List of All Water Monsters | Duel Links

This is a list of all water monsters for the game Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know a water monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

This is a list of all water monsters for the game Duel Links. Use this page if you would like to know a water monster's rating, strength and weakness, basic information, or how to get it.

List of Water Monsters


Card Rarity Type Rating
Levia-Dragon - DaedalusLevia-Dragon - Daedalus UR Sea Serpent /10
White Night DragonWhite Night Dragon UR Dragon /10
Coral DragonCoral Dragon UR Dragon /10
Trishula the Dragon of Icy ImprisonmentTrishula, the Dragon of Icy Imprisonment UR Dragon /10
Treeborn FrogTreeborn Frog UR Aqua /10
Gale LizardGale Lizard UR Reptile /10
King of the SwampKing of the Swamp UR Aqua /10
Water Dragon ClusterWater Dragon Cluster UR Sea Serpent /10
The Legendary Fisherman IIThe Legendary Fisherman II UR Warrior /10
Evigishki LevianimaEvigishki Levianima UR Aqua /10
Gishki ChainGishki Chain UR Sea Serpent /10
Abyss SoldierAbyss Soldier UR Aqua /10
Swap FrogSwap Frog UR Aqua /10
Mermail AbyssmegaloMermail Abyssmegalo UR Sea Serpent /10
Genex UndineGenex Undine UR Aqua /10
Mobius the Frost MonarchMobius the Frost Monarch UR Aqua /10
Chocolate Magician GirlChocolate Magician Girl UR Spellcaster /10
Deep Sea DivaDeep Sea Diva UR Sea Serpent /10
Mermail AbyssteusMermail Abyssteus UR Aqua /10
Crystron SulfefnirCrystron Sulfefnir UR Machine /10
Crystron QuariongandraxCrystron Quariongandrax UR Machine /10
Brionac Dragon of the Ice BarrierBrionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier UR Sea Serpent /10
Gladiator Beast VespasiusGladiator Beast Vespasius UR Sea Serpent /10
Evigishki Soul OgreEvigishki Soul Ogre UR Aqua /10
The Legendary FishermanThe Legendary Fisherman UR Warrior /10
Frost and Flame DragonFrost and Flame Dragon UR Dragon /10
Water DragonWater Dragon UR Sea Serpent /10
SirenorcaSirenorca UR Winged Beast /10
Fortune Fairy SweeFortune Fairy Swee UR Spellcaster /10
Wind-Up SharkWind-Up Shark UR Fish /10
Mermaid SharkMermaid Shark UR Fish /10
Tin GoldfishTin Goldfish UR Machine /10
Number 37 Hope Woven Dragon Spider SharkNumber 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark UR Sea Serpent /10
Number 32 Shark DrakeNumber 32: Shark Drake UR Sea Serpent /10
Number 47 Nightmare SharkNumber 47: Nightmare Shark UR Sea Serpent /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Currently UnavailableTalaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms SR Plant /10
Mudragon of the SwampMudragon of the Swamp SR Wyrm /10
Piercing MorayPiercing Moray SR Fish /10
Needle SunfishNeedle Sunfish SR Fish /10
Yomi ShipYomi Ship SR Aqua /10
Spellbook Magician of ProphecySpellbook Magician of Prophecy SR Spellcaster /10
Blizzard PrincessBlizzard Princess SR Spellcaster /10
Dragon IceDragon Ice SR Dragon /10
Sinister SerpentSinister Serpent SR Reptile /10
Crystron ThystvernCrystron Thystvern SR Machine /10
General Gantala of the Ice BarrierGeneral Gantala of the Ice Barrier SR Warrior /10
SkreechSkreech SR Reptile /10
B.E.S. Crystal CoreB.E.S. Crystal Core SR Machine /10
DuoterionDuoterion SR Dinosaur /10
Citadel WhaleCitadel Whale SR Whale /10
Evigishki Mind AugusEvigishki Mind Augus SR Aqua /10
Warrior of AtlantisWarrior of Atlantis SR Aqua /10
Three Trolling TrollsThree Trolling Trolls SR Beast-Warrior /10
Snowman EaterSnowman Eater SR Aqua /10
Atlantean Heavy InfantryAtlantean Heavy Infantry SR Sea Serpent /10
Atlantean MarksmanAtlantean Marksman SR Sea Serpent /10
Mermail AbysspikeMermail Abysspike SR Fish /10
Megalomasher XMegalomasher X SR Dinosaur /10
Nightmare PenguinNightmare Penguin SR Aqua /10
Mermail AbysslindeMermail Abysslinde SR Aqua /10
Crystron SmigerCrystron Smiger SR Machine /10
Crystron CitreeCrystron Citree SR Machine /10
White Aura DolphinWhite Aura Dolphin SR Fish /10
Gungnir Dragon of the Ice BarrierGungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier SR Dragon /10
Gishki ShadowGishki Shadow SR Sea Serpent /10
Witchcrafter PittoreWitchcrafter Pittore SR Spellcaster /10
Cursed FigCursed Fig SR Plant /10
Orca Mega-Fortress of DarknessOrca Mega-Fortress of Darkness SR Sea Serpent /10
Catapult TurtleCatapult Turtle SR Aqua /10
Toon MermaidToon Mermaid SR Aqua /10
Phantom Dragonray BrontoPhantom Dragonray Bronto SR Fish /10
Hammer SharkHammer Shark SR Fish /10
Beautunaful PrincessBeautunaful Princess SR Fish /10
Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-DaedalusOcean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus SR Sea Serpent /10
Revival JamRevival Jam SR Aqua /10
Dance Princess of the Ice BarrierDance Princess of the Ice Barrier SR Spellcaster /10
Aurora WingAurora Wing SR Winged Beast /10
Botanical GirlBotanical Girl SR Plant /10
Medium of the Ice BarrierMedium of the Ice Barrier SR Spellcaster /10
Gishki ArielGishki Ariel SR Spellcaster /10
Gemini SummonerGemini Summoner SR Spellcaster /10
SubmarineroidSubmarineroid SR Machine /10
Divine Dragon AquabizarreDivine Dragon Aquabizarre SR Sea Serpent /10
Crystal Beast Emerald TortoiseCrystal Beast Emerald Tortoise SR Aqua /10
Humanoid SlimeHumanoid Slime SR Aqua /10
GranadoraGranadora SR Reptile /10
Lion AlligatorLion Alligator SR Reptile /10
Maiden of the AquaMaiden of the Aqua SR Aqua /10
The Tripper MercuryThe Tripper Mercury SR Aqua /10
Spellbreaker of the Ice BarrierSpellbreaker of the Ice Barrier SR Spellcaster /10
Familiar-Possessed - EriaFamiliar-Possessed - Eria SR Spellcaster /10
Sea Dragon Lord GishilnodonSea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon SR Sea Serpent /10
Muscle MedicMuscle Medic SR Warrior /10
Green Turtle SummonerGreen Turtle Summoner SR Spellcaster /10
Hydrotortoise the Empowered WarriorHydrotortoise, the Empowered Warrior SR Warrior /10
YakshaYaksha SR Fairy /10
Armored White BearArmored White Bear SR Beast /10
Pilgrim of the Ice BarrierPilgrim of the Ice Barrier SR Warrior /10
Gadget ArmsGadget Arms SR Machine /10
Gagagigo the RisenGagagigo the Risen SR Reptile /10
Silent AnglerSilent Angler SR Fish /10
XYZ SlidolphinXYZ Slidolphin SR Sea Serpent /10
Gishki AbyssGishki Abyss SR Fish /10
Gishki VisionGishki Vision SR Sea Serpent /10
Mythic Water DragonMythic Water Dragon SR Dragon /10
Depth SharkDepth Shark SR Fish /10
Mermaid KnightMermaid Knight SR Aqua /10
Blizzard LizardBlizzard Lizard SR Beast /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
The Six Samurai - YaichiThe Six Samurai - Yaichi R Warrior /10
Wiz Sage Fur HireWiz, Sage Fur Hire R Spellcaster /10
Salvage WarriorSalvage Warrior R Warrior /10
Snowdust DragonSnowdust Dragon R Dragon /10
Unshaven AnglerUnshaven Angler R Fish /10
High Tide GraveyardojinHigh Tide Gyojin R Aqua /10
SuijinSuijin R Aqua /10
Ice MasterIce Master R Spellcaster /10
SlushySlushy R Aqua /10
Deep DiverDeep Diver R Aqua /10
Gemini LancerGemini Lancer R Sea Serpent /10
GagagigoGagagigo R Reptile /10
Sylvan MarshalleafSylvan Marshalleaf R Plant /10
Eria The Water CharmerEria The Water Charmer R Spellcaster /10
Crab TurtleCrab Turtle R Aqua /10
Yuki-Musume the Ice MayakashiYuki-Musume, the Ice Mayakashi R Zombie /10
Blue Dragon NinjaBlue Dragon Ninja R Sea Serpent /10
Numen Erat TestudoNumen Erat Testudo R Aqua /10
Strategist of the Ice BarrierStrategist of the Ice Barrier R Spellcaster /10
Samurai of the Ice BarrierSamurai of the Ice Barrier R Warrior /10
Dai-sojo of the Ice BarrierDai-sojo of the Ice Barrier R Spellcaster /10
IzanamiIzanami R Fairy /10
UnifrogUnifrog R Aqua /10
D.3.S. FrogD.3.S. Frog R Aqua /10
Poison Draw FrogPoison Draw Frog R Aqua /10
Escher the Frost VassalEscher the Frost Vassal R Aqua /10
Crystal SeerCrystal Seer R Spellcaster /10
LekungaLekunga R Plant /10
Jowls of Dark DemiseJowls of Dark Demise R Fiend /10
Abyss WarriorAbyss Warrior R Aqua /10
Aqua Armor NinjaAqua Armor Ninja R Warrior /10
Tribe-Shocking VirusTribe-Shocking Virus R Thunder /10
Spawn AlligatorSpawn Alligator R Reptile /10
Giga GagagigoGiga Gagagigo R Reptile /10
Fishborg PlanterFishborg Planter R Fish /10
Gishki PsycheloneGishki Psychelone R Fiend /10
Gishki AvanceGishki Avance R Spellcaster /10
Armed Sea HunterArmed Sea Hunter R Sea Serpent /10
Alien HypnoAlien Hypno R Reptile /10
Cloudian - Storm DragonCloudian - Storm Dragon R Fairy /10
Cloudian - Sheep CloudCloudian - Sheep Cloud R Fairy /10
Force ResonatorForce Resonator R Fiend /10
Gladiator Beast MurmilloGladiator Beast Murmillo R Fish /10
Neo-Spacian Aqua DolphinNeo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin R Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Aqua NeosElemental HERO Aqua Neos R Warrior /10
Elemental HERO OceanElemental HERO Ocean R Warrior /10
Masked HERO VaporMasked HERO Vapor R Warrior /10
Elemental HERO Ice EdgeElemental HERO Ice Edge R Warrior /10
General Raiho of the Ice BarrierGeneral Raiho of the Ice Barrier R Warrior /10
Cloudian - Acid CloudCloudian - Acid Cloud R Fairy /10
KoaKoa'ki Miru Sea Panther R Sea Serpent /10
Mermail AbyssleedMermail Abyssleed R Sea Serpent /10
Cloudian - CirrostratusCloudian - Cirrostratus R Fairy /10
Aquaactress TetraAquaactress Tetra R Aqua /10
Mermail AbyssturgeMermail Abyssturge R Fish /10
Cloudian - AltusCloudian - Altus R Fairy /10
Aquaactress ArowanaAquaactress Arowana R Aqua /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Ice R Aqua /10
Mermail AbysshildeMermail Abysshilde R Aqua /10
Oppressed PeopleOppressed People R Aqua /10
Hyrdro GenexHyrdro Genex R Machine /10
Reptilianne GardnaReptilianne Gardna R Reptile /10
Spined GillmanSpined Gillman R Sea Serpent /10
Mermail AbyssgundeMermail Abyssgunde R Aqua /10
Blizzard ThunderbirdBlizzard Thunderbird R Winged Beast /10
Aqua SpiritAqua Spirit R Aqua /10
Mother GrizzlyMother Grizzly R Beast-Warrior /10
Fishborg LauncherFishborg Launcher R Fish /10
Nimble SunfishNimble Sunfish R Fish /10
Puny PenguinPuny Penguin R Aqua /10
Poseidra The Atlantean DragonPoseidra, The Atlantean Dragon R Sea Serpent /10
Prior of the Ice BarrierPrior of the Ice Barrier R Aqua /10
RonintoadinRonintoadin R Aqua /10
Flip Flop FrogFlip Flop Frog R Aqua /10
Crystron RosenixCrystron Rosenix R Machine /10
Crystron AmetrixCrystron Ametrix R Machine /10
KoaInvoked Cocytus R Dragon /10
Ice QueenIce Queen R Spellcaster /10
Mobius the Mega MonarchMobius the Mega Monarch R Aqua /10
Gishki BeastGishki Beast R Beast /10
Evigishki TetrogreEvigishki Tetrogre R Aqua /10
OshaleonOshaleon R Reptile /10
Graydle Slime Jr.Graydle Slime Jr. R Aqua /10
Gishki MarkerGishki Marker R Aqua /10
Nekroz of GungnirNekroz of Gungnir R Spellcaster /10
Nekroz of Decisive ArmorNekroz of Decisive Armor R Dragon /10
Nekroz of CatastorNekroz of Catastor R Dragon /10
Nekroz of ValkyrusNekroz of Valkyrus R Spellcaster /10
White Aura MonocerosWhite Aura Monoceros R Fish /10
Graydle DragonGraydle Dragon R Aqua /10
Performapal Sword FishPerformapal Sword Fish R Fish /10
Performapal Skeeter SkimmerPerformapal Skeeter Skimmer R Insect /10
UminotaurusUminotaurus R Aqua /10
Torpedo FishTorpedo Fish R Fish /10
Toon AlligatorToon Alligator R Reptile /10
Skull MarinerSkull Mariner R Warrior /10
Rare FishRare Fish R Fish /10
Poly-Chemicritter HydragonPoly-Chemicritter Hydragon R Dragon /10
Oyster MeisterOyster Meister R Fish /10
Neo Aqua MadoorNeo Aqua Madoor R Spellcaster /10
Magical Reflect SlimeMagical Reflect Slime R Aqua /10
Lost Blue BreakerLost Blue Breaker R Sea Serpent /10
Lord PoisonLord Poison R Plant /10
HydrogeddonHydrogeddon R Dinosaur /10
Humanoid Worm DrakeHumanoid Worm Drake R Aqua /10
Great WhiteGreat White R Fish /10
Gladiator Beast RetiariGladiator Beast Retiari R Aqua /10
Gishki NataliaGishki Natalia R Spellcaster /10
Gishki EmiliaGishki Emilia R Spellcaster /10
FrostosaurusFrostosaurus R Dinosaur /10
Freezing BeastFreezing Beast R Aqua /10
Elemental HERO Steam HealerElemental HERO Steam Healer R Warrior /10
Elemental HERO MarinerElemental HERO Mariner R Warrior /10
Elemental HERO BubblemanElemental HERO Bubbleman R Warrior /10
Deep SweeperDeep Sweeper R Fish /10
Cure MermaidCure Mermaid R Fish /10
Bracchio-RaidusBracchio-Raidus R Dinosaur /10
Aqua MadoorAqua Madoor R Spellcaster /10
7 Colored Fish7 Colored Fish R Fish /10
Chemicritter Hydron HawkChemicritter Hydron Hawk R Winged Beast /10
CarrierroidCarrierroid R Machine /10
Cannonball Spear ShellfishCannonball Spear Shellfish R Aqua /10
BitelonBitelon R Reptile /10
Beastking of the SwampsBeastking of the Swamps R Aqua /10
Atlantean Attack SquadAtlantean Attack Squad R Sea Serpent /10
Aromage RosemaryAromage Rosemary R Plant /10
Amphibious Bugroth MK-3Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 R Machine /10
Wind-Up SnailWind-Up Snail R Aqua /10
Wind-Up Carrier ZenmaityWind-Up Carrier Zenmaity R Machine /10
Kaiser Sea SnakeKaiser Sea Snake R Sea Serpent /10
Double FIn SharkDouble FIn Shark R Fish /10
Double SharkDouble Shark R Fish /10
ShocktopusShocktopus R Fish /10
Friller RabcaFriller Rabca R Fish /10
Cloudian - Poison CloudCloudian - Poison Cloud R Fiend /10
Submersible Carrier Aero SharkSubmersible Carrier Aero Shark R Fish /10
Mermail AbysstriteMermail Abysstrite R Sea Serpent /10
Evigishki MerrowgeistEvigishki Merrowgeist R Aqua /10
Number 19 FreezadonNumber 19: Freezadon R Dinosaur /10


Card Rarity Type Rating
Snowman CreatorSnowman Creator N Machine /10
Snow DragonSnow Dragon N Dragon /10
Gogiga GagagigoGogiga Gagagigo N Reptile /10
Deepsea MacrotremaDeepsea Macrotrema N Fish /10
Blizzard WarriorBlizzard Warrior N Warrior /10
Blizzed Defender of the Ice BarrierBlizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier N Aqua /10
Silent AbyssSilent Abyss N Reptile /10
Grass PhantomGrass Phantom N Plant /10
Piranha ArmyPiranha Army N Fish /10
Gora Turtle of IllusionGora Turtle of Illusion N Aqua /10
Don TurtleDon Turtle N Reptile /10
MaryokutaiMaryokutai N Aqua /10
Star BoyStar Boy N Aqua /10
OoguchiOoguchi N Aqua /10
Cold EnchanterCold Enchanter N Aqua /10
Creeping Doom MantaCreeping Doom Manta N Fish /10
ImairukaImairuka N Sea Serpent /10
Submarine FrogSubmarine Frog N Aqua /10
Hydra ViperHydra Viper N Reptile /10
Spiral SerpentSpiral Serpent N Sea Serpent /10
Duck DummyDuck Dummy N Winged Beast /10
Sylvan LotuswainSylvan Lotuswain N Plant /10
Sylvan MikorangeSylvan Mikorange N Plant /10
Numbing Grub in the Ice BarrierNumbing Grub in the Ice Barrier N Insect /10
Guardian KayGuardian Kay'est N Sea Serpent /10
Frozen FitzgeraldFrozen Fitzgerald N Fiend /10
HyoHyo N Warrior /10
Raging EriaRaging Eria N Spellcaster /10
Fortress Whale Fortress Whale N Fish /10
Bolt EscargotBolt Escargot N Thunder /10
Emperor of the Land and SeaEmperor of the Land and Sea N Reptile /10
KabazaulsKabazauls N Dinosaur /10
General Grunard of the Ice BarrierGeneral Grunard of the Ice Barrier N Warrior /10
Royal Knight of the Ice BarrierRoyal Knight of the Ice Barrier N Warrior /10
Beelze FrogBeelze Frog N Aqua /10
T.A.D.P.O.L.E.T.A.D.P.O.L.E. N Aqua /10
Des FrogDes Frog N Aqua /10
Sea LancerSea Lancer N Beast-Warrior /10
Gishki MolluskGishki Mollusk N Aqua /10
Gishki RelieverGishki Reliever N Aqua /10
Gishki VanityGishki Vanity N Aqua /10
Mermaid ArcherMermaid Archer N Sea Serpent /10
Alien HunterAlien Hunter N Reptile /10
Darkbishop ArchfiendDarkbishop Archfiend N Fiend /10
Cloudian - TurbulenceCloudian - Turbulence N Fairy /10
Cloudian - Smoke BallCloudian - Smoke Ball N Fairy /10
Cloudian - NimbusmanCloudian - Nimbusman N Fairy /10
Cloudian - Ghost FogCloudian - Ghost Fog N Fiend /10
KoitsuKoitsu N Fairy /10
Powered TunerPowered Tuner N Dragon /10
Secret Guards of the Ice BarrierSecret Guards of the Ice Barrier N Aqua /10
Sacred Spirit of the Ice BarrierSacred Spirit of the Ice Barrier N Zombie /10
Caravan of the Ice BarrierCaravan of the Ice Barrier N Sea Serpent /10
Elemental HERO Marine NeosElemental HERO Marine Neos N Warrior /10
NEO-Spacian Marine DolphinNEO-Spacian Marine Dolphin N Warrior /10
Metallizing Parasite - SoltiteMetallizing Parasite - Soltite N Aqua /10
Metallizing Parasite - LunatiteMetallizing Parasite - Lunatite N Aqua /10
Abyssal KingsharkAbyssal Kingshark N Fish /10
Drill BarnacleDrill Barnacle N Aqua /10
Cranium FishCranium Fish N Fish /10
Aquaactress GuppyAquaactress Guppy N Aqua /10
Mermail AbyssnoseMermail Abyssnose N Fish /10
Rage of the Deep SeaRage of the Deep Sea N Fish /10
Thousand-Eyes JellyfishThousand-Eyes Jellyfish N Fish /10
Yado KaruYado Karu N Aqua /10
The Little Swordsman of AileThe Little Swordsman of Aile N Warrior /10
Sea Serpent Warrior of DarknessSea Serpent Warrior of Darkness N Sea Serpent /10
Metabo-SharkMetabo-Shark N Fish /10
OceanOcean's Keeper N Fish /10
Zone EaterZone Eater N Aqua /10
Shock Troops of the Ice BarrierShock Troops of the Ice Barrier N Spellcaster /10
Mermail AbyssbalaenMermail Abyssbalaen N Aqua /10
JawsmanJawsman N Beast-Warrior /10
Tree OtterTree Otter N Beast /10
Aquarian AlessaAquarian Alessa N Aqua /10
Atlantean PikemanAtlantean Pikeman N Sea Serpent /10
Cyber SharkCyber Shark N Fish /10
Gladiator Beast ToraxGladiator Beast Torax N Fish /10
Guardragon JusticiaGuardragon Justicia N Dragon /10
Secret Six Samurai - HatsumeSecret Six Samurai - Hatsume N Warrior /10
GrapplerGrappler N Reptile /10
MajiosheldonMajiosheldon N Warrior /10
Grappler AnglerGrappler Angler N Warrior /10
Legendary Six Samurai - ShinaiLegendary Six Samurai - Shinai N Warrior /10
Mecha Sea Dragon PlesionMecha Sea Dragon Plesion N Machine /10
Shore KnightShore Knight N Warrior /10
Sentinel of the SeasSentinel of the Seas N Aqua /10
Bolt PenguinBolt Penguin N Thunder /10
Flying PenguinFlying Penguin N Aqua /10
Lappis DragonLappis Dragon N Sea Serpent /10
White StingrayWhite Stingray N Fish /10
White MorayWhite Moray N Fish /10
Royal Swamp EelRoyal Swamp Eel N Fish /10
Fishborg DoctorFishborg Doctor N Fish /10
Fishborg ArcherFishborg Archer N Fish /10
TradetoadTradetoad N Aqua /10
Nimble AnglerNimble Angler N Fish /10
Nimble MantaNimble Manta N Fish /10
NopenguinNopenguin N Aqua /10
Guard PenguinGuard Penguin N Winged Beast /10
The Great Emperor PenguinThe Great Emperor Penguin N Aqua /10
Warlock of the Ice BarrierWarlock of the Ice Barrier N Spellcaster /10
Geomancer of the Ice BarrierGeomancer of the Ice Barrier N Spellcaster /10
Legendary Atlantean TridonLegendary Atlantean Tridon N Sea Serpent /10
Mermail AbyssoceaMermail Abyssocea N Aqua /10
Mermail AbyssdineMermail Abyssdine N Aqua /10
Mermail AbyssmanderMermail Abyssmander N Fish /10
Crystron PrasiortleCrystron Prasiortle N Machine /10
The Sanctified DarklordCrystron Rion N Machine /10
Crystron QuanCrystron Quan N Machine /10
Amphibious BugrothAmphibious Bugroth N Aqua /10
Elementsaber NaluElementsaber Nalu N Warrior /10
Roaring Ocean SnakeRoaring Ocean Snake N Aqua /10
Gishki NoelliaGishki Noellia N Spellcaster /10
Gruesome GooGruesome Goo N Aqua /10
Amazon of the SeasAmazon of the Seas N Fish /10
Sea KamenSea Kamen N Aqua /10
JellyfishJellyfish N Aqua /10
Crowned by the world ChaliceCrowned by the world Chalice N Spellcaster /10
Jar TurtleJar Turtle N Reptile /10
Dewdark of the Ice BarrierDewdark of the Ice Barrier N Aqua /10
Graydle SlimeGraydle Slime N Aqua /10
Ariel Priestess of the NekrozAriel, Priestess of the Nekroz N Psychic /10
Dance Princess of the NekrozDance Princess of the Nekroz N Spellcaster /10
Exa Enforcer of the NekrozExa, Enforcer of the Nekroz N Dragon /10
Great Sorcerer of the NekrozGreat Sorcerer of the Nekroz N Spellcaster /10
Man-Eating Black SharkMan-Eating Black Shark N Fish /10
Fairy King TruesdaleFairy King Truesdale N Plant /10
Stoic of ProphecyStoic of Prophecy N Spellcaster /10
KoaKoa'ki Meiru Hydro Barrier N Aqua /10
Helmer Helmsman Fur HireHelmer, Helmsman Fur Hire N Aqua /10
The Weather Painter RainThe Weather Painter Rain N Fairy /10
Performapal Stamp TurtlePerformapal Stamp Turtle N Aqua /10
Mech BassMech Bass N Machine /10
Change SlimeChange Slime N Aqua /10
AkihironAkihiron N Aqua /10
Turtle RaccoonTurtle Raccoon N Aqua /10
TakriminosTakriminos N Sea Serpent /10
Fortune Lady WaterFortune Lady Water N Spellcaster /10
GigobyteGigobyte N Reptile /10
HyosubeHyosube N Aqua /10
Chrysalis DolphinChrysalis Dolphin N Fish /10
Waterdragon FairyWaterdragon Fairy N Aqua /10
Water SpiritWater Spirit N Aqua /10
Water ElementWater Element N Aqua /10
Psychic KappaPsychic Kappa N Aqua /10
Penguin KnightPenguin Knight N Aqua /10
Rainbow Marine MermaidRainbow Marine Mermaid N Fish /10
Space MamboSpace Mambo N Fish /10
Water GirlWater Girl N Aqua /10
Ice WaterIce Water N Aqua /10
Violent RainViolent Rain N Aqua /10
KrokodilusKrokodilus N Reptile /10
Giant Turtle Who Feeds on FlamesGiant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames N Aqua /10
DoroverDorover N Aqua /10
Shark CruiserShark Cruiser N Fish /10
Lightning CongerLightning Conger N Thunder /10
TongyoTongyo N Fish /10
Deepsea WarriorDeepsea Warrior N Warrior /10
Deepsea SharkDeepsea Shark N Fish /10
Bottom DwellerBottom Dweller N Fish /10
Red Archery GirlRed Archery Girl N Aqua /10
White DolphinWhite Dolphin N Fish /10
Twin Long Rods #2Twin Long Rods #2 N Aqua /10
Twin Long Rods #1Twin Long Rods #1 N Aqua /10
Turu-PurunTuru-Purun N Aqua /10
The Melting Red ShadowThe Melting Red Shadow N Aqua /10
The Furious Sea KingThe Furious Sea King N Aqua /10
Tentacle PlantTentacle Plant N Plant /10
Spike SeadraSpike Seadra N Sea Serpent /10
Root WaterRoot Water N Fish /10
HitodenchakHitodenchak N Aqua /10
Fiend KrakenFiend Kraken N Aqua /10
Enchanting MermaidEnchanting Mermaid N Fish /10
MonsturtleMonsturtle N Aqua /10
Blue DustonBlue Duston N Fiend /10
BoneheimerBoneheimer N Aqua /10
Crazy FishCrazy Fish N Fish /10
Metal FishMetal Fish N Machine /10
AmebaAmeba N Aqua /10
BrinegirBrinegir N Sea Serpent /10
Hyper-Ancient Shark MegalodonHyper-Ancient Shark Megalodon N Fish /10
Saber SharkSaber Shark N Fish /10
StarfishStarfish N Aqua /10
Big WhaleBig Whale N Fish /10
SharkrakenSharkraken N Fish /10
Spear SharkSpear Shark N Fish /10
Tripod FishTripod Fish N Fish /10
Mermail AbysslungMermail Abysslung N Fish /10
Aqua DragonAqua Dragon N Sea Serpent /10
Island TurtleIsland Turtle N Aqua /10

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