotto #2 N Machine /10
Mushroom ManMushroom Man N Plant /10
GrifforeGriffore N Beast /10
LeogunLeogun N Beast /10
Little DLittle D N Dinosaur /10
Ogre of the Black ShadowOgre of the Black Shadow N Beast-Warrior /10
Small Piece GolemSmall Piece Golem N Rock /10
The Judgement HandThe Judgement Hand N Warrior /10
Rhaimundos of the Red SwordRhaimundos of the Red Sword N Warrior /10
Goblin of GreedGoblin of Greed N Fiend /10
UnicycularUnicycular N Machine /10
Queen of Autumn LeavesQueen of Autumn Leaves N Plant /10
Obese Marmot of NefariousnessObese Marmot of Nefariousness N Beast /10
Mystic Macrocarpa SeedMystic Macrocarpa Seed N Plant /10
Mountain WarriorMountain Warrior N Beast-Warrior /10
Morphtronic Magnen BarMorphtronic Magnen Bar N Thunder /10
JunkuribohJunkuriboh N Machine /10
Hard ArmorHard Armor N Warrior /10
Gadget HaulerGadget Hauler N Machine /10
Gadget DriverGadget Driver N Machine /10
ArlownayArlownay N Plant /10
Sonic MaidSonic Maid N Warrior /10
Beautiful HeadhuntressBeautiful Headhuntress N Warrior /10
Acrobat MonkeyAcrobat Monkey N Machine /10
Mystical Sheep #2Mystical Sheep #2 N Beast /10
Steel Ogre Grotto #1Steel Ogre Grotto #1 N Machine /10
Machine AttackerMachine Attacker N Machine /10
RoboyarouRoboyarou N Machine /10
RoboladyRobolady N Machine /10
CycroidCycroid N Machine /10
The PortraitThe Portrait's Secret N Fiend /10
Swordsman from a Distant LandSwordsman from a Distant Land N Warrior /10
Rainbow FlowerRainbow Flower N Plant /10
Nekogal #1Nekogal #1 N Beast /10
Frenzied PandaFrenzied Panda N Beast /10
Dark GrayDark Gray N Beast /10
Madolche CruffssantMadolche Cruffssant N Beast /10
Madolche ChickolatesMadolche Chickolates N Beast /10
PatroidPatroid N Machine /10
The Statue of Easter IslandThe Statue of Easter Island N Rock /10
KojikocyKojikocy N Warrior /10
Destroyer GolemDestroyer Golem N Rock /10
Worm DrakeWorm Drake N Reptile /10
Swordsman of LandstarSwordsman of Landstar N Warrior /10
Shovel CrusherShovel Crusher N Machine /10
Mighty GuardMighty Guard N Machine /10
Karakuri SpiderKarakuri Spider N Machine /10
Giant Mech-SoldierGiant Mech-Soldier N Machine /10
Ancient Gear CannonAncient Gear Cannon N Machine /10
Ancient GearAncient Gear N Machine /10
GonogoGonogo N Rock /10
Tiger AxeTiger Axe N Beast-Warrior /10
Oscillo HeroOscillo Hero N Warrior /10
Dragon StatueDragon Statue N Warrior /10
Blade SkaterBlade Skater N Warrior /10
Man Beast of AresMan Beast of Ares N Beast-Warrior /10
TorikeTorike N Beast /10
Rock Ogre Grotto #1Rock Ogre Grotto #1 N Rock /10
Phantom DewanPhantom Dewan N Spellcaster /10
Mammoth GraveyardMammoth Graveyard N Dinosaur /10
Hercules BeetleHercules Beetle N Insect /10
Celtic GuardianCeltic Guardian N Warrior /10
Battle SteerBattle Steer N Beast-Warrior /10
ArmaillArmaill N Warrior /10
Tactical Espionage ExpertTactical Espionage Expert N Warrior /10
Samsara KaiserSamsara Kaiser N Warrior /10
Maji-Gire PandaMaji-Gire Panda N Beast /10
Tripwire BeastTripwire Beast N Thunder /10
Master & ExpertMaster & Expert N Beast /10
KumootokoKumootoko N Insect /10
Protector of the ThroneProtector of the Throne N Warrior /10
Guardian of the LabyrinthGuardian of the Labyrinth N Warrior /10
SolitudeSolitude N Beast-Warrior /10
Amazoness BlowpiperAmazoness Blowpiper N Warrior /10
UrabyUraby N Dinosaur /10
TatsunootoshigoTatsunootoshigo N Beast /10
Swamp BattleguardSwamp Battleguard N Warrior /10
PragticalPragtical N Dinosaur /10
LeghulLeghul N Insect /10
Lava BattleguardLava Battleguard N Warrior /10
Drill BugDrill Bug N Insect /10
Big InsectBig Insect N Insect /10
Supporter in the ShadowsSupporter in the Shadows N Warrior /10
EyearmorEyearmor N Warrior /10
YormungardeYormungarde N Reptile /10
Two-Mouth DarkrulerTwo-Mouth Darkruler N Dinosaur /10
TrakodonTrakodon N Dinosaur /10
TomozaurusTomozaurus N Dinosaur /10
Tao the ChanterTao the Chanter N Spellcaster /10
SyncharSynchar N Beast /10
Sword Arm of DragonSword Arm of Dragon N Dinosaur /10
Stone ArmadillerStone Armadiller N Rock /10
SnakeyashiSnakeyashi N Plant /10
Silver FangSilver Fang N Beast /10
Serpent MarauderSerpent Marauder N Reptile /10
Pharaonic ProtectorPharaonic Protector N Zombie /10
Petit MothPetit Moth N Insect /10
One Who Haunts SoulsOne Who Hunts Souls N Beast-Warrior /10
Nightmare ScorpionNightmare Scorpion N Insect /10
MeotokoMeotoko N Beast /10
MegazowlerMegazowler N Dinosaur /10
Masaki the Legendary SwordsmanMasaki the Legendary Swordsman N Warrior /10
Man-Eating PlantMan-Eating Plant N Plant /10
Man EaterMan Eater N Plant /10
M-Warrior #2M-Warrior #2 N Warrior /10
M-Warrior #1M-Warrior #1 N Warrior /10
KattapillarKattapillar N Insect /10
KamakirimanKamakiriman N Insect /10
Kagemusha of the Blue FlameKagemusha of the Blue Flame N Warrior /10
Hunter SpiderHunter Spider N Insect /10
HolographHolograph N Machine /10
Hitotsu-Me GiantHitotsu-Me Giant N Beast-Warrior /10
Hero of the EastHero of the East N Warrior /10
HaniwaHaniwa N Rock /10
GokiboreGokibore N Insect /10
Flame ViperFlame Viper N Pyro /10
FiregrassFiregrass N Plant /10
Drooling LizardDrooling Lizard N Reptile /10
DoronDoron N Warrior /10
DoriadoDoriado N Spellcaster /10
DissolverockDissolverock N Rock /10
Disc FighterDisc Fighter N Warrior /10
Dig BeakDig Beak N Beast /10
Darkworld ThornsDarkworld Thorns N Plant /10
Crawling DragonCrawling Dragon N Dragon /10
Blade RabbitBlade Rabbit N Beast /10
Battle WarriorBattle Warrior N Warrior /10
Basic InsectBasic Insect N Insect /10
Archfiend Marmot of NefariousnessArchfiend Marmot of Nefariousness N Beast /10
AnthrosaurusAnthrosaurus N Dinosaur /10
Ancient Lizard WarriorAncient Lizard Warrior N Reptile /10
Ancient JarAncient Jar N Rock /10
Abyss FlowerAbyss Flower N Plant /10
Field Commander RahzField-Commander Rahz N Warrior /10
Gagaga CaesarGagaga Caesar N Warrior /10
Toy KnightToy Knight N Machine /10
Bite BugBite Bug N Insect /10
GrandramGrandram N Rock /10
Yellow DustonYellow Duston N Fiend /10
Dododo WarriorDododo Warrior N Warrior /10
Armored RatArmored Rat N Beast /10
Heraldic Beast EaleHeraldic Beast Eale N Beast /10
Geargiagear Gigant XGGeargiagear Gigant XG N Machine /10
Masked ChopperMasked Chopper N Fiend /10
Gogogo GigasGogogo Gigas N Rock /10
ZankiZanki N Warrior /10
ExplossumExplossum N Beast /10
Golem DragonGolem Dragon N Dragon /10
Witch Doctor of SpartaWitch Doctor of Sparta N Spellcaster /10

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